20-in-1 Survival Axe Multi-Tool

The modern handyman is always in search of the ultimate tool that can handle just about anything that life throws its way. The search is finally over and the tool is right here, waiting just for you.

This survival all-in-one axe packs almost every feature imaginable into one nifty tool. It combines an unbelievably low weight to a very highly durable carbon body to ensure utmost versatility as well as durability.

The handle is ergonomically designed to minimize injury or damage, and it comes with upper and lower finger guards built into it with your safety in mind. These guards and multiple textures of its body ensure you get a good grip on the tool to help achieve your purpose with minimal risk. 

20-in-1 Survival Axe

If there is a task in the world that needs to get done, this 20-in-1 survival axe tool can get it done.

This is the number one item that you should never leave behind while embarking on a trip. No other tool is quite as handy or adaptable.  

20-in-1 Survival Axe

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