25 Stunning DIY Game of Thrones Chair for The GoT Fans

As a big fan of the Game of Thrones series who never misses a single episode, you must be highly familiar with the Iron Thrones, which appears as the centerpiece of the series. In the story, it was told that the Iron Thrones is a throne made from thousands of swords forged by Aegon Targaryen with dragon fire. The sword was collected from the kingdoms he conquered. A die-hard fan might be wondering about how to have the same looking chair without spending too much money on it. For all GoT fans who really want to sit on an Iron Throne, you don’t have to literally collect a thousand swords or buy the expensive Iron Thrones. You can do a DIY Game of Thrones chair using everyday items. All you need to do is a little creativity and willingness to make the same look of the Iron Thrones.

To help you begin with this fun DIY project, we have enlisted 20 stunning Game of Thrones chair ideas for your reference. Try to do this DIY at home for the best alternative of Iron Thrones, which you can enjoy at home while watching the latest season of binge watching from the beginning.

Moreover, it will also becomes great props for special photo sessions. So without further ado, let’s check out the ideas below!

What Is The Game of Thrones Chair Called?

The game of thrones chair is called The Iron Throne. It is the throne upon which the King of the Andals, the Roynar, and the first men sat. The Iron Throne is located in the Great Hall of the Red Keep in the city of King’s landing. It’s also a metonym referring to the monarchy that rules the Seven Kingdoms and the authority of the monarchy.

BEST DIY Games of Thrones Chair

1. Small Iron Thrones for Babies

Source: instructables

Creating your own DIY Game of Thrones chair is a great way to celebrate your baby’s first birthday. Give him a little space to sit on his iron throne for his special day, and your baby would definitely look adorable with his siege.

No need to use a real iron and swords to create the chair, because you can use another material that might be comfortable for your baby such as a plastic chair for toddler-sized, gray and silver paint, foam floor mats, hot glue, and craft foam sheets. Use the foam to create the swords and attach it to the chair using hot glue. As a final touch, you can paint the finished Iron Chair to make it look real.

2. Adorable Chair for a Newborn

Source: Pinterest (@shannonleighstudios.com)

Creating a DIY Game of Thrones chair for newborn babies is a genius idea for a photoshoot. You just need to prepare a craft and textured black paper and shape them into mini swords (maybe sized around 5-10 cm). Then, you can stick all of the swords to a tiny baby chair using hot glue.

However, we have to remind you that you will need to be careful in doing it because you have to configure the paper sword placements. After finishing each piece, you must keep it for 24 hours to let it dry before you use it for the photoshoot.

3. Office Chair

Source: Pinterest (@buzzfeed.com)

Working from home is the most monotonous thing to do on a daily basis. For those who love their work-from-home job but need a little bit of refreshment, then we highly recommend you to try to add an Iron-Thrones-inspired décor to the backrest.

To make one, you will need some cardboards to create the swords. Make it real with black and gray spray color and let it dry for several hours. Then, you can arrange all of your black and gray blades on your office chair with hot glue. We believe without a doubt that your colleagues will envy your chair when they see it during an online meeting.

4. Dinner table

Source: Pinterest (@damngoodshindig.com)

You don’t have to pay anyone to create an actual life-size replica iron throne for the big fan of the series. If you have some used cardboards or foam floor mats, you can create a solid DIY Game of Thrones chair using swords that are made of those materials. Then, you can turn them black with matt paint and let it dry for 24 hours.

When the cardboard or mats are dry, stack each of the swords using hot glue. What a simple DIY item that comes in a stunning result, don’t you think?

5. Halloween Throne Chair

Source: Pinterest (@imgur.com)

The Game of Thrones Halloween party is one of the most exciting moments to celebrate with your friends. You can buy some attributes like flags or oldish decoration, but don’t forget to also make a realistic life-size replica of the iron throne.

