Vaporizer Hoodie

Never draw attention to yourself while vaping again when you wear this stylish, unique, and fully functional vaporizer hoodie!  Although it looks and wears just like a normal hoodie, this shirt conceals a vaporizer system within its drawstrings, making it easy to smoke whatever you prefer by subtly puffing on the ends of the strings.

No one needs to know what you’re doing, and you will be able to smoke (or vape) in comfort and in style! The vaporizer hoodie system can be easily removed from the hood of the shirt when the time comes to do the laundry.

You won’t want to wear anything else after you give this hoodie a try!

Follow the “check it out” button below to see the full range of vaporizer hoodies for men and woman 

Vaporizer Hoodie
vaporizer hoodie black
vaporizer hoodie black and red

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