35 Cool Belts For Men You Can Buy

These Cool belts are a great way to show off your unique sense of style. They come in a variety of designs that could bring your fashion taste to life. Whether you are looking for cool belts for jeans or reversible designs that offer versatility, we have got you covered.

Cool belts for men are as many and varied as are individual personalities. We have covered the most stylish cufflinks and the coolest wallets for men but now, to complete the attire you need to check out these awesome belts!

Coolest Belts For Guys:

So sit back, relax, and savour our collection of the most stylish belts for guys that you can buy today for yourself or a significant other.

#1 Hammered Copper Belt 

Hammered Copper Belt

A great belt is what you need to create the transformation from regular to awesome, and this piece is it! It sports a unique hammered buckle design that makes every piece one of a kind.

The material used, copper, patinas over time and becomes better as it ages. What more could a man wish for? Find it Here.


#2 The Transformers Leather Belt 

The Transformers Leather Belt

The Transformers Leather Belt

If you have never quite got over Transformers, then here is the ultimate piece to live the fantasy. This buckle is full of personality and has what it takes to make the belt an instant favorite.

It could make a thoughtful gift for an enthusiast of the film series for everyday wear or as a collectible. Find it Here.


#3 Triple Skull Metal Belt 

Triple Skull Metal Belt

Triple Skull Metal Belt

This piece is wearable art at its very best! It makes the ideal statement belt to direct attention to all the right places. If you love to make an impression then this is the belt for you.

It sports three ornate skulls that show great attention to detail. Skulls are typically associated with reversing bad luck. Three of them are the perfect charmer for good fortune. Find it Here.


#4 Slide Belts Survival Belts 

Slide Belts Survival Belts

Surprise the adventure enthusiast in your life with one of these cool belts. It comprises a number of handy survival tools for outdoors lovers.

They include a flashlight, a knife, a fire-starter rod and a bottle opener. The entire length of the belt has notches to guarantee a comfortable fit for any pair of pants. Find it Here.


#5 Aviator Leather Belt 

Aviator Leather Belt

Your search for the perfect gift for an aviator ends here. The aviator belt features premium leather and a stylish brass buckle.

The design and material choice work harmoniously to create an antique effect. This makes it a timeless piece that is sure to generate lots of visual interest. Find it Here.


#6 American Flag Belt 

American Flag Belt

Everyone who has a passion for the red, white and blue will adore one of these awesome belts. It comprises steel layers, precisely cut to bring out the American flag design.

The finish comes in any color of choice to add a dash of personality to the patriotic belt. Find it Here.


#7 Pitbull Belt 

Pitbull Belt

Pitbull Belt

Pitbull Belt

For that special person in your life who cannot have enough of canines, we introduce the Pitbull Terrier belt. The depiction is an artistic masterpiece that shows great attention to detail.

The blend of genuine leather and highly polished brass is perfect to make it a symbol of sophistication for an elegant wearer. Find it Here.


#8 Reversible Salvatore Ferragamo Leather Belt 

Reversible Salvatore Ferragamo Leather Belt

From the Italian luxury house Salvatore Ferragamo comes one of the most luxurious and cool belts for men. It features a simple yet elegant buckle with a minimalist design.

The textured calfskin leather lends it a stylish allure. To cap it all up, it is a reversible piece that can feature daily on your outfit without letting the secret on. Find it Here.


#9 Outlaw Doggy Belts 


Outlaw Doggy Belts

This is one of the most unusual men’s belts, prominently featuring a dog skull buckle. It has lots of character thanks to the double metal layer.

The bottom part is distressed while the top layer is silver, buffed to a fault. Thrill the dog lover in your life with this amazing belt for men. Find it Here.


#10 Superman Belt 

Superman Belt

The Superman insignia gives this belt a timeless character that is second to none. The logo uses raw brass for an outstanding effect.

The contrast against a silver background makes it all the more impressive. Brass will naturally patina over time to acquire a beautiful aesthetic quality. Find it Here.


#11 Sasquatch Belt 

Sasquatch Belt

Sasquatch Belt

Sasquatch belts are the very essence of creativity. These cool belts are great for Bigfoot enthusiasts and mythical world fans who wish to bring the legend to life.

The buckle sports stacked steel layers with varied color finishes. The Sasquatch image and leather band are both distressed to give off a unique finish. Find it Here.


