25 Unique Fish Tank Decorations to Inspire You

If you are one of the fish tank enthusiasts who spend a lot of time building the perfect fish tank, you know that finding unique fish tank decorations can be a struggle. Let’s say you already have all the basics put together. You have the tank, water filtration system, and even the fish you want to put on the collection. What you‘re missing right now is the decorations that will make the tank alive and worth displaying. But it is not that easy since overdoing the decorations usually do more harm than good. 

To minimize such problems, you can opt for less decoration by choosing the most unique fish tank decorations that will make the fish tank stand out. Ready to get inspired? Check our list of the most unique fish tank decorations below!

1. Ceramic Fish House

Ceramic Fish House

These shelters will decorate your aquarium and will make your little fishes happy.  They can hide and chill in the aquarium if they need some alone time and not interacting with other fishes. These sanctums are handmade and partially glazed. They are completely made of clay. This unique fish tank decoration is small and can fit smaller aquariums. It adds a uniqueness without making the aquarium cluttered.

2. Small Fish Hide Cave

Small Fish Hide Cave

If you have a large aquarium with more fish collection, this small fish hide cave is the perfect decoration to get. It has a unique design that looks so cute. It combines natural design and modern coloring making it stand out. It will compliment your colorful fishes perfectly. These small caves will allow each of your fishes to have their own hiding spot and still close enough to interact with one another. 

3. Ceramic small Church

Ceramic small Church

If you want to go the extra mile and create a custom fish tank that looks like a small underwater village, you definitely need to get this small church for your aquarium. It is so tiny and has a cool looking design that will definitely add a unique character to your fish tank. The design allows the fishes to get in and out easily and play around the little church. Such an adorable decoration to get. 

4. Barrel Cave Fish Tank Decor

Barrel Cave Fish Tank Decor

Creating a treasure hunt tematic fish tank is a lot easier with this unique barrel cave fish tank decor. It is made out of non toxic resin so it is safe for your fish. It has vivid color and realistic image with artificial moss making it perfect if you opt for a natural aquarium look. It provides shelter, hiding spots, entertainment venues for the fish and creates a natural living environment for the fish.

5. SpongeBob Fish Tank Decorations

SpongeBob Fish Tank Decorations

As one of the most significant series of all time, SpongeBob lives so close to our heart. If you are one of the hardcore SpongeBob fans out there and currently building a fish tank, you need to get these SpongeBob themed fish tank decorations. You will be able to recreate the Bikini Bottom landscape at your very own home. Your fish will be able to stay at the pineapple house, become the annoying neighbor Squidward, and go to Crusty Krabs to get some krabby patties. They can even stop by the Chum Bucket if they feel like it. 

6. Small Fish Hide Ceramic Decor

Small Fish Hide Ceramic Decor

You know what the best part of small fish houses is? You can get some of them in different colors and create a mini village in your fish tank. The mini houses have a cute modern look and it will be a great landscaping property if you are working with a large aquarium. You can also get a single mini fish house if you have a small aquarium. It is very flexible and you can choose it based on your sih tank size and style. 

7. Ulifery Ship Fish Tank Decorations

Ulifery Ship Fish Tank Decorations

Ghosted sunken ship stories always fascinated people in a mythical way. And if you happen to be a fan of ghost stories from under the sea, this aquarium decoration is for you. This sunken ship is the perfect size for a large aquarium tank, and doesn’t take up a lot of room for your fish’s growth. It has nice detail, paints brightly and looks realistic making it a great addition to the sunken ship theme tank display. It provides small hiding places and is made out of environmental material which is nontoxic to your fish. 

8. Robot Dog Fish Tank Decor

Robot Dog Fish Tank Decor

A fan of post apocalyptic themes? Get this robot dog fish tank decoration to fulfill your futuristic vision. This unique fish tank decoration comes in medium size, perfect for small and medium fish tanks. The design doesn’t take up too much space so it will not interfere with your fish growth. The fake moss makes it look realistic and it is hollow inside. Smaller fish can go in and out of the fish cave to sleep, rest, hide, play, and breed. It will increase the natural scenery in the fish tank to enhance your natural aquarium look.

9. Silicone Glow Fish Tank Decorations

Silicone Glow Fish Tank Decorations

Unlike other boring green plastic plants, these soft silicone artificial fish tank glow decorations can sway and move gently with the water flows. It is great to create a natural aquarium landscape. It has a resin base with a sucker making it easy to install and to take off when you need to clean the tank. This unique fish tank decoration doesn’t automatically glow in the dark. It will glow under actinic lighting so you need to get blue or purple light to get the dreamy glowing effect. 