We know that it sounds overwhelming to create your DIY Game of Thrones chair using the swords one by one, therefore you can buy a sword pattern and also printable papers. This is the fastest solution to create the desired swords. Moreover, you can use a big plastic chair to make it realistic and make sure you choose an armrest plastic seat. 

6. The Gorgeous Silver Seat

Source: instructables

Buy a plastic chair and turn it into a DIY Game of Thrones chair that looks magical with the swords. This one is slightly different from others because of the added yardsticks in the swords. It has the functionality to create the former shape.

To begin the creation, pick a thick foam (1/2 inch) to create realistic swords. Then, apply the swords with zip ties or hot glue on the back and repeat it eight times. Add more blades on the seat with hot glue; in this area, you can use thin foam. However, you must use thick foam to apply wide blades on the bottom. Last step, you can paint the finished seat with spray silver or paint color.

7. Driftwood Throne

Source: Pinterest (@celticcoastcreations.com)

For those who don’t like the shape of the thousand swords but still want to recreate the Iron Thrones, using driftwoods sounds cool. Gather some driftwoods near the beach or lake and buy white faux fur. Clean the driftwoods from dirt, then soak all of that into a bleach solution to kill bacteria.

Next step, you can cover the chair with driftwood in a vertical position, then use nails or wire to keep the wood in place. Don’t forget to check the durability and make sure the chair is safe to use.

8. Colorful Game of Thrones-Inspired Chair

Source: Pinterest (@buzzfeed.com)

Besides the swords version, you can always think out of the box and create the colorful version of a DIY iron throne using cylinder foam. You can pick your favorite color and organize them the way you like it. For the cushion seat, you can use foam and attach it to the chair with glue.

A little note, it might take a long time to make the chair stick and stay on the chair so you need to be more patient with this idea. 

9. Grandma’s GoT Halloween Wheelchair

Source: Pinterest (@dailymail.co.uk)

Bring your grandmother to a Halloween celebration and show your neighbor that you have a super cool grandma. Give her an old Scottish costume and create an Iron Throne wheelchair if she is a disabled.

However, we have a little tip for the wheelchair thrones: don’t use hot glue or make a hole on the backrest because it would damage the wheelchair, and gum the foam sword on flat cardboard instead. Paint them with watercolor, and then tie them up on her wheelchair. Now you can go with your grandma to celebrate Halloween!

10. Iron Thrones for the Magical Birthday 

Source: Pinterest (@frogprincepaperie.com)

This next design is great for women’s photoshoots or also for a magical-themed birthday party. It might look like a flower, but if you look closer, you will see a lot of swords. The swords and backrest are created out of cardboards or a paperboard.

To recreate this piece, put all of the swords on the backrest and two pieces on the front. No need to paint if it is already colored gray or silver, but we must say that you can always use spray acrylic color if you think it’s necessary.

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11. Pragmatic Game of Thrones Chair Replica

Source: Pinterest (@thisiswhyimbroke.com)

For this next idea, you might need to use Excalibur sword imitation to make this happen. Buy it as much as possible, and then change the color to silver. Then, brush it with paint or spray it with a spray color. Moving on to the second step, you will need chairs with armrests, and then cover them with cardboard and paper on the bottom.

Change the paint into a black and silver gray mixture, and the continue by applying the swords to the backrest and bottom part of the chair. As a result, we definitely think the chair looks super adorable, which will make a great prob for photoshoots.

12. From The Real Rusty Iron 

Source: thenakedscientists

This next idea of DIY Game of Thrones chair is definitely an exotic chair, which requires you to be extra careful during the production process. Use hand protection to minimize the risk of bleeding or hurt because this chair uses actual rusty iron.

Cut a flat iron into long pieces and tapered it with some flat wood. Then string all the pieces shaped like a pineapple leaf in the right place with iron glue, wire, or anything that makes the iron stand up straight. Make sure that the rusty iron won’t fall or harm people. As the last step, you can put an iron chair (with no backrest) in front of the rusty iron. 

