Vertical Bacon Grill

This Vertical Bacon Grill allows you to cook up to 6 strips of bacon in minutes on both sides without the need to flip it or fiddle with pans or oven.

It’s hard to give up bacon, no matter for what reason it always hurts. But you could eat it in a healthier way instead of consuming bacon that has been cooked in its own grease. Sure, you could try and cook it in the oven, but that’s a bit too much hustle.

This vertical grill allows you to cook 6 strips of bacon of various thickness without flipping it. You can adjust the temperature of the grill on a dial that is situated on the side of the grill. 

Vertical Bacon Grill

The grease from the bacon drains down the non-stick cooking plate right into a grease container that is easy to remove when the time for cleaning comes.

Vertical Bacon Grill

Even if you decadently enjoy eating bacon it would be nice to justify it by knowing that it has been cooked in a healthier way, don’t you think?  

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