Krispie Kreme Nutella Donuts 

If you happen to be a Nutella fan the Krispie Crème Nutella Donuts might be the ultimate treat for you this season.

It is an amazing blend of flavors designed to tantalize your taste buds. And what is more, there are two different versions of the treat.

The first is a donut dipped in Nutella and then to ensure an extra crunch, it has a generous sprinkling of caramelized hazelnuts.

The second option has a Nutella filling at the center of the doughnut. The top has an icing sugar dusting and a Nutella drizzle for double the flavor. 

Krispie Kreme Nutella Donuts

These amazing treats go straight up to the top of decadent treats for every season. They are adventurous in every respect offering both a visual delight and a tasty feast for every pastry lover.

Krispie Kreme Nutella Donuts

They bring to life the concept of eating with the eyes thanks to their artistic portrayals. These Nutella donuts are the epitome of creative cuisine and they meet and exceed every expectation. 

Krispie Kreme Nutella Donuts

Krispie Creme Nutella Donuts

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