Voice Powered Smart Ring

It is true that spending a day in the modern era without facing some kind of screen is impossible. Smartphones, tablets, TVs, laptops, desktops, the list can go on and on.

But did you know that already over 41% of searches in 2017 is conducted by voice? Instead of typing in a request, we simply ask Google Assistant or Siri a question and get an instant answer.

This shows a trend of going screen-free in our day to day life and it seems that this trend will be on the rise for quite some time.  Fortunately, this Voice Powered Smart Ring has been developed to stay exactly on top of this new screen-less world. 

Voice Powered Smart Ring

Orii is a Voice Powered Smart Ring that allows you to take calls, message, translate, and do much more with ease and discretion.

You wouldn’t need to take out your phone or cover the ring so that no one eavesdrops on your conversation.

You can go screen-free but to ease the transition you can still connect Orii to your smartphone to filter through messages and emails quickly.

So how exactly will you be able to hear the caller or a message through the ring without alerting anyone else? We have two words for you: bone conduction.

In simpler terms, when someone talks to you through the ring, it will send vibrations up your finger and right to your ear. 

Voice Powered Smart Ring

This way you and only you will be able to hear the caller or the AI. Plus, you get to feel like a real spy or secret agent by interacting with someone on the other line through your finger.

Apart from making and receiving calls, this awesome ring can perform tons of useful tasks. It can read out text messages to you and vice versa. The ring can also be your most discreet personal translator, set appointments, schedule meetings and a lot more.

Voice Powered Smart Ring

It is your own digital assistant, quicker and savvier than your smartphone could ever be. Plus, it is easy on the eyes both literally and figuratively. In the world of computer eye strain, a screen-free alternative to smartphones sounds like a winner. 

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