25 Easy Homemade Gifts For Grandma From Granddaughter

No matter where you come from and what social background you are born to, grandma plays a major role in our lives. They probably take part in shaping our personalities with all of her wisdom and life lessons she passes on through generations. Sometimes grandma can be that one angel spoiling us when we were young with all the love she has. The other times, she became a reliable mentor and babysitter when our parents needed help with us while they were struggling with life. Grandma has so much love to give and when we grow up, don’t we wish that we could spend more time with them and offer them the best? 

As a way to say thank you to grandmas, we can give them some gifts. But not only regular gifts. We will make it special and put our love into it. In this article, you will find some easy homemade gifts for grandma from granddaughter ideas that you can actually do yourself. 

1. Flower Embroidery

Flower Embroidery

When we were young, we may see our grandmas as someone who can do it all. They can sew, embroidery, make cookies, take care of the garden, and other crafty stuff we crave to master ourselves when we grow up. If you haven’t started on any sewing or embroidery projects before, now is the right time to start. This embroidery kit offers a beautiful design that is fairly easy to do even though you are just a beginner. 

2. Mini Toaster Calendar

Mini Toaster Calendar

Is tomorrow a special day for grandma but you haven’t had the time to grab any gift? Don’t worry! Get this printable PDF, download it, and you will be able to build a cute toaster calendar in no time. After printing the materials, all you have to do is cut and fold the paper following the direction. It will make a cute last minute homemade gift for grandma from granddaughter. 

3. Macrame Coaster

Macrame Coaster

Having tea with grandma is better served with homemade drink coasters. This concept is nothing new to grandmas since they are used to make stuff themselves. Now you can surprise them with the most fun tea party served with these amazing macrame coasters that you made yourself. Drinking coaster is a fairly easy DIY project to start since they are small in size and you will be more likely to finish the project instead of giving up before you finish it. 

4. Loom Weaving Tapestry 

Loom Weaving Tapestry

If you are ready to step up your game, you can try to make this tapestry as a homemade gift for grandma from granddaughter. This craft project is also fairly easy to do. You can follow the pattern to create a beautiful design. And if you are not the following directions type, you can weave the yarn based on your intuition creating an abstract design that is unique like no other. 

5. Macrame Bag

Macrame Bag

Macrame bags are great for several reasons. First, they are beautiful and cute and can add a flare to the everyday outfit. Second, they can be used as shopping bags so it is better for the environment. And third, you can make it yourself and offer it as a homemade gift for grandma from granddaughter. Your grandma will love to get this bag especially if they know you make it for them. 

6. Knitted Blanket

Knitted Blanket

Grandma’s house will not feel like grandma’s house without the iconic knitted blanket. And now you can make it yourself and give it as a homemade gift for grandma from granddaughter. The knitting pattern of a basic blanket is usually easy to do. However, you may need a longer time to finish it if you make a larger blanket. This kit includes a beautiful pastel yarn kit that should be enough for a medium size blanket. Fairly easy to do and a recommended craft project for a beginner. 

7. Mosaic Wooden Coaster

Mosaic Wooden Coaster

There is no such thing as enough coasters. Grandma usually owns a collection of dishes including beautiful drink coasters in various styles. And you think that working with yarn to create a macrame coaster is not your thing, you can opt for this mosaic craft instead. It is a lot easier to do since you just need to glue the glass pieces into the wooden base and fill the gap with the caulk mix and you will have these beautiful mosaic coasters that are very appropriate as a homemade gift for grandma from granddaughter. 

8. Homemade Resin Jewelry

Homemade Resin Jewelry

If you think resin is scary, this DIY jewelry project may ease your fear. Smaller projects are so much easier to handle and you will likely be successful in your attempts. And as a result, you can make yourself beautiful jewelry pieces. You can even make some matching jewelry to give it to your grandma as a homemade gift for grandma from granddaughter. 

9. Crystal Cross Stitch Diamond Art Book Cover

Crystal Cross Stitch Diamond Art Book Cover

Ever wonder how grandma seems to always put things together? They usually have a journal to write down all of their daily to-do-list, financial trackers, and everything you can think of. Journaling is a great habit and it is important to be continued. As they grow older, they will likely forget things more easily and that’s why they need to keep things noted and easy to access. This DIY cross stitch book cover is a great homemade gift for grandma from granddaughter to support their fantastic journaling habit. 

10. Homemade Scented Candle

Homemade Scented Candle

Keeping the room smell so good is also a great way you can show gratitude towards your grandma. And even though you can get candles in various scents easily, it will feel even more special if you make the candles yourself. This DIY craft project is very easy to do. All you need to do is melt the candle base, mix it with essential oils, and pour it into the beautiful candle jar. It will make a nice decorative piece while providing a nice smell throughout grandma’s house. 

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11. 5D Diamond Painting

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One thing we can all remember from grandma’s house is beautiful paintings all around the house. And even if they already have a bunch of this painting, one more painting will not hurt. Especially if you make the painting yourself with this 5D diamond painting kit. The 5D diamonds will make the painting dazzlingly beautiful and stand out from the other paintings, making your grandma want to brag about it to their friends. 

12. Wood Slices Paintings

Wood Slices Paintings

Do you want to do something simple but actually beautiful? Then try this wooden slice painting. They are small in size making it possible for you to finish it in a short time. Unless of course, you want to add more details and make a masterpiece. Either way, you will have a collection of beautiful small paintings ready to offer as homemade gifts for grandma from granddaughter. 

13. Homemade Weaved Basket

Homemade Weaved Basket

Baskets are very useful at every house. We can use it to store fresh fruits, food, to go on picnics, and even to store some of our favorite knick knacks. Grandma will definitely agree with that. And for that, why dont you make a weaved basket as a homemade gift for grandma from granddaughter? They look so cute yet functional and your grandma will love to have some additional basket to store all of their yarns and knitting kit. 