10. Large Castle Fish Tank Accessories

Large Castle Fish Tank Accessories

The unique fish tank castle sculpture creates a lifelike environment to your aquarium. It is the perfect decoration to get if you like the natural aquarium decoration ideas. This fish tank decoration can be connected to an air pump. You can connect to your own air pump to create air bubbles and add more fun to the fish tank. The castle is double-sided and can be placed anywhere in the fish tank. You can even put it in the middle and central point if you have a large aquarium.

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11. Glowing Jellyfish Fish Tank Decorations

Glowing Jellyfish Fish Tank Decorations

Want to get a decoration that can liven up the whole fish tank? Get this unique fish tank decoration that floats freely and gracefully creating an incredibly detailed imitation of floating jellyfish. It is made out of eco-friendly silicone material which is nontoxic, making it harmless to your fish. Very easy to install with a suction cup attached to a thin invisible line that makes the jelly fish look very realistic. Keep in mind that this fish tank decor doesn’t glow in the dark and you need to get actinic light to get them glowing. 

12. Lovely Diver Fish Tank Decorations

Lovely Diver Fish Tank Decorations

Diver aquarium decoration is made of safe and durable resin. It is Hand colored, making it suitable for both fresh water and salt water and will not fade. It comes with fishing lines and the diver’s position can be adjusted according to the length of the fishing line. The floating ball can be opened allowing you to add water in it. If you feel that the diver is floating too fast, you can add water to it. It is perfect for both natural and modern aquarium decoration ideas.  

13. Elf House Aquarium Ornament

Elf House Aquarium Ornament

Bring a colorful accent to your aquarium with the Aqua Culture Elf House Aquarium Ornament. This unique fish tank decoration looks like a mushroom-turned-elf-house, complete with colorful artificial plants. It provides your fish with multiple places to hide and hang out. It will accent any fish tank style whether it is a large natural one or small modern ones. It can be used in either fresh water or salt water to create a unique ecosystem for your fish to enjoy.

14. Mossy Skull Aquarium Decoration

Mossy Skull Aquarium Decoration

This mossy skull fish tank decor is a fun and quirky addition to your aquarium. It is shaped just like a long-submerged pirate skull, with large openings that your fish can swim through and around. With openings in the eyes, mouth, and skull pan, your fish will have no shortage of places to glide and hide. It adds a fun and adventurous element to your aquarium. The artificial moss will move with the water’s current creating a natural and realistic look. 

15. Enchanted Castles Aquarium Decoration

Enchanted Castles Aquarium Decoration

This unique fish tank decoration features holes that your fish can swim through for entertainment and exercise. It features a large castle perched upon a rocky hill with a flowing waterfall underneath. The details give a realistic feel and will add interest to your large natural aquarium. This castle provides visual interest both for you and your fish. It provides hideaways for your fish to rest. The colors are bright and hold up to underwater conditions. Your fish will have so much fun playing around this castle. Suitable for medium to large aquariums. 

16. Red Fish School Aquarium Ornament

Red Fish School Aquarium Ornament

This cute fish school is more than a fun fish tank decoration. It allows your fishes to have a safe hiding space when they don’t feel comfortable swimming in the open water. This unique fish tank decoration will definitely catch your guest’s eyes and have them compliment you on your gorgeous modern aquarium decor. The fishes will have a lot of fun swimming in and out of this fish tank decor and stay entertained throughout the day.

17. Clam Bubbler for Fresh Water Fish Tanks

Clam Bubbler for Fresh Water Fish Tanks

A unique fish tank decoration that will allow your fishes to hide behind and swim around. This Clam Bubbler is made from durable resin and features a hinge design that allows the shell top to open revealing a pearl bead hidden underneath. Very unique and interactive, indeed. This modern fish tank decor includes an airline that can be attached to an air pump to help increase the oxygen inside the tank. You can push the clam base into the gravel bottom to ensure its stability.

18. Submarine Bubbler for Fresh Water Fish Tanks

Submarine Bubbler for Fresh Water Fish Tanks

In love with modern aquarium decoration ideas? This submarine bubbler is sure to transform your fish tank appearance. The bright and vibrant yellow color is designed for use in fresh water tanks.It is perfect even for small fish tanks. The bubbler can be attached to the air pump to create air bubbles. Air bubbles on aquariums are great not only to add visual interest and natural aquarium environment, but actually good to increase oxygen for the fish.

