41 Funny & Unusual Rings You Can Buy!

These funny & unusual rings offer a great opportunity to express your unique sense of style. They make outstanding statement pieces that are sure to get heads turning. Unusual ring designs are an especially good idea when you know you might need a conversation starter. They could also serve as exceptional gifts to add to a creative ring collection.

They come in the form of funny rings that are certain to get everyone laughing and inappropriate rings that will get people thinking, “No, you didn’t!” They could also be quirky rings that highlight other-worldly features or weird rings that scare the hell out of you. But the one thing they all have in common is the fact that they always guarantee lots of attention.

Interested in buying one for yourself or wrapping it as a geek gift for your friends? Let’s find out the best and most unusual rings below!

Unusual Ring Designs

Though they may seem weird, some people love to style out-of-the-box by wearing quirky jewelry, including rings. They usually have striking designs that will become an instant head-turner.

Suppose you want one; we have searched the web to bring you the ultimate list of unusual rings, that you can buy for yourself or a special person in your life. Check out this list of unique ring designs and make your choice!

#1 Sterling Silver Sloth Ring

unusual rings
Sterling Silver Sloth Ring- unusual rings

Anyone who fancies weird rings should get a load of this one! It is a sterling silver piece with the perfect depiction of a sloth as the centerpiece. You know, the slowest animal on earth that inspires people to take things slow.

This gives it loads of character and serves as an assurance of pleasant company all day long. It will keep you in the right mind frame and give those around you a reason to smile. Give one to that friend who adopts a slow-living lifestyle.

#2 Alice Teacup Rings

unusual rings

If you or someone you love happens to be a fantasy world enthusiast, then here are the perfect rings for you! It depicts teacups from Alice In Wonderland that will bring you into the fairytale once you wear them.

These pieces come in bright and cheerful colors, adding a touch of fun to any outfit. These unusual rings could make the perfect choice for the young at heart, especially those who fancy striking jewelry.

#3 Mouth Rings

unusual rings

Mouth rings deviate from every norm in the rule book. And that is precisely what makes them awesome! They will serve as the perfect addition to your collection of quirky jewelry.

The ring looks almost lifelike thanks to the elegant craftsmanship and great attention to detail. It is a remarkable alternative gift choice for someone who has everything. They can match it with their prom dresses, adding a touch of sparkling to their look.

#4 Cheese Burger Ring 

Cheese Burger Ring

This cheeseburger ring is way up there on the adorability scale. It is the best choice for that friend who cannot get enough junk food. Maybe having a burger on their finger will keep the cravings in check.

Besides, it could also make a fascinating gift for a collector of food jewelry. Your friend can also wear one to match her tube or tank top and shorts in the summer to brighten up her look.

#5 Tea Cup Ring

unusual rings

Alice in Wonderland fans will adore this unusual ring design. It comprises a silver band with a miniature teacup as well as a tiny teaspoon on the saucer that looks amazing.

If previously we had the cheerful ones, this ring portrays elegant sides that will be perfect to match her dress. The cup is true to the concept inspiring its design. Its high level of attention to detail will fascinate Disney classics lovers.

#6 Elephant Ring

unusual rings

At times all you need is a head turner to draw attention to your well-manicured fingers. Creative ring designs such as this one came into existence at such times. It is a wrap ring with an elephant’s head and front legs on one end and his tail on the other.

He seems to be holding on for dear life, making the design fun and innovative. Having such an eye-catching design, this ring will make a perfect spotlight on your index finger or even thumb. In this case, consider buying a larger one.

#7 Denture Ring 

unusual rings

This is a must-have for any fan of unusual ring designs. It is a set of miniature dentures featuring realistic upper and lower teeth. It is full of creativity and fun and could make a unique gift for the dentist in your life.

These dentures bring your fingers to life in every aspect of the world. Besides looking weird, it somehow seems creepy. Hence, your dentist can wear one to match her Halloween costume.

#8 Silver Octopus Tentacle Ring

unusual rings
Silver Octopus Tentacle Ring

This antique jewelry piece gets inspiration from octopus tentacles. The ornate detailing makes it almost lifelike. Moreover, the captivating wraparound design turns it into a fashion statement piece for someone with a fun sense of style.

Meanwhile, the finishing will patina over time, guaranteeing a timeless look always. Since it has a thick band with such a design, it will be better to wear this ring on your index finger. Middle one is great, but it may bother you a bit due to the thick band.

#9 Tongue Poke Ring 

unusual rings

Unique rings for her don’t come any quirkier than this innovative piece. It is a naughty piece for a bizarre jewelry lover, adding a hint of creativity to their collection. This one features lips with a sticking-out tongue that seems like flirting.

The piece uses hand-sculpting to achieve an almost lifelike effect and make it a wearable art unit. With this design, no wonder it gets an instant spot in her weird ring collection. She can wear it casually to spice up her hang-out appeal.