#12 Recycled Bike Tread Belts 

Recycled Bike Tread Belts

In the realm of stylish belts for guys these recycled bike tread belts hold their own. They are not just ecofriendly choices to save the environment, each of the pieces is distinct.

The buckle is an actual bike chain adding to the unique flair. It is quite flexible too but still firm enough to do its job perfectly. Find it Here.


#13 Trout Belt 

Trout Belt

Every angler deserves one of these cool trout belts to wear as a tribute to their favorite adventure. It comes in a wide palette of colors to cater to different tastes.

The simple yet captivating design will keep your hobby in perspective as you anticipate a weekend on the lake. Find it Here.


#14 Star Wars Imperial Tie Pilot Officer Belt 

Star Wars Imperial Tie Pilot Officer Belt

Complete your Star Wars cosplay outfits with one of these cool belt designs. It boasts a highly detailed imperial disc to make it most realistic.

The belt itself is full-grain leather, a guarantee of durability and sophisticated elegance for ages to come. Give this as a gift to a fan of the show and watch them get to the galaxy and beyond with gratitude. Find it Here.


#15 Tread Plate Belts 

read Plate Belts

read Plate Belts

read Plate Belts

read Plate Belts

Take your love for all things rugged with the tread plate buckle. These cool belt buckles convey an industrial appeal that reach deep into the essence of masculinity.

The distressed enamel finish adds to the vintage appeal and makes them irresistible. Choose the piece that best defines the man in your life and make his day. Find it Here.


#16 Patagonia Tech Web Belt 

Patagonia Tech Web Belt

Outdoor lovers will cherish the Patagonia tech web belt design. Let not the lightweight construction fool you.

The belt uses super-tough webbing technology that would make it the perfect backpacker’s companion. The forged aluminum buckle has a slip through design that makes it easy to put on and take off.

Find it Here.


#17 Leather Batman Belt 

Leather Batman Belt

Leather Batman Belt

Valentine’s Day is upon us and you might be scratching your head over the perfect gift for him. Well, if he happens to love Batman, how about one of these cool leather belts to light up his fantasy?

This elegant premium leather piece speaks of class in its every detail and the antique brass buckle completes the allure. Find it Here.


#18 Golden Dragon Design Belt 

Golden Dragon Design Belt

Golden Dragon Design Belt

This piece is a great example of how contrast breathes life into wearable art. The belt comes in black leather with double-layer stitching in gold.

The brass buckle serves as the perfect focal point to define the piece. And its dragon artwork shows a masterful execution that makes this the ultimate collectable for an enthusiast. Find it Here.


#19 Leather Ghost Busters Belt 

Leather Ghost Busters Belt

Bring his childhood fantasy to life by getting him one of these cool belts as a gift. It is quite a breath of fresh air as it differs from most others in every respect.

The color is perfect for adventurous outdoorsy types and easily finds a place in nature. The buckle is not too pronounced but clearly highlights the Ghostbusters logo. Find it Here.


#20 Mission Belt Co. Premium Belt Gift Box 

Mission Belt Co. Premium Belt Gift Box

Why not take your gift-giving to a whole new level with the premium belt gift box! This box contains three cool belts for men that are a deviation from the norm.

They do not have the signature holes the world has come to expect. Instead, he will get to use a ratchet system to get the perfect fit. Find it Here.


#21 Mountainous Peak Belts 

Mountainous Peak Belts

You can never go wrong with one of Mother Nature’s designs. These cool belt buckles feature mountainous peaks that would thrill any adventurous spirit.

Capture his love for a good climb with one of these unique designs. The stacked steel design will be sure to hold true through the ages. Find it Here.


#22 The Fifth Element Belt 

The Fifth Element Belt

Anyone who watched The Fifth Element would be glad to get their very own replica of the priest’s belt buckle. It features a really cool linear design that forms a signature look.

It could be the charmer he needs to bring showers of good fortune into his life and indeed ward off evil. Find it Here.


#23 Bottle Opener Belt 

Bottle Opener Belt

There are few things better than a belt that doubles as a bottle opener. Think of how handy it would be when you’re out with the boys on a weekend out of town.

You will get to be the hero of the pack and sport a stylish belt buckle to boot. This is one of the best belts for anyone who loves to eat life with a big spoon. Find it Here.