19. Fish Tank Bridge Landscape Tree

Fish Tank Bridge Landscape Tree

Aquarium landscapers will fall in love with this natural looking bridge. It has exquisite design with artificial plants and moss making it look hyper realistic. Not only the fish, but you and your guests will admire the beauty of it. The fish will be able to swim through under the bridge making it a great fish tank decor that actually provides entertainment. 

20. Artificial Trunk Fish Tank Tree Branch Landscape

Artificial Trunk Fish Tank Tree Branch Landscape

Create an even more realistic fish tank landscape by adding these artificial trunks. It will look great in medium to large aquarium tanks allowing you to create a fake under the sea forest. The moss creates a realistic look that will compliment your natural aquarium so well. The most important part is, your fish will be able to swim and wander around the trunks with their pals. 

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21. Fluorescent Artificial Octopus Aquarium Decoration

Fluorescent Artificial Octopus Aquarium Decoration

This mini octopus sculpture is fluorescent so yes, it does glow in the dark. However, you can get a stronger glow if you place it under fluorescent lights. This unique fish tank decoration can be placed nicely for all fish tank sizes including the small ones. It is made out of green material that is safe for your fish and overall aquarium ecosystem. 

22. Luminous Stones Fish Tank Ornament 

Luminous Stones Fish Tank Ornament

Luminous stones allow you to create a custom aquarium landscape however you please. It is produced with natural materials that are safe and environmentally friendly. It can absorb lights and store them, making them able to glow in the dark. You can get a mix color of the stones and each color will glow differently creating a dreamy and modern aquarium look. It is easy to arrange and mix and match with other fish tank decor. 

23. Fish Tank Aquarium Decor Roman Temple

Fish Tank Aquarium Decor Roman Temple

Want to create a custom aquarium landscape that is truly unique? Why don’t you bring the good old roman temple in it? It is perfect for medium and large aquariums and will surely add so much interest to the natural aquarium design. This unique fish tank decoration is handcrafted and painted using high quality materials that are non-toxic, and safe for use in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums.

24. Floating Sea Diver Fish Tank Decoration

Floating Sea Diver Fish Tank Decoration

Enhance your aquarium look with this unique fish tank decoration. It features a 9 cm floating sea diver that is suitable for small to large aquarium tanks. The bright colors are a great complement if you lean towards modern aquarium decoration ideas. It has no sharp edges so you don’t have to worry that it will scratch any of your fishes’ bodies. 

25. Crystal Cave Aquarium Decorations

Crystal Cave Aquarium Decorations

This beautifully crafted crystal will add sparkle and shine to modern and natural aquarium decoration. It offers a hiding space that is perfect for territorial fish such as cichlids. The fishes can also swim right through it and keep themselves entertained. This item is non-toxic and safe for fish. It can be used in both marine and freshwater aquariums. It is small so can suit any fish tank sizes. 

Latest Post:

What can I use as fish tank decorations?

You can do basically anything as fish tank decorations as long as it is non-toxic and will not harm the fish. You need to make sure that the size of the fish tank decor is suitable for your fish tank size and will not take up too much space as it can interfere with your fish growth. You also need to make sure that the decorations will not cause any harm to the fish such as making them tangled or stuck.

How can I decorate my aquarium for cheap?

You can decorate your aquarium for cheap by getting cheap decorations. We recommend you to get something that can be mixed and matched such as the glowing stones. You can create so many creative designs with only the stones. You can also pair them with regular fish tank decor and the stones will make your aquarium a lot more interesting. 

How do I make my fish tank look professional?

You can make your fish tank look professional by planning the aquarium landscape. Planning is very important since it will help you with the decorating decision you take. For example, if you like the modern decoration ideas, you can get modern fish tank decor. And if you prefer a natural aquarium look, you can get natural looking decorations. Keep in mind not to overdo it to avoid your aquarium from looking messy and cluttered. 

Do fish like ornaments?

Yes, fish does like ornaments. Great fish tank decorations allow them to play around and even provide them with hiding spaces, which is much needed for some fish breeds. Natural aquarium decorations are able to create a more natural environment. It allows the fish to interact and keep them from boredom.

How can I brighten up my fish tank?

The best way to brighten up your fish tank is by getting glowing fish tank decorations. They come in various styles and designs you can pick based on your aquarium style. Some decorations can automatically glow in the dark by absorbing lights while the others may need some help from actinic lights to glow. 

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