13. Aesthetic Golden Sword 

Aesthetic Golden Sword
Source: Pinterest (@costume-works.com)

You need a lot of golden swords if you want to make this one, and you also need to make sure to paint the blades with excellent details. Since not everyone can make an actual sword, then you can buy wooden toy swords and color them with gold and silver paint, just like a real weapon.

While the blades need more time to dry the ink, you can wait while preparing a podium made of oak or plywood. Moreover, another step of a DIY game of thrones chair is to cover it with paper. Spray with silver ink; then, you can put the swords like aloe vera trees.  

14. Fully Black

Fully Black
Source: Pinterest (@wedding-retouching.com)

An entirely black game of thrones chair replica would be the most exciting one for GoT fans. These completely black chair designs are stunning, making it perfect for pre-wedding photoshoots. Create the replica by yourself with a high and large plastic chair to make it more realistic.

In order to make one, you can start by making the sword out of thick paper, and then shape it into an extremely sharp shape, and continue by painting it black using matte paint. Install the sword on the backrest and add the rubber tires to the black-colored slip seat. The rubber clumps give your chair a significant effect, making the iron throne look sturdy and dashing. In our opinion, this kind of chair will become a work of art and worth a special spot at you house.

15. Shining Black Throne

Shining Black

This glossy throne chair is the opposite of the previous black matte Iron Thrones. For the chair, you can easily buy a plastic chair and then cover it up with black vinyl fabric.

However, we would remind you to make sure that you have made a bunch of black paper swords beforehand and then adjust them on the chair. Continue the process by stacking the sword with glue following the shape of a pineapple and the chair is done.

16. Dark Bronze Iron Throne

Dark Bronze Iron Throne
Source: Pinterest (@instructables.com)

Using bronze color will be interesting, which will simultaneously creating an oldish but fancy atmosphere. You must make a lot of swords from cardboard and then change the color with gold and silver, just like a real sword and let it dry for several hours.

While you wait for the blades to dry, you can wrap the chair with papers, sword cardboard, and also plaster. Continue by covering it up with black color and let it dry, and then apply the bronze color slowly and again, let it dry. Once it’s done, you can apply the sword with a tie or glue, and your impressive dark bronze iron throne is ready to use!

17. Unique Scottish Iron Thrones

Unique Scottish Iron Thrones
Source: Pinterest (@perfuzion.com)

You have to make two kinds of swords if you want to create this unique Scottish iron thrones. First, you have to make thick swords like real weapons and paper swords. In order to do that, you can buy toy swords and then color them silver and gold with the details or create them from scratch with a thick foam.

Then, do the same thing for paper swords and let them dry. If the paper swords are ready, you can paste them all with glue onto your chair and cover it with paper swords. Then pair the thick blades on the backrest. As a result, you will have a majestic Iron Throne just like the one in the picture.

18. With Eagle Symbol

With Eagle Symbol
Source: Pinterest (@DeeDee Bonesteel)

Do you like to add some element of an animal on the chair such as an eagle? If you do, then this Iron Throne with an eagle would be a great DIY Iron Thrones idea for you to do. As the first step, choose the short plastic chair and plastic swords (like a kid’s toy) and change their colors into silver using a color spray. And then, you can make an eagle head with a mold and paper pulp.

After the eagle dries totally, you can attach it to the backrest with glue and then add the swords. Lastly, spray all over the chair with silver color. For us personally, we do think that this chair is definitely one of the simplest and most majestic chairs on this list.

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19. Elegant Silver Iron Thrones

Elegant Silver Iron Thrones
Source: Pinterest (@Kristine Ruiz)

An elegant silver iron throne can be made out of foam layers. You can use a second-hand or a preloved chair and then change it into an elegant Iron Throne like this one. This DIY game of thrones chair starts with cutting the foam into long pieces and than shapes all of the cardboard into swords.

We need to remind you to make sure you cut the foam with a tapered shape like a triangle at the end, and then paste all of the foam on the set rail and crook arm. Paste all of the swords on the backrest and spray silver color to every corner of the chair. 