#24 Wingo Belts Fish Skin Print Webbed Belts 

Wingo Belts Fish Skin Print Webbed Belts

Statement belts are hard to find but this unique design fits the bill perfectly. They are a part of a wearable art collection featuring a variety of styles from local American designers.

They contravene every rule in the book and in doing so make the most unique mens belts ever. The fabric is both corrosion- and water-resistant and every piece comes with a bottle opener. Find it Here.


#25 World of Tanks Belt 

World of Tanks Belt

Do you happen to know someone who harbors a secret attachment to the World of Tanks? Then give him the chance to take the game everywhere with him by getting him one of these cool belts.

The buckle captures every crucial detail to the letter and brings the game to life. Make him the envy of all other gamers with this distinct piece. Find it Here.


#26 Brotherhood of Steel Belt 

Brotherhood of Steel Belt

If he loves the Brotherhood of Steel then he deserves one of these belts. This belt made using genuine leather comes in a distinct shade of brown that makes it outstanding.

The material is durable and will patina over time to become even more graceful. And the captivating buckle will make him the talk of the town. Find it Here.


#27 Fist Pump Belt 

Fist Pump Belt

Fist Pump Belt

Stun the world around you with the fist pump buckle. The premium leather belt in all black stands in sharp contrast to the brass focal point.

This is the highlight of the design, together with the ornate execution of the artwork. Combined, they form an unstoppable force that transforms the piece into the ultimate belt for men. Find it Here.


#28 Reversible Signature Leather MCM Belt 

Reversible Signature Leather MCM Belt

Calfskin leather has a way of grabbing attention from a mile away. This is evident from the stylish MCM belt that offers double the value.

It is reversible, sporting one plain side and the other, printed. Whichever way you wear it, the M gives it a touch of style unlike no other. Find it Here.


#29 World Globe Belt 

World Globe Belt

The world globe buckle has a certain distinctive edge thanks to the color choice and buckle execution. It comes in a dark shade of brown and brass buckle that calls for attention from a mile away.

The premium leather belt has a kapron thread finish that adds to its antique allure. Find it Here.


#30 The Horseman Leather Belt 

The Horseman Leather Belt

Horse riders and enthusiasts alike have their interests defined on these cool belts for jeans. What makes the design a masterpiece is the artistic depiction of the horse and its rider. It’s an all-black image and yet it does not miss a single detail. Find it Here.


#31 Embossed Sparrow Vintage Aged Leather Belt 

Embossed Sparrow Vintage Aged Leather Belt

A stylish belt does not have to feature a prominent buckle so as to capture interest. This piece manages to amaze with an embossed design that runs the entire length. This makes it an object of great visual interest and an outstanding work of art. Find it Here.


#32 Rattler Strap Paracord Survival Belt 

Rattler Strap Paracord Survival Belt

Rattler Strap Paracord Survival Belt

The thing about the Zombie Apocalypse is that no one knows when or how it will go down. The best defence is to prepare for the eventuality at all times and this belt is your best bet. It comprises more than 100 feet of sturdy paracord cable that you can unwind to save a life. Find it Here.


#33 Men Mountain Wood Belt Buckle Belt 

Men Mountain Wood Belt Buckle Belt

Getting the man in your life a statement piece might be a lot harder than it sounds. But this wooden belt buckle does the trick. It is not only prominent but also features captivating graphics.

The wood grain adds a touch of class and a distinct style to the piece, making it one of the most awesome belts ever. Find it Here.


#34 Pine Tree Belt 

Pine Tree Belt

If he loves nature and the wild outdoors then you can be sure he will fall in love with this classy belt. The buckle takes a unique shape that brings out the pine tree’s beauty remarkably.

Then the weathering effect gives it a distinct antique appeal that will never go out of style. Find it Here.


#35 Custom Designed Belts 

Custom Designed Belts

Custom Designed Belts

Custom Designed Belts

Few things can compare to a gift with a personal touch. Take your Valentine’s gift to another level by getting one of these cool belts that allows you to customize the buckle.

The options are endless as to what you can capture in this space. Make sure it reflects something that he deeply treasures and he will thank you for life. Find it Here.

Whether you are looking to give your look a facelift, or you need a unique gift for someone special, try these cool belts and you will be glad you did. They will offer lots of functions as well as the aesthetic value that will make this search well worth your while, also here is a handy belt size guide to help you make your picks.

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