Kid’s GoCab Bicycle Taxi

The Kid’s GoCab Bicycle Taxi is a sustainable alternative for a mini school bus and it looks absolutely awesome.

GoCab has space for up to eight children plus the adult who will be riding and steering the vehicle.

Inside, GoCab has safety straps for each kid as well as some storage space for their schoolbags.

The top of the bicycle taxi has a sturdy roof which makes riding it both in sun and in rain more comfortable for the little passengers. 

Kid's GoCab Bicycle Taxi

You probably think, well, hold on, how would one person be able to produce enough power to move one bike filled with eight children? That’s the beauty of GoCab.

Kid's GoCab Bicycle Taxi

It has been outfitted with an electric pedaling assist, which makes riding it a walk in the park. In fact, thanks to this feature, you can even ride it in reverse. This makes parking it in a bustling city a lot easier.

Kid's GoCab Bicycle Taxi

The bicycle taxi has been designed for childcare and after-school care organizations. It can be used for taking small groups of children to parks, museums, or playgrounds. 

Kid's GoCab Bicycle Taxi

The GoCab’s innovative potential has been already recognized on both local and international level and we sure can see why.

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