Garage Door Screens

Despite popular belief, a garage can be suitable for a lot of things. More often than not, it’s used as a storage room and/or an actual garage.

We’ve already covered how you can easily organize your garage. So today you’ll see how, thanks to the Garage Door Screens, you can turn your garage into a screened-in rec room filled with light and fresh air.

These Garage Door Screens are fully retractable and can be installed on top of your existing garage door.

When you open the garage door, you can pull down this screen. Its spring-loaded mechanism makes the pulling down & up process extremely easy. 

Garage Door Screens

When pulled down, the screen lies snug against the garage opening. This makes a screened-in room out of your garage.  The screen even has a sliding door so you can enter the garage from the outside at any time.

Garage Door Screens

By using this garage door screen you can turn your garage into a game room, man cave, or your personal gym.

In the summer, you can use to protect yourself from the mosquitoes and other pesky insects. So if you want your garage to be so much more than that and make it livable, this is the perfect solution.

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