The Chairless Chair 

The Chairless Chair allows you to move freely and yet be able to sit down anywhere, even in thin air. If you constantly work while standing up but don’t want to drag a chair around to be able to sit, this is just what the doctor ordered.

The Chairless Chair is actually an exoskeleton you can both move and sit in. It can be adjusted to suit any body type and safety shoes.

The exoskeleton allows you to effortlessly move, sit down, and stand up. When your legs get tired all you need to do is sit down. Not on the chair or any other surface, you won’t need that.

This exoskeleton will give your knees and torso the right amount of support allowing you to simply sit in thin air. You can always adjust the sitting height of the chair for the ultimate comfort. 

The Chairless Chair 

The Chairless Chair has been designed specifically for manufacturers and industry workers. With challenging and exhausting work environment, the workers definitely crave the ability to simply sit down and rest their legs.

The Chairless Chair 

This is exactly why this chair has been developed. It reduces the physical strain put on workers as well as the long-term negative effects standing up can have on their health.

Plus, the ability to rest even for a couple of seconds can significantly boost the productivity and quality of work the workers’ display. 

The Chairless Chair 

This chair has already been tested at car factories of BMW and Audi. Other big companies, such as Dimler, Renault, and Autobus have also tried out the exoskeleton chair in action.

From what we’ve seen it do, The Chairless Chair definitely has a bright future in front of it that will change the way millions of people work. 

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