26 Awesome Toys for Blind Dogs You Can Buy

In an ideal world, we’re hoping that all creatures live happily with no disability. However, let’s think straight and look at the reality. There’s a lot of blind dogs out there, and you may even have one as your pet. Dogs may be born blind or it can be a result of old age, too. For the latter scenario, you might notice some slight change of habits from your pet. They might sleep more, often collide with your stuff at home, and refuse to play outdoors. The good thing is, now you can find lots of toys for blind dogs in the market. 

Being visually impaired is really unfortunate for your lovely pet. However, you still need to be supportive and encourage them to stay active. One effective way to show your support is by buying them cool toys for blind dogs. Even if they aren’t able to see, you can still train them to enhance other senses, like hearing, tasting, and also smelling. Hence, we have compiled a list of awesome toys for blind dogs that you should definitely buy. Here’s to hoping that your dog will feel better, too! 

Toys to Enhance Dog’s Hearing

Let’s begin with a list of our recommendations for the best toys that can train your dog’s hearing sense. Most of the toys below have squeakers implanted on them, and that is really beneficial for your blind dog. 

1. Petpat Elephant with Squeaker

Petpat Elephant with Squeaker

Every dog loves to play with dolls and plushies. They can bounce and play with them all day long. For a blind dog, we’re going to recommend dolls that have squeakers implanted inside. Therefore, this elephant toy is one of the best toys for blind dogs that can enhance their hearing sense. 

2. Alligator Dog Toy

Alligator Dog Toy

Looking for a squeaker toy that won’t bother you at night? Perhaps this adorable toy might help you with that. It is equipped with an ultrasonic speaker that won’t be detectable by our ears. Sounds cool, right? So what are you waiting for, go and buy this cool toy for your blind dog now! 

3. Hartz Dura Play Zoo Toy

Hartz Dura Play Zoo Toy

Buying one toy might not be enough for your pet. In fact, they might get bored easily because they only deal with one recognizable shape. That’s the reason why we’re recommending this set of awesome toys for your blind dog. It contains three cute dog toys in the form of funny zoo animals. 

4. Lochballl with Natural Rubber

4. Lochballl with Natural Rubber

Want to find something simpler for your blind dog to play with? You might fancy this Lochball instead. The TRIXIE perforated ball has a clamp inside, which will be the best hearing trainer for your visually impaired pet. Moreover, this ball is easy to grip and bite too. 

5. Bone Stick Squeaker

Bone Stick Squeaker

Cartoon movies always describe dogs as animals who love to chew bones. Well, that’s actually accurate because they also love chewing bone toys in real life. Therefore, we think that this toy would be perfect for your blind dog. When they try to bite this cute toy, it will produce some squeaky sound. 

6. Xiao Long Bao Squeaky Toy

Xiao Long Bao Squeaky Toy

It might not be a good idea to give your blind dog a real Xiao Long Bao. But it makes sense to hand them this awesome plush as their toy. This plush toy is perfect for light to medium chewers. Moreover, this toy on sale for a good cause, too. Do you know that for every purchase of this toy, they will donate a dollar to a local shelter. 

7. Squeaky Toy for Aggressive Dogs

Squeaky Toy for Aggressive Dogs

When you get an aggressive blind dog, you might want to find durable toys for them. Otherwise, there will be a huge possibility that the toys will be damaged. One indestructible toy that you should consider for your lovely dog is this awesome squeaker. This toy ball is also made of natural rubbers that are super safe for your dog to chew. 

8. Bowling Pin Squeaker

Bowling Pin Squeaker

If you love bowling, then you need to pass on that passion to your pet, too! To start with your mission, you can hand them this lovely squeaker, which is one of the best toys for blind dogs. Let your lovely dog bite it all day long. This toy is soft and durable, so we can guarantee that it won’t get damaged easily by your dog’s jaw. 

9. MULTIPET Red Duck Squeaker

MULTIPET Red Duck Squeaker

This cute squeaker might become your blind dog’s best friend. The MULTIPET red duck squeaker is a wacky and quacky friend, which will make funny squeaky noises whenever your dog plays with it. 

Toys to Enhance Dog’s Scent

Let’s move on to the next category. On this list, you’ll find unique toys for blind dogs that will help enhance their smelling sense. Dogs are known to have a powerful smelling sense, and we should really encourage them to keep it sharp. 

10. Food Snuffle Mat 

Food Snuffle Mat

Dogs love the smell of food, and that’s a fact. Food is the thing that makes this mat unique, because you can hide different kinds of food for your lovely dog here. Ask them to use their expert sniffling skills to find their delicious rewards. We guarantee that they will be satisfied after successfully find the snacks. This is definitely one of the most unique toys for blind dogs out there!

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11. Snuff Mat Stress Relief Blanket

Snuff Mat Stress Relief Blanket

Here is another alternative to the fun snuffle mat. With this cool mat, you can train your dog to find hidden foods with this brain stimulating exercise. It is soft and durable, and we guarantee that your lovely dog will feel super comfortable playing with this mat.

