43 Best Tungsten Carbide Rings for Men & Women

Tungsten carbide rings are one of the favorite accessories for men who want to look stylish but not too overwhelming. The design of these rings is also simple yet still classy with the dominance of neutral colors, generally black, silver, copper, and gold. However, not infrequently some of this jewelry also looks striking with a touch of other attractive colors.

If you are one of the tungsten ring fans, we have featured a lot of trendy and unique rings here at Awesome Stuff 365, such as stunning men’s gemstone rings or exquisite black diamond engagement rings to name a few. However, today we want to discuss tungsten carbide rings and reveal our favorites!

But first, let’s cover some facts!

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What Is Tungsten Carbide?

What Is Tungsten Carbide? - Tungsten carbide powders

Tungsten carbide is a chemical compound comprising tungsten and carbon atoms in equal ratios. It is usually found in form of a grey powder with fine particles.

It is from this basic form that it is then pressed and shaped into desired items, for instance, cutting tools, armor rounds, and jewelry. In its pressed form, it is twice as dense as steel and has double its strength.

There are various reasons why tungsten carbide rings are so popular. They are first-rate in terms of strength and scratch resistance, making them perfect for those who lead active lifestyles.

Moreover, they have a brilliant luster similar to platinum’s, but without the expensive price. Furthermore, tungsten carbide rings are a best option for those with sensitive skin or metal allergies. Tungsten carbide rings are a versatile option for both men and women due to its availability in a range of shapes and patterns.

Tungsten Rings vs Titanium

Titanium and Tungsten appear very similar and are the most popular alternatives to precious metals in the jewelry market. However, tungsten carbide is significantly harder than titanium and also more scratch-resistant.

It is also heavier than its counterpart but also a lot more brittle. Both of these compounds come in grey and black but tungsten carbide is also available in white.

Tungsten Carbide Rings Pros and Cons

Tungsten carbide has a unique look that sets it apart from most jewelry options. However, its high strength also makes it highly brittle.  It can crack if smashed against a hard surface.

Additionally, tungsten carbide rings cannot be resized for the risk of breakage. However, Because of its high tensile strength, tungsten carbide is scratch resistant and its shine does not fade over the years.

Best Tungsten Carbide Rings You Can Buy

We have scoured the web for the best sources for quality Tungsten Carbide Rings and listed all of the most unique rings you can buy, so take your time studying this list and discover your favorite ring that you will cherish forever!

#1 Brushed Tungsten Carbide Unisex Rose Gold Striped Ring

Brushed Tungsten Carbide Unisex Rose Gold Striped Ring - Tungsten Carbide Rings
Brushed Tungsten Carbide Unisex Rose Gold Striped Ring

This is a beautiful work of contrasts. The shiny mirror interior and brushed matte exterior perfectly complement each other. And the rose gold stripe stands out against the grey tungsten, making this piece looks classy.

The result is a sophisticated appeal ideal for a stylish couple on their special day. If you bet to find an unusual wedding ring to mark a notable memory, perhaps there’s no better option than this one.

#2 6mm Hammered Brushed Yellow Gold Tungsten Carbide Unisex Band

6mm Hammered Brushed Yellow Gold Tungsten Carbide Unisex Band

The hammered finish does a great job of making this ring distinct. It provides great visual appeal and sets it apart from the ordinary golden ring. The design works for both genders and conveys a unique sense of style.

You can wear one on your index finger and match it with your all-black suit and leather shoes to steal the spotlight at the ball. But in case you are a female and want to try this on, choose a smaller size and have it on your ring finger instead.

#3 Rose Gold Tungsten Carbide Unisex Band with Koa Wood Inlay

Rose Gold Tungsten Carbide Unisex Band with Koa Wood Inlay

This is one of the best tungsten carbide rings. It combines three appealing materials and highlights each one’s strength. The wood inlay serves to add a touch of elegance while rose gold makes it classy.

Tungsten ensures that it will not bend with time and will retain its beautiful luster for all eternity. Having a luxurious design, you better showcase one as your wedding or proposal ring.

#4 ALOYSIUS Tungsten Carbide Red Carbon Fiber Ring

ALOYSIUS Tungsten Carbide Red Carbon Fiber Ring - Tungsten Carbide Rings

For someone who loves to stand out, this is the ideal ring. It features a bold red band with silver rims on either side. Both colors define the masculine personality and create impressive aesthetic appeal.

