Beauer 3XC Expanding Camper

Looking for the perfect caravan or camper is always a struggle. Finding the balance between the spaciousness and portability can lead to winding up with a camper you don’t even like.

But the Beauer 3XC Expanding Camper eliminates all the need for compromises.

This camper expands to 3 times its size in just 20 seconds. When folded, Beauer is small enough to easily transport to your destination.

But when it’s time to set camp, magic happens. With a twist of a key, the two telescopic modules on both sides of the camper start growing. This transforms turns a 4m2 (43 feet) camper into 12m2  (129 feet) of living space. 

Beauer 3XC Expanding Camper

The best part is, the furniture inside also snaps into place once you expand the camper. No need for going around the Beauer 3XC, lowering the bed, or trying to install the table in place. Everything is ready for use in just 20 seconds.

Beauer 3XC Expanding Camper

The camper is intended to house up to 4 people at once. It’s available for purchase right now. But if you’re looking for something more special, just wait. Beauer is already working on new models, bigger and better. 

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