12. Foraging Dispenser Mat

Foraging Dispenser Mat

Snuffle mats are beneficial for your dog’s sniffling skills, making it the perfect toy for your blind dog. However, it can also train them to feed slower. This particular dispenser mat is made from a polyester fleece pile, which will be soft enough to ensure the comfort of your pet.

13. Leaf Snuffle Mat 

Leaf Snuffle Mat

If you’re more interested in giving a simpler snuffler mat for your pet, then perhaps you might want to go with this particular mat instead. It has the same rule as all other mats, which is simply hide foods inside the mat, and let them explore and detect them. They will be happy to finally find the food inside.

14. Squeaky Bone Toy with Natural Beef Scent

Squeaky Bone Toy with Natural Beef Scent

Squeaky toys can also be used to enhance your blind dog’s smelling skills. Throw this bone toy and let them find it by smelling the delicious natural beef scent. After they manage to find it, let them play and chew this toy as long as they want. 

15. Starmark Bob-A-Lot Interactive Toy

Starmark Bob-A-Lot Interactive Toy

If you are looking for a smaller alternative to the snuffle mat, then you should consider this awesome interactive toy. It will definitely be your blind dog’s favorite play mat. This Starmark Bob-A-Lot toy has a large chamber for dog food. Simply hand this over to your dog and let them try to get their prize. 

16. Outward Hound Dog Treat Puzzle

Outward Hound Dog Treat Puzzle

Did you know that blind dogs are also able to solve simple puzzles? Knowing the fact, you can train their senses by giving them this magnificent dog treat puzzle. Fill this ball with their favorite treats, and watch them try to open and eat the snacks. 

17. Play Disc with Bacon Scent

Play Disc with Bacon Scent

Dogs will always love to play catch with you. However, it may prove to be difficult if they have lost their sight. Therefore, we think that this this cool play disc can help them with the issue. With the bacon scent, they will be able to detect the disc and return it to you!

18. IQ Ball for Dogs

IQ Ball for Dogs

This fun IQ ball has a similar concept to the Dog Treat Puzzle that we have mentioned before. With this ball, your dog will spend some time pawing and biting to claim their prize. This ball is the perfect toy for your blind dog, because it can keep your dog’s physique and mental stimulated. 

19. Rocket Toy with Bacon Scent

Rocket Toy with Bacon Scent

If your dog used to run fast like a rocket, you probably should honor it by giving them this beautiful toy, which is one of the most recommended toys for blind dogs who used to be a fast runner. Try to throw this somewhere near and let them find it by smelling the bacon scent. It will be good for them!

Toys to Enhance Dog’s Tasting Ability and Dental Health

We have discussed toys that are able to train your dog’s hearing and smelling sense. For the last part of our list, let’s discuss toys for blind dogs that are able to help enhance your dog’s tasting ability and dental health. Let’s check them out!

20. Rope Dinosaur Chew Toy

Rope Dinosaur Chew Toy

Unlike the chewing toys that we have mentioned before, this particular dinosaur chew toy doesn’t have squeakers implanted inside. However, chewing this toy is good for your dog’s dental health. This toy is perfect for mild to moderate chewers. 

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21. Kong Dotz Interactive Dog Toy

Kong Dotz Interactive Dog Toy

Chewing this awesome and interactive dog toy will be good for your dog’s teeth and gum. Let your blind dog bounce this toy and chew them all day long. This is truly a fun toy that your dog will love to have. 

22. Dental Toy for Aggressive Dog

Dental Toy for Aggressive Dog

You might want to buy a durable toy should your dog chew like crazy. If that’s the case, then you need to seriously consider buying this awesome dental toy for your blind dog. Chewing this toy will be good for your dog’s dental health, too. 

23. Bone Dog Chew Toy

Bone Dog Chew Toy

If you really care about your dog’s health, then you really should consider buying this awesome toy. The nubs inside will help to gently massage your dog’s gum and clean their teeth by keeping tartar and plaque at bay. 

24. Cup Rope Chew Ball

Cup Rope Chew Ball

Want to find a set of toys that will satisfy your blind dog? Perhaps this particular chew ball will be perfect for them. They will be happy and entertained when playing these cup rope chew balls. Plus, chewing this ball will protect their gum from further diseases. 

25. Flexible Oval Ring for Dogs

Flexible Oval Ring for Dogs

No, this toy is not food! However, it does contain a flavor that your dog will love. Add to the fact that chewing this toy will help clean their own teeth. Seems like a no-brainer to buy this toy, right?

26. Real Bacon Toy

Real Bacon Toy

This cool toy is made of real bacon! That’s the reason why your dog would love chewing this toy out. Plus, this cool toy also produces a natural bacon scent that will make your dog starve. Just make sure that they won’t destroy this toy, or eat it!

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