This is the kind of ring that you can wear on every occasion and make an impression. For casual events, you can simply pair it with your t-shirt or shirt and shorts. On the other hand, a blazer or suit will perfectly match the ring on formal invitations.

#5 Hammered Brushed Black Tungsten Carbide Unisex Band with Rose Gold

Hammered Brushed Black Tungsten Carbide Unisex Band With Rose Gold - Tungsten Carbide Rings

Those who love to have a taste of both worlds should get one of these black tungsten carbide rings. The exterior is made of tough hammered material and will withstand rough treatment.

But the interior is delicate and appealing, made for a comfortable fit. Besides, the inner gold touch adds a luxurious feel to its appeal. If you are looking for a classy tungsten ring that will spice up your look at the ball, this one is yours.

#6 Black Tungsten Carbide Wood Ring

Black Tungsten Carbide Wood Ring

Wood is a great addition to these tungsten carbide rings. The golden-brown hue perfectly complements the black exterior. Koa wood is particularly appropriate for the inlay for your comfy wear.

It has unique markings that offer lots of visual interest in contrast with the plain black exterior. In case you love accessories with a rustic feel but also look chic and modern, you will easily fall in love with this piece. You can wear it to the wedding party, prom, or simply grab a drink with your friends.

#7 Brown Tungsten Carbide Rose Gold Wedding Band

Men's Women's Chocolate Brown and Rose Tone Tungsten Carbide

Tungsten carbide wedding rings are by no means limited to the characteristic grey shade. As is evident from this alluring design, so much can be done to add value to it.

It combines the outstanding features of tungsten and the high appeal of various shades of gold. The result is a work of art! In addition to making it as a wedding ring, you can also have it for your occasional accessories to attend formal events.

#8 Celtic Design Engravable Tungsten Ring

Celtic Design Engravable Tungsten Ring

The Celtic design is ideal for wedding rings as it is full of meaning and highly appealing. This is a sleek choice for a fashion-forward gentleman. The engraved design and rounded edges make it an outstanding ring.

And you can rest assured that the lustrous finish will never fade. Its shiny silver coating makes this ring looks elegant, a perfect alternative for those who adore sparkling jewelry but feel that gold is too much.

#9 Blue Tungsten Carbide Ring

Blue Tungsten Carbide Ring - Tungsten Carbide Rings

If you are looking for a unique wedding band for the man in your life then you just found it. It features a royal blue groove on a matte black background on the outside. And the inside is all blue placing it in a class of its own.

Well, this ring is surely flashy knowing the blue and black combo that creates a stunning color contrast. Hence, you better know what your future husband tastes before purchasing one. Or, you can match it by requesting a wedding ring with a blue gemstone like this one.

#10 Hammered Brushed Tungsten Carbide Unisex Band

Hammered Brushed Tungsten Carbide Unisex Band - Tungsten Carbide Rings
Hammered Brushed Tungsten Carbide Unisex Band

This unisex band uses a combo of gold and tungsten and a hammered finish to stun. It is full of creativity and spells uniqueness in every aspect. The thin strip and matching interior provide a welcome break to the otherwise plain grey.

Besides, the golden inner part makes this ring look exquisitely classy. You can either turn this into your wedding ring or even give it to your best friend who is getting married at his bachelorette party.

#11 Tungsten Carbide Wood and Turquoise Ring

Tungsten Carbide Wood and Turquoise Ring

Looking for an exquisite engagement ring for that special day? This wood and tungsten ring is the one for you. It has a stylish blend of brown and turquoise that makes it one of a kind.

The combo is a bit flashy, a perfect piece for the one who loves to stand out among the crowds. Both materials are durable and easily retain their original luster for ages. Buy two and turn them into cool matching rings with your loved one.

#12 MERCURY Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band Ring

MERCURY Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band Ring

With one of these tungsten carbide rings, you will enjoy being the center of attention. The sparkling finish and ribbed surface make it a unique masterpiece. It creates an interesting visual effect with light reflecting off the different angles.

Furthermore, it makes a great compliment magnet that will draw attention when you wear it at your wedding. You can also consider accessorizing your suit to the ball with this ring and your favorite watch on.

#13 Black Tungsten Red Anodized Ring 

Black Tungsten Red Anodized Ring - Tungsten Carbide Rings
Black Tungsten Red Anodized Ring

Black and red are a fashion favorite thanks to their striking contrast. That is what makes this one of the most captivating rings. It combines the unique appeal of anodized aluminum and matte black tungsten.