#10 Toast Ring

unusual rings

Spread love and good cheer all around with this creative silver toast ring. These unusual rings come in the shape of a solid silver toast and a hint of yellow shade from the butter, ready to cheer you up.

They sport a matte finish that adds authenticity to the design and makes them antique. They are impossible to miss and will get you the right kind of attention. Grab one for that friend who can’t skip her toast for breakfast.

#11 Avocado Ring 

unusual rings

Whether she happens to be an avocado lover or just a healthy food fan, this piece will make her smile. It highlights a half piece of avocado that look bright as a pendant for the solid silver shank.

These are funny rings that keep the tastiest avocado right at her fingertips to whet her appetite. The design brings every detail to life, making the ring irresistible. You can wrap one for your vegan friend who always has at least one avocado in hear meal.

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#12 Wrap Around Silver Sloth Ring 

unusual rings

These creative rings depict the sloth in one of their favorite positions of all time, hanging on a tree. Only this time, he gets to hang on to your finger to cheer up and make everyone laugh.

The piece has ornate detailing, perfectly recreating the sloth’s furry face and body. Its wraparound design adds to the unique appeal. For that reason, you better have it on your index finger to make it a centerpiece of your look.

#13 80s Fashion Inspired Rainbow Ring

unusual rings

This is one of the unique fashion rings ever! It gets inspiration from a 1980s design that looks flashy. It has a blue sky background with white puffy clouds and a magnificent rainbow.

This chunky ring is an awesome choice for anyone who loves statement jewelry pieces. Bring your childhood fantasies to life with this unique ring. Considering the big pendant, we recommend having one on your middle finger.

#14 Boho Evil Eye Rings

unusual rings

The evil eye ring sees all and knows all. The eyeball inspiration makes these unusual rings unique and captivating. It has a silver band and a gemstone of choice as its centerpiece. Thanks to the silver color, it will easily match any outfit and occasion.

They come complete with eyelashes and a wire eye outline for the perfect effect. The bezel setting creates an outstanding effect. Try to wear one to complete your black prom dress and match it with your shiny bracelet.

#15 Tweedledum Silver Bow Tie Ring

unusual rings

If you harbor a secret attraction for bow ties, then here is your chance to rock the look. This piece gets inspiration from Wonderland’s Tweedledum and is sure to get you ahead of the hype.

These unusual rings will be an instant favorite for all Disney fans, young and old. In case you are one of them, you can try one to match your ball or prom dress. Wear it with your bracelet to spruce up your appeal.

#16 Creepy Baby Face Ring

unusual rings

When it comes to unusual ring designs, few pieces can compare to this one. It is a big chunky ring with an alien baby face as its centerpiece. The face will be sure to send chills down a few spines.

Furthermore, it could make a great addition to your dark fantasy cosplay outfit. Or perhaps, wear one to satisfy your gothic preference. You can also match it with your Halloween costume, as this ring features a creepy design. It defines everyone who is not afraid of being weird.

#17 Silver Shih Tzu Dog Ring

unusual rings

Do you happen to have a soft spot for dogs? Then this is the ultimate unusual ring design to capture your affection. It takes the shape of an adorable pup, complete with the proverbial puppy dog eyes.

The design breathes life into every single detail, including paws, fur, and creases, to perfect the piece. Apart from purchasing one for yourself, you can grab one for dog parents in your life who just lost their furry friend.

#18 Pepperoni Pizza Ring

unusual rings

The pizza slice ring is one of the hilarious choices for a lighthearted gift. It has a thick layer of gooey cheese, sauce, pepperoni, and the perfect golden crust that are meticulously crafted and thus make it looks so real.

This piece will be certain to get your saliva flowing. The detailing is right on point and makes these funny rings particularly captivating. Consider buying one for your pizza-loving friend or those who love to collect quirky jewelry.

#19 Shark Ring

unusual rings

Choosing a unique gift for a nature lover is, at times, a complex process, especially if they have everything. The shark ring is the one piece you can be sure they do not already possess.

The wraparound band is a silver shark that perfectly represents the real thing. If you place the ting in water, he might just swim away. Given the appeal, it will be amazing to feature on your index finger or thumb. Choose a bigger size if you want to try so.

#20 Scrabble Letter Ring 

unusual rings

If she simply cannot have enough of Scrabble, give her a chance to carry the pieces with her. These unique rings for her get inspiration by Scrabble letter tiles. They make a great gift for word game lovers and writers.

The vintage finish adds to their authenticity and serves to guarantee a timeless appeal. As it comes in various letters, it will be best to choose one that has a close resemblance to yours.

#21 Adjustable Silver Cat Ring 

unusual rings

If she happens to be a crazy cat lady, here is the perfect unusual ring design to get her away from the real cats. It is an adjustable cat ring in sterling silver that gives her a chance to carry her passion around.