14. Mini Terrariums

Mini Terrariums

Terrariums are pretty and very easy to do. There is no right or wrong in terrarium making. You can be as creative as you want and the result will be just as pretty. Terrariums also make nice homemade gifts for grandma from granddaughter. Your grandma will be able to use them as decorative items everywhere around the house. 

15. Stitched Veggies Tote Bag

Stitched Veggies Tote Bag

Want to do a fun sewing project but you don’t know how to sew stuff from scratch? This stitching tote bag will do the purpose just as fine. All you need to do is stitch following the design using the yarns provided in the kit. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Even if you make such a messy job, you still will come up with a well functioning bag with a bit of homemade touch to it. 

16. Hand Painted Ceramic Jewelry Dish

Hand Painted Ceramic Jewelry Dish

Hand painted ceramics are fun gift ideas to do. It is relatively easy even if you are not a professional painter yourself. You can lay down a base color and decorate it however you please. You can be as creative as you want to make it simple or more stand out with abstract designs. As a homemade gift for grandma from granddaughter, these ceramic dishes can be used as a decorative element or to store some knick knacks and keep everything accessible. 

17. Tie Dye Fabric

Tie Dye Fabric

Tie dye is a fun DIY project that you can’t never go wrong. Making tie dye is very easy and even if you make mistakes, it will look like you intentionally made it that way. This can be another gift idea for grandma. You can give them the tie dyed fabric and be amazed on what grandma can do with it. 

18. Painted Herb Planter

Painted Herb Planter

As someone who loves to cook for their grandchildren, grandmas need various herbs in their kitchen. And wouldn’t it be fantastic when they can get their herbs freshly out of the planter? This DIY painted herb planter will make a nice and thoughtful homemade gift for grandma from granddaughter. Paint the planter with the design you desire and your grandma will love it big time. 

19. Embroidery Wooden Keychain 

Embroidery Wooden Keychain 

Looking for an easy last minute gift idea? This embroidery wooden keychain will do. It is easier to do compared to fabric embroidery as you can follow the holes in the wooden base. And the result is pretty and it will make cute homemade gifts for grandma from granddaughter. You can make several of these key chains so grandma will have enough for every key. 

20. Wood Treasure Box

Wood Treasure Box

Treasure boxes are more than just the aesthetic. It can be passed through generations as a legacy. And there is no better place than to start it from grandma. With this wooden treasure box, you have so many possibilities. You can paint it, do some decoupage craft on it, or even attach some rhinestones and embellishment to make it a unique piece worth keeping. 

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21. Mini Succulent Garden

Mini Succulent Garden

Adding greeneries to grandma’s house is neven easier. Not that grandma lacks green in her house, though. They usually had enough, but adding a mini succulent garden will make the house look even cuter. This is also one of the easy craft projects to do. You don’t have to be a master of gardening since succulents are usually pretty easy to work with. Give this succulent garden as a homemade gift for grandma from granddaughter and they will be super happy to have it. 

22. Foil Art

Foil Art

You may be scared when you hear of foil art as a gift idea since it usually takes a certain skill set to do. But don’t worry. With this foil art kit, you can be a foil artist in no time. It comes with pre-printed pictures and scratch tools. All you need to do is scratch the top layer to reveal the beautiful design underneath. You’ll be able to create your own beautiful accent pieces to frame and display or give away as homemade gifts for grandma from granddaughter. 

23. Homemade Soap Bars

Homemade Soap Bars

Remember the weave basket we’ve mentioned earlier? Instead of giving it as is, you can fill it with homemade soap. They are not only useful with a gorgeous smell, but also feel thoughtful since soaps are a necessity in our everyday life. It is a fun gift idea you can make yourself. Don’t worry if this is your first experience in soap making since this kit will help you to achieve a fool proof easy to follow instruction and you will get beautiful soaps that smells nice. 

24. Stamped Cross Stitch Cushion

Stamped Cross Stitch Cushion

It always feels so comfortable at grandma’s house. Even though there are so many things that play to the comfortability, we can all agree that cushions play a huge part in that. As a way to appreciate it, you can support grandma with her decorating decision by giving her even more pillow. You can make this cross stitch cushion yourself. And although cross stitching may sound intimidating, you can do this project by following the instructions to help you navigate the cross stitching journey a little bit easier. 

25. Hummingbird Shaped Diamond Painting Keychain

Hummingbird Shaped Diamond Painting Keychain

And if you are looking for an easy and foolproof DIY craft gift idea that will guarantee beautiful results, a diamond painting keychain will not fail you. It is very easy to do, won’t take too much time, and you will be able to create different designs for each keychain. It is very easy to do that even a younger granddaughter can do it. It will never go out of style, and grandma will be able to use it for a long time. 

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What can I sew for my grandma?

You can sew simple but useful stuff such as shopping bags. If you are not a professional sewer and don’t know where to start, a stitch decorated tote bag will do the same purposes. Your grandma will be able to use it in her daily life and she will be so proud of what you make. 

What can I make for my grandparents for Christmas?

You can make something simple such as drink coasters or a weave basket with homemade soap as a filler. You can also make them painted jewelry dishes or diamond paintings. A knitted blanket and cross stitch cushion is a great Christmas gift idea too. And if you want the ultimate Christmas gift for grandma, you can get them a painted treasure box and fill it with smaller crafts such as macrame coaster or cross stitch keychains.

How do you make your grandma feel special?

You can make your grandma feel special by paying attention to what they love and care about. For example, if your grandma loves house plants, you can make them a succulent garden or mini terrariums. And if your grandma loves to cook, you can make them a herb planter as a gift. 

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