The polished angled edge adds value to this allure. The result is an eye-catching piece to last through the ages. While it may not suit those who love to style in a simple manner, this ring will mark its spot on the hearts of striking accessory lovers.

#14 Black Tungsten Ring Green Anodized Aluminum Interior Mens 4MM 

Black Tungsten Ring Green Anodized Aluminum Interior Mens 4MM

Thin bands are all the rage these days. They are ideal for minimalist wearers as they are almost not there. This piece is amazing thanks to the color choice. The green polished interior is captivating, perfect for a fashion-forward man.

If you are one of those fashion vistas, you better wear this ring with your vibrant outfits. Put on your tuxedo, tan trousers, and bow tie, then spice it up with the ring. Oh, don’t be shocked that everyone can’t take their eyes off you.

#15 Black with Wood Inlay Tungsten Carbide Ring 

Black with Wood Inlay Tungsten Carbide Ring

The beauty of black tungsten is that it blends perfectly with most materials. The sandalwood on this ring makes the perfect partner. It has a certain pinkish finish that contrasts with the shiny black on the rims.

Moreover, the unisex design makes it suitable for any special event allowing you to spot identical rings. We recommend having one at your sister’s wedding where you serve as groomsmen. Also, try to showcase it at your prom with your best suit and style.

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#16 Brushed Finish Black Comfort-Fit Tungsten Ring 

Brushed Finish Black Comfort Fit Tungsten Ring

Getting a ring that sports style and comfort in equal measure is no mean feat. This is one of the few tungsten carbide rings that promises both. The interior features a smooth curve that makes it ideal for extended wear.

Meanwhile, the brushed finish in all-black makes it a statement piece. With this appeal, it’s no wonder that the ring will easily match those men with dashing personalities and fancy plain jewelry. They can mix and match it with any outfit for any occasion.

#17 Black and Yellow Gold Tungsten Carbide Unisex Band 

Black and Yellow Gold Tungsten Carbide Unisex Band

Black and yellow are a match made in heaven as is evident in this piece. If you are looking for unique tungsten carbide engagement rings look no further. This piece shows great craftsmanship and sports a unique build.

It makes generous use of yellow gold and tough tungsten to make it a timeless piece. You can wear it with your all-black suit and leather shoes if you wish to highlight this luxurious-look ring.

#18 Grey Brushed Tungsten Carbide Rings 

4mm BRUSHED Silver* Tungsten Carbide Unisex Band, Yellow Gold* Stripe Ring, Brushed Finish, Mens Ring, Wedding Band, Womens Ring

Many modern couples love to go against the grain when choosing their wedding rings. This combo of tungsten and gold is one of the most unique choices ever. It comes in brushed grey tungsten with a slim yellow-gold groove.

The interior is all golden and smoothly polished to enhance comfort. In addition to the wedding ring, you can consider one to propose to your girl. Even though it doesn’t bear stunning diamonds, the gray and gold combo is no less captivating. Your soon-to-be fiance will absolutely adore it.

#19 Brushed Tungsten Carbide Unisex Band With Blue Inlay and Stripe 

Brushed Tungsten Carbide Unisex Band With Blue Inlay and Stripe

Who would have thought that rose gold and blue could make such a perfect pair? This ring is a fashionable piece for couples that are a step ahead of the hype. Or even want to make it as an unusual wedding ring.

The unique color combo and grooved surface give it a place at the top of the list. Meanwhile, the matte exterior and mirror-like finish work well to capture interest of anyone who notices it.

#20 Black Tungsten Ring Purple Anodized Aluminum Interior Mens 8MM Wedding Band 

Black Tungsten Ring Purple Anodized Aluminum Interior Mens 8MM Wedding Band

This is one of the best tungsten carbide rings for him. It uses the contrasting beauty of black tungsten and aluminum to appeal to the heart. Meanwhile, the inner part is coated with striking pink color that looks flashy.

Bearing such a unique color combination, this makes it a great choice as a wedding ring or valentine’s gift for that special man in your life. You can wrap it up in a jewelry box to surprise him with an amazing gift.

#21 Personalized His and Her Tungsten Couple Rings 

Silly Kings 7mm Tungsten Wedding Band

These grey tungsten rings are simple yet elegant. They are the kind that you can wear every day without seeming out of place. Yet in their simplicity lies a sleek appeal certain to capture attention.

