Fidget Spinner Lollipops

Say what you want, but fidget spinners have certainly left a dent in our memories. Now that these spinning toys are banned in most middle schools it seems like the storm has passed. Or hasn’t it?

Nobody said anything about  Fidget Spinner Lollipops being outlawed. That’s a loophole we’d be happy to exploit for a bit.

These Fidget Spinner Lollipops are shaped like the infamous ADHD counteracting toys. Ingredient-wise they are just simply delicious lollipops. But looks-wise, well.

They might induce some kind of post-traumatic reaction in adults, especially those in the academic niche. But kids will love them that’s for sure. 

Fidget Spinner Lollipops

You can order them in sets where each set will contain 6 lollipops. Every set comes in one style and color. The styles we are talking about can be seen in the picture.

One is a solid fidget spinner, and the other one is a more recognizable model with a hole in each wing. You can order as many sets as you like so if you have a children’s party coming up you know where to do your shopping. Same goes for preparations for Halloween.

Fidget Spinner Lollipops

Each Fidget Spinner Lollipop is wrapped in a transparent cellophane bag. Once again, this makes them perfect for giving out on Halloween or while filling out the stockings before Christmas. Every lollipop measures 2 ¬Ĺ inches and comes on a 6-inch stick.

So there you have it, Fidget Spinner Lollipops. Your kids will definitely adore them so you’ll have to make sure they don’t eat a whole set at once.

This can also serve as a cool gag gift for your sarcastic friend who couldn’t stop complaining about fidget spinners for quite awhile. That will put a whole new spin on their opinion. 

Fidget Spinner Lollipops

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