Air-Tight Plate Suction Covers

These Air-Tight Plate Suction Covers are incredibly handy and can be used to both keep food fresh, as well as heating leftovers up, without getting your microwave grimy and dirty.

Dinnertime often ends up with perfectly tasty leftovers, but putting them in the fridge covered with foil or cheaper containers may cause odors and food may not be as appetizing and tasty when reheated. To guarantee freshness, press the covers onto your plates, and they will seal up your food, ready to pop into the fridge.

The handiness is in the double use when you want to reheat your leftovers, simply place them in your microwave, and because they are sealed, they can heat up without any mess or spatter. Perfect for dinner parties, family holiday meals, or leftover baked goodies! 

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