The personalization feature takes the value a notch higher. For that reason, you better take this chance to add a personal touch to this piece. You can make this pair as Valentine’s day gift or even a couple of wedding rings!

#22 Tungsten Wedding Band Lined With Exotic Koa Wood 

Tungsten Wedding Band Lined With Exotic Koa Wood

Koa wood and tungsten are among the best-matched ring materials. On this ring, the shiny grey and natural brown make it unique. The wooden groove on the exterior is particularly catchy as it makes an eye-catching contrast with the grey shank.

You can be sure that this ring will outlive its wearer thanks to its high quality. To highlight its appeal, you better match it with your white shirt and shorts to hang out or attend a party.

#23 Black with Double Red Stripe Tungsten Carbide Unisex Rings 

Black with Double Red Stripe Tungsten Carbide Unisex Rings

The double stripes on this adorable piece are double the visual pleasure. Unlike other shiny tungsten carbide rings, they feature a deep shade of red that looks great against matte black.

If your man loves his jewelry pieces demurely, then this is the one for him. As it comes in casual design, your man can wear it on any occasion he wishes to come, for instance, a birthday party, or wedding, or even make it as a Halloween accessory.

#24 Two-Tone Rose Gold Brushed Unisex Tungsten Carbide Rings 

Two-Tone Rose Gold Brushed Unisex Tungsten Carbide Rings - Tungsten Carbide Rings

Looking to wow your partner with an outstanding ring? The two-tone rose gold and titanium piece will be sure to amaze you. It features a beautiful brushed finish with a mirrored interior.

Silver and rose gold work well together and bring out an elegant allure. Not only that, but the combo also adds luxurious appeal to this ring that nothing can beat. It is truly a perfect piece to pair with his tuxedo, blazer, or coat.

#25 Polished Tungsten Carbide Rose Gold Rings 

Polished Tungsten Carbide Rose Gold Rings

This is one of the most unique tungsten carbide rings ever. It features a highly polished exterior and interior. This makes it suitable for everyone who loves to make a splash.

Considering that the exterior is scratch-resistant, you can be sure to enjoy that appeal for the rest of the time. But we recommend cleaning it up with rubbing alcohol or warm water and cotton to keep it shiny.

#26 Tungsten Carbide 14K Gold Inlay Wedding Band 

Tungsten Carbide 14K Gold Inlay Wedding Band

Show off your great sense of style with one of these elegant rings. It is the kind of ring that commands attention from a mile off. Tungsten with gold detailing ensures both exquisite looks and durability.

And it is an assurance that the ring will never bend out of shape. Having this chic design, it will be unfortunate not to show it off to your friends. Instead of ordering a palladium or gold ring, try to make this into one of the coolest wedding rings ever!

#27 Antler Black Tungsten Rings 

Antler Black Tungsten Rings

This design inspired by nature makes a great choice for an adventurous man. Even if he does not fancy jewelry much, you can be sure he’ll wear this one. It is ideal for someone who loves to stand out and get noticed.

It features a black, shiny shank adorned with pristine antler that has been cut and smoothened to create unique jewelry you can spot in the market. Considering this fact, you better ask him to turn this ring as his wedding ring with you instead of ordering another one.

#28 Silver Tungsten Exotic Olive Wood Ring 

Silver Tungsten Exotic Olive Wood Ring

Olive wood is considered a premium material for good reason. Combine its appeal with that of tungsten and you have a winner. You do not have to wait for the wedding day to give him this.

Make this his favorite Christmas yet by giving him this amazing ring as a gift. You can also consider other special occasions, like anniversaries, birthdays, or even Thanksgiving to surprise him with one.

#29 Yellow Gold Tungsten Carbide Unisex Ring with Black Wood inlay 

Yellow Gold Tungsten Carbide Unisex Ring with Black Wood inlay
Yellow Gold Tungsten Carbide Unisex Ring with Black Wood inlay

The kind of ring you pick to propose has an impact on the response you get. This yellow gold and tungsten ring is one of the best choices in this regard. Everything from the material choice to the design shows evidence of great craftsmanship.

With this exquisite design, she would not dare decline. Knowing the fact that tungsten is usually for men with larger sizes, make sure you opt for a smaller one that fits her little ring finger.