The cat’s head and tail are the most outstanding aspects of the design, making it an instant favorite for feline lovers. If you want to buy one, consider choosing a bigger size and recommend your friend to wear it on her index finger.

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#22 Pancake Ring 

unusual rings

Take your stack of pancakes with you everywhere you go with one of these unusual rings. Featuring three layers of pancake, the piece is full of humor and will spread good cheer to those around you.

It also comprises of syrup and a scoop of butter that makes it look real and will surely make you want to make one just like that. They sit on a ceramic plate complete with a tiny fork. Grab one for a pancake lover in your life and see how she will be grateful.

#23 Nail Polish Finger Ring 

Nail Polish Finger Ring
Nail Polish Finger Ring

As far as crazy rings go, the finger ring takes the day. This is a sure attention grabber and conversation starter for situations when you need to break the ice. It bears an index ring, and the nail is polished with red color.

The material choice and articulate craftsmanship combine to create a lifelike appearance. Nail polish serves to enhance this effect adding a special touch. Though it seems intriguing, the design is pretty scary. Wear one to celebrate Halloween!

#24 Antiqued Victorian Teeth Rings

Antiqued Victorian Teeth Rings

A combination of resin human molars and a Victorian mourning ring makes this one of the most unusual rings ever. It has a distinct gothic touch that will appeal to boho jewelry lovers.

It would also be an ideal gift for the weird dentist in your life. If you are looking for a stunning statement piece, then this is it! The gold shank offers an elegant appeal they can wear with their formal outfits.

#25 Middle Finger Ring 

Middle Finger Ring

Funny rings have a way of injecting humor into the dullest situations. If you are looking for one to break the awkward silence, this middle finger ring offers such humorous appeal and so much more.

The material choice is a polished nickel piece making it stylish and trendy. Wear it on your middle finger to double the humor and keep everyone in a great mood. Since it has a grey tone, you can wear it with any casual outfit. Try a brighter one to create a stunning contrast.

#26 Silver Raven Talon Claw Wrap Ring 

Silver Raven Talon Claw Wrap Ring
Silver Raven Talon Claw Wrap Ring

There is something about raven claws that highlights raw beauty only available in nature. This piece draws from the reserve of natural beauty. It gives you the opportunity to showcase your weird side and attract attention from like-minded individuals.

Moreover, it is a combination of silver and white bronze with a unique finish and ornate detailing. You can wear one to complete your Halloween look with a black robe and creepy face painting.

#27 Real Dandelion Terrarium Ring 

Real Dandelion Terrarium Ring

The dandelion terrarium ring captures the beauty and features of these natural species in a tiny terrarium. These unusual rings are not only captivating; they also make a statement in a manner few others can match.

They are big, chunky, and adorable, a great addition to your unique ring collection. You can even wear one to a ball with your off-shoulder soft pink or white dress. Don’t forget to match it with your necklace and bracelet with a rose gold or silver tone.

#28 Macaroni Cheese Ring 

Macaroni Cheese Ring
Macaroni Cheese Ring

It is difficult to say no to macaroni and cheese, especially when it comes in a miniature ceramic bowl. This ring gets inspiration from the comfort food favorite and shows lots of originality and creativity.

It comes with a fork ready to dig in and promises lots of fun. What a remarkable conversation starter! If you want to make it a gift, make sure to surprise that one friend who dedicates her life to Mac & Cheese!

#29 Succulent Rings 

Succulent Rings

Gardening enthusiasts must get one of these unusual rings. It has a little bit of everything, just like your mini garden, and offers a variety of flavors for high visual appeal.

The best thing about these particular succulents is that they will retain their fresh look for all eternity. Having this particular design, this ring will look amazing with your casual tee and jeans in the summer.

#30 Adjustable Sterling Silver Antler Ring 

Adjustable Sterling Silver Antler Ring

Nowhere is natural beauty so outstandingly visible as it is on deer antlers. And now you have the opportunity to have your very own antlers to showcase your sense of style.

This sterling silver piece is a unique ring to add to your creative ring collection. The adjustable band gives it lots of versatility for everyday wear. We highly recommend having one on your index finger and matching it with another ring with a gem on your middle one.

#31 Harry Potter Ring

Harry Potter Ring

Surprise a geeky friend with one of these Harry Porter pieces. It comprises the characteristic circular frame of glasses and his lightning-shaped scar. It is a simple unusual ring to add to a nerdy collection or complete a Harry Porter costume.

Choose from gold, rose gold, and sterling silver to make it perfect. In addition, we recommend having one on your index finger or thumb then pair it with other Harry Potter accessories you have.

