Overhead Garage Storage Rack

This Overhead Garage Storage Rack is an ingenious solution to the problem of a messy and cluttered garage.

With this garage organizing wonder, the stuff that is taking up all the space on the ground can now be stored above the ground entirely.

This organizing gadget allows you to install metal racks to the ceiling, that basically creates a heavy-duty shelf for everything that has found its way into the garage.

The hooks on the bottom of the rack provide with an additional organizing space, that you can use for not currently needed bicycles, bags and anything else that can be hung up. 

Overhead Garage Storage Rack

The rack is able to hold up to 600 pounds of weight, so don’t be shy of sending heavy and bulky items to the top shelf. The height of the rack can also be adjusted from 18” to 33”.

Overhead Garage Storage Rack

Imagine how much free space you’d get after cleaning, perfect for getting it cluttered again with new stuff.  

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