#30 Brushed Tungsten Center Blue Groove Beveled Edge Ring 

Brushed Tungsten Center Blue Groove Beveled Edge Ring - Tungsten Carbide Rings

Mark your next anniversary with one of these impressive tungsten carbide rings. The beveled edges and smooth interior combine to make it a comfortable fit. The design is artistic and so is the color choice.

Featuring gold and blue tones, this ring will easily become one of the best tungsten carbide rings for those who love striking accessories to enhance their look. Celebrate in style with the ultimate ring!

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#31 Art Deco Rose Gold Tungsten Ring 

Art Deco Rose Gold Tungsten Ring

Artistic types would love the level of craftsmanship on this ring. Its unique combination of materials places it above most others. The cubic zirconia and diamond focal point contrast well with gold, titanium, and tungsten to make it a perfect icon of style.

With a design that is so luxurious and charming, you can consider purchasing one to propose to your girlfriend. Make sure to choose the actual size so that it fits her ring finger. In case you want to buy one for yourself, it will look amazing to showcase at the ball.

#32 Earth Riverstone Inlay Tungsten Carbide Ring

Earth Riverstone Inlay Tungsten Carbide Ring

A good wedding band does not have to comply with the convention. This uniquely decorated ring provides ample evidence of that. It has a tungsten inlay and rims surrounding a Riverstone gem thread.

It is ideal for nature lovers who have an eye for elegance. You can wear it whenever you have adventurous travel, like hiking, cycling, or going camping as the ring blends in well with nature, thanks to its green-brown color.

#33 Tungsten Carbide Carbon Fiber Wedding Band 

Tungsten Carbide Carbon Fiber Wedding Band - Tungsten Carbide Rings

Black wedding bands have recently made it to the top and they are there to stay. This elegant ring attests to the fact that simplicity and artwork are perfectly together.

It uses carbon fiber to enhance the natural beauty of tungsten carbide. And it does a great job of that. For those who fancy plain jewelry but wish to have something unique, you can consider purchasing this ring. Its timeless design won’t look dull for any event.

#34 Black Tungsten Ring Snake Wood Wedding Ring 

Black Tungsten Ring Snake Wood Wedding Ring

Snakewood and tungsten make this minimalist piece a true marvel. For those who do not appreciate heavy tungsten yet love its appeal, this is the best choice. It has very slim hence the light band.

But it allows you to take advantage of all the strong points that define tungsten carbide. The inner wooden pattern makes a perfect addition to the bland grey shank. With this ring, you will no longer be confused about what to wear to boost your style.

#35 6mm Hammered Black Brushed Tungsten Carbide Ring 

6mm Hammered Black Brushed Tungsten Carbide Ring
6mm Hammered Black Brushed Tungsten Carbide Ring

Hammered designs step out of the ordinary confines to amaze the beholder. Light bounces off the textured surface for an interesting visual effect. The fact that it comes in all black makes it ideal for the demure wearer who has a thing for elegance.

It also makes an amazing pair for casual wear, such as t-shirts with jeans, or simply sweatshirts with jogger pants. But you can level it up by wearing your hoodie and coat with jeans in the fall and putting the ring on with your watch.

#36 Heartbeat Tungsten Carbide Ring 

Heartbeat Tungsten Carbide Ring

The heartbeat-etched design and love heart symbols add lots of value to this ring. They are symbolic of a special romantic connection. This lovely ring is a great choice for wedding couples as it provides a meaningful addition to the gesture of exchanging rings.

You can also gift one to your girlfriend on Valentine’s day. Just wrap it in a jewelry box and adorn it with a cute pink ribbon. Then, grab a rose bucket and some chocolates to celebrate the romantic day with your loved one.

#37 Personalized Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band Wood Inlay Couple Rings 

Personalized Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band Wood Inlay Couple Rings

Couples who share a strong connection with nature will find delight in these tungsten carbide couples rings. They sport a feather design etched into the rims. The wooden inlay adds to their natural beauty and the glossy finish tops it all up in style.

If you have a passion for art, you better take a look at this ring and buy one to add to your collection. Not only it looks stunning, but it will help you boost your style for any occasion. Make sure to wear lighter color tones for the outfits to allow the ring stands out.

#38 Brushed Tungsten Carbide with Rose Gold Ring 

Brushed Tungsten Carbide with Rose Gold Ring - Tungsten Carbide Rings

The beveled rose gold edges bring out the best in the silver tungsten band. You can also see the high polish on the former and matte finish on the latter that makes a stunning visual delight.