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#32 Cappuccino Coffee Cup Ring 

Cappuccino Coffee Cup Ring

Coffee is a cure-all for all kinds of situations, and now you can take it with you everywhere you go. The cappuccino coffee cup ring is a sterling silver jewelry piece. You can wear it to invite her for a coffee date, saving you all the trouble of asking her out.

It increases her chances of saying yes significantly. In addition, this ring will also make an amazing gift for those friends who cannot wake up without a daily dose of caffeine every morning.

#33 Peanut Butter & Jelly BFF Rings 

Peanut Butter & Jelly BFF Rings

We all have that one friend who is like the peanut butter to our jelly. Celebrate your special friendship with one of these unusual rings. One side is a toast with peanut butter spread, while the other has the accompanying jam jelly.

They look delicious and make an adorable way to capture your relationship. Consider surprising your friend who loves to look flashy and cute with this ring on her birthday. Or, perhaps, wrap one for her graduation gift.

#34 Silver Honey Drip Ring 

Silver Honey Drip Ring

Do you have a sweet partner who almost seems as if they’re constantly dripping with honey? This creative ring gives you the opportunity to celebrate that relationship.

It is a classy sterling silver ring with a personalization option. Make it special with a custom message that will keep her smiling. Consider having her initials on the shank to offer sentimental value.

#35 Steampunk Ring 

Steampunk Ring

Unusual rings for steampunk jewelry lovers make unforgettable statements. This piece comprises timepiece gears against a leather background, making it a fantastic accessory for steampunk costumes.

It is a great unisex piece that can add a dose of sophistication to your cosplay outfit. If someone you care about loves and feels the steampunk lifestyle, then this is the ultimate gift for them.

#36 The Moon Ring

the moon ring

The Moon Ring is an actual hilarious gag gift that you can buy to prank your girlfriend or boyfriend. It’s a ring box that obviously looks like an engagement ring but features a tiny butt that makes a farting sound when opened.

The look on their face will be priceless and unusual rings don’t get any more unusual than that, do they? We recommend grabbing one to surprise your bride-to-be friend at her bridal shower to cheer up her mood before D-day!

#37 Bacon & Eggs Breakfast Ring 

Bacon & Eggs Breakfast Ring 

Enjoy breakfast on the go with one of these funny rings. This statement ring makes a lifelike depiction of crispy bacon slices and an egg, sunny side up, that will make you starve instantly.

The saucer holding these delightful treats sits atop a simple metal ring. It is sure to get all heads turning your way and to keep that perfect breakfast in mind all day long. Besides, it makes an awesome gift for your best friend who fancies a unique style.

#38 Game of Thrones House Stark Direwolf Wolf Ring

Game of Thrones House Stark Direwolf Wolf Ring

Game of Thrones fans will appreciate the House Start Direwolf adjustable ring. The masterful depiction breathes life into the House sigil bringing out every last detail.

It is an elegant sterling silver piece for a fan who loves the finer things in life. The high-quality material and execution ascertain its durability. Whether wearing one for a meeting or having a date, this ring will make an instant centerpiece.

#39 Henrietta Tree Branch Elven Fairy Flower Ring

Ginger Lyne Collection Henrietta Tree Branch Elven Fairy Flower Simulated Fire Opal Ring Engagement

Take a look at this masterpiece of art! An inspired tree branch with an elven fairy flowers accent, which is formed into a very charming ring, will blow your mind away. It also comes in various styles to match your taste!

With a touch of enchanted opal gemstone purplish blue, it captures the hearts of anyone who sees it. This vintage-style ring can be intended for engagement rings, weddings, or simply worn as accessories to enhance your appearance.

#40 Hugging Silver Sterling Ring

Hug Ring

Express your love with this hug-shaped ring. Excellently polished and crafted, this jewelry gives the wearer a warm feeling of love. Moreover, the material used to make this ring is 925 sterling silver

Thus, the quality is guaranteed and has good durability. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about whether the color will fade away or not. If you are interested in buying this ring, you can consider engraving your name on the shank to add a sentimental feel.

#41 Real Flower Resin Ring 

Chunky Resin ring Beautiful Indie

Have you ever thought there was a ring made of preserved flowers? Now you found it! This hand-crafted ring is made of two types of real flowers preserved with resin and shaped into a beautiful wide dome ring.

The combined blue and green colors give this ring a fresh and everlasting appeal. Regarding size, there are two types of sizes that you can adjust with your fingers. Choose a larger one if you want to wear it on your thumb.

Final Thoughts

Unusual ring designs are full of character and serve as a great way to define your unique personality. They are a great way to express your individuality and surprise the people around you. If you want to make it as a gift for your loved ones, make sure you know what size they usually wear for a ring. Plus, get to know what finger do they commonly have their rings on.

That way, you can easily determine the size and style they like based on their taste. Have fun with these unique fashion rings and spread the food cheer to everyone you care about.

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