20. Stunning Metallic Iron Throne

Stunning Metallic Iron Throne
Source: Pinterest (@Sabrina Santiago)

The next idea on our list is this DIY Game of Thrones chair that is made of paper swords that have been bent, so the middle effect looks very real. All you need is a plastic chair, a replica of the sword from paper or foam or cardboard, glue, and also silver spray color.

To continue with the process, paste all the blades on the backrest and let it dry. Then you have to spray all over the chair with silver paint to make it an iron effect.

21. Stainless Steel Volant Ski Chair

Stainless Steel Volant Ski Chair
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

The Iron chair does not belong to a king or a queen only. A ski athlete also deserves a chair that is inspired by Game of Thrones. It looks majestic as it is made of original volant steel skis.

So rather than leaving your volant steel skis to waste, you can turn them into this unique chair that will be a new vocal point in your patio or living room. In our opinion, this unique chair will be a new favorite photo spot for any visitor that comes to your house.

22. The Iron Chair Made of Wood

The Iron Chair Made of Wood
Source: Pinterest (@palletearth.co.uk)

This DIY wooden Iron chair is the ultimate item to become a new extraordinary addition to your living room. Made of all wooden materials, this one will make you feel like a true king whenever you sit on it.

In addition, you can make it more personal by having your name engraved on one of the wooden swords. Without a doubt, people will know that you are the only person who is worthy of being the king of the house. 

23. The Gray Game of Thrones Chair

The Gray Game of Thrones Chair
Source: Pinterest (@Stacie Pintar)

If you want to have a one-of-a-kind porch chair, then this one is definitely the one to pick. You can have the usual wooden porch chair, and customize it by adding some elements to make it look like the one on the Game of Thrones. Paint it all in light gray or silver, and then put it on your porch.

Even better, you can put it next to your swimming pool! With this chair next to the pool, every member of the family will want to be the first to sit on it before everybody else does.

24. Simple DIY GoT Chair

Simple DIY GoT Chair
Source: Pinterest (@brit.co)

Making your own GoT chair is exciting. But if you have limited time, then you can try to recreate this simple DIY chair instead. Just take one of your dining chairs and grab your used cardboards, create several sword-shape boards in different sizes and lengths, and then stick them to your dining chair.

Voila! You have created a simple chair in the matter of minutes. 

25. Game of Thrones Inspired Golf Clubs Chair

Game of Thrones Inspired Golf Clubs Chair
Source: Pinterest (@golfdigest.com)

Calling all golfers out there! We just want to tell you that you deserve to have this Golf Club chair at home. Collect all your old golf clubs and arrange them all together until they form a super cool Iron Throne like this one.

To add a touch of Game of Thrones, since it was inspired by the famous series after all, add a sword and place it in front of the chair to make it look more majestic. 

Final Thoughts

The Iron Throne is definitely what the whole story of the Game of Thrones is all about. So, we totally understand if a true GoT fan like yourself would want to know how does it feels to sit on the majestic Iron Throne chair. Since we also know that the chair only exist in the series, then we have come with a solution on how you can have your own Iron Throne chair.

Our solution comes in the form of 25 ideas of chairs that you can create yourself. So choose one chair for you to create, and once it’s ready you might want to post on your social media account. It might inspire other fans to create the same chair at their home, too.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do you make a chair in Game of Thrones?

You can make a chair in Game of Thrones using cardboards to create the replica of a thousand swords. Attach each piece on the backrest and create layers to make the 3D look. Before deciding on the material, you also have to consider where the chair will be placed. If you put the chair outside, you will need a stronger material such as wood or a toy plastic sword. But if it’s inside, a cardboard box is enough.

How do you build a throne chair out of wood?

Building a throne chair out of wood is easier with an old wood or driftwood. Use nails or wires to keep the wood in place. Don’t forget to clean the wood before you start making the chair. You can also incorporate the other items such as faux fur for the seat.

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