Meanwhile, the smooth interior ensures a comfortable fit perfect for a wedding band. You’ll never want to take it off, we are sure of that! But if you want to wear it as a daily accessory, you better wear this ring for a formal occasion to highlight its deluxe appeal.

#39 Koa Wood Brushed Black Titanium Men’s Wedding Band 

Koa Wood Brushed Black Titanium Men's Wedding Band

A great ring makes the perfect symbol to seal your union eternally. This koa wood and titanium ring are loaded with strong points to add to that. The patterned inlay and brushed black top make it a statement piece.

They ensure the right amount of attention for a power couple. As it comes in black and wooden color, it will be best to feature one with your casual wear. You can have a t-shirt with jeans, or a coat and skinny pants in the fall and put the ring on.

#40 Personally Engraved Tungsten Carbide Claddagh Ring 

Jewelry Avalanche Celtic Claddagh Tungsten Ring w/I Love You to The Moon & Back Inside Engraving

The Claddagh ring comes in tungsten and black rose and sports an artistic Irish design. So much detail is evident with the amazing finish. Best of all, the patterns are a lot more than meaningless art.

They symbolize every aspect of true love and guarantee a lasting union. Instead of making it a wedding ring, you better consider gifting one for your man on his birthday or on Valentine’s day knowing it has a bit crowded design.

#41 King Will Nature Mens Tungsten Ring

King Will Nature Mens Tungsten Ring

Step out of your ordinary look by trying some new styles! Adding this tungsten ring to your list of accessories can be one way to be an anti-mainstream one. Gold flakes featured in the black-colored round add a luxurious appeal to the jewelry.

It is one of the best tungsten rings, perfect for formal occasions to make your appearance stand out! You can put one on whenever you attend a party or wedding. Style it with your tuxedo, trousers, and leather shoes to make your look stands out in the crowd.

#42 King Will Loop Tungsten Engagement Ring

King Will Loop Tungsten Engagement Ring

Instead of wearing a mainstream gold or silver ring on your engagement day, a tungsten ring can be a terrific option to look different on your special day. Or perhaps, you want to make it a wedding ring? That’s top-notch!

Highlighting natural wooden color with a touch of gold in the centerline, this ring will make you immediately fall in love because of its beauty. Moreover, the frame is made with the right thickness so that there is no need to doubt its robustness.

#43 Three Keys Tungsten Ring

Three Keys Tungsten Ring

Wearing this tungsten ring will help you brighten up your day! The sprinkling of colorful patterns and jet-black color further accentuates the ring’s festive aura. Truly one-of-a-kind for those cheerful souls like you!

Whether you want to wear it at casual events or even make it a valentine’s gift for a boyfriend, this ring will captivate anyone who sees it. You better wear outfits with vibrant tones to brighten up your look.

Final Thoughts

It is very rare to find jewelry pieces that are both elegant and durable. These tungsten carbide rings offer that unique blend and lots more. The distinct colors and designs in the above collection ensure that everyone will get a perfect match. Keep in mind that when it comes to tungsten carbide vs. carbide there is a marked difference. Tungsten is an individual metal and does not have all of the features present in the alloy.

So choose wisely and enjoy the benefits for all eternity! To make them your wedding ring, you better pick one with fewer color combinations to keep it looking elegant and classy.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is special about tungsten rings?

Tungsten rings are a type of unisex ring. Thus, they are more flexible when worn by anyone. Not only that, this type of ring is suitable for use in various events, from formal to non-formal. The designs and motifs of tungsten rings are much more diverse and attractive than other rings. 

How do you clean and care for a tungsten carbide ring?

Cleaning and maintaining a tungsten carbide ring is simple. Here are a few steps you can take:

  • To clean your tungsten carbide ring gently, use warm water with soap.
  • Avoid from using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials because they could scratch the ring’s surface.
  • Completely dry the ring with a soft cloth.
  • To avoid scratches, store your tungsten carbide ring separately from other jewelry.

Is the tungsten ring always black?

No, of course not. Although generally black, now there are more and more various kinds of tungsten rings that you can buy to adjust your style. From tungsten rings with hammered designs, gold-studded tungsten rings, wood-textured tungsten rings to those with colorful patterns. In addition, tungsten rings can even be used as engagement and wedding rings. So, you don’t have to worry about being outdated. 

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