26 Awesome Gifts for Gun Enthusiasts

If there’s one thing that we can expect from a loud and thrilling action movie, it’s the cool and big guns used by both the heroes and villains. It comes to surprise that the number of gun enthusiasts increases over time. Gun enthusiasts love to collect real guns or replicas from an iconic movie. Other items that relate to guns and ammos are also welcomed! 

If you have a close friend that loves guns to the death, then you won’t want to leave our page yet. We have assembled a list that includes some of the best gifts for gun enthusiasts just for you. Down below, you can see a huge catalog of unique gifts for gun enthusiasts, ranging from gun replicas to unique items like bottle opener (with a cool twist, of course). Let’s explore it now!

Unique Gifts for Gun Enthusiasts

Gun enthusiasts love items that are unique and wonderful. These kinds of items aren’t necessarily real guns, but they can be related to them. On this list, you can see some unique gifts for gun enthusiasts that are so cool to add to their collection! Check it out. 

1. Tic Tac Gun

Tic Tac Gun

Guns usually contain ammo. But with this unique item, you’ll get some sweet tic tacs. It is actually a replica from Dude Perfect. It can shoot candies just as hard as a normal gun would. However, make sure to not fire it at your own mouth, as you can get choked! 

2. Growler Electric Blaster Gun

Growler Electric Blaster Gun

Guns in sci-fi movies are much more sophisticated than the ones that we actually have in the real world. If your friend prefers to collect this type of gun, then look no more and add this awesome blaster gun to your cart. It can also be used as a toy to play with a friend, making it one of the best gifts for gun enthusiasts. 

3. Steampunk Bolt Action Pen

Steampunk Bolt Action Pen

A heavy contrast to the previous item, this particular gun-related gift was inspired by the classic steampunk era. For a gun enthusiast who loves to add adorable collections on their office desk, the cool pen will do the job! Just look at the magnificent pearl patterns on the pen. So cool, right?

4. Cleaning Gun Kit

Cleaning Gun Kit

Every enthusiast in the world will want to keep their collections in a mint condition. For gun enthusiasts, there is no better way than cleaning and storing the guns inside a safe place. To keep the guns clean, they will be needing this cool kit that contains gun oil, knit gun patches, stiff nylon brushes, and more awesome stuff. It is truly one of the best gifts for gun enthusiasts. 

5. DIY Wooden Gun 

DIY Wooden Gun 

Making a gun with our own bare hands seems like a fun thing to do. In fact, you can do just that with the awesome wooden gun DIY set. After finishing the assembly of the gun, you can display this awesome decoration in a rack or on a table. 

6. 50-caliber Bullet Bottle Opener

50-caliber Bullet Bottle Opener

Opening a bottle of soda will be exciting to do if your friend has this amazing bottle opener at their disposal. Moreover, every item was made from a used .50 cal BMG brass collected from various US military installations. Please make sure to buy this as part of your gifts for gun enthusiasts!

7. Let It Beer Opener

Let It Beer Opener

If you’re looking for another alternative to the one that we’ve just mentioned, then this cool beer opener might satisfy you! It can open a beer cap easily. But here’s the catch: you can also shoot them at a designated target, just like a normal gun would! It’s one of the most unique gifts for gun enthusiasts that you’ll ever see. 

8. Mini Pistol Gun Keychain

Mini Pistol Gun Keychain

A gun enthusiast’s house will probably be filled with all kinds of unique items related to rifles and weapons. However, we bet that they haven’t got their hands on this mini and adorable keychain yet. That’s the reason why you should buy it for them ASAP! They can hang this on their dope military bag or other items that they normally use. 

9. Electric Gel Ball Blaster

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An electric gun that can shoot gel balls? Please sign us up! With the awesome blaster, your friend can shoot at various targets. As soon as the gel ball hits a target, it will evaporate quickly without leaving any trails. It is also clean and doesn’t contain any stains. 

10. Gun Safe with Fingerprint

Gun Safe with Fingerprint

Although guns are beautiful and awesome, they are still highly dangerous. You won’t want them to lie around on the floor and be played by children and guests alike. That’s the reason why you should buy this amazing gun safely. It can only be accessed with your unique fingerprint and keypad, making it very hard to hack.

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11. Sniper Toy Gun 

Gifts for Gun Enthusiasts

Your kid might not be old enough to shoot a real sniper rifle. However, they can learn the arts of shooting from a young age. By buying this cool sniper, you’ll also get more accessories like scope, muffler, ammo clips, and others! It is one of the best gifts for gun enthusiasts in the market. 

Cool Display Gifts for Gun Enthusiasts

Gun enthusiasts love to brag about their gun collections. They will try their best to display them and manage them to look organized. Perhaps it won’t hurt to buy them some more display gifts for gun enthusiasts. We bet that they’ll appreciate the gesture. 

12. Thermal Rifle Scope

Gifts for Gun Enthusiasts

In the military, a thermal rifle scope is normally used by snipers and soldiers who are going to a mission with minimal vision. But if your friend isn’t combat-ready, they can just add this awesome scope to their collection. The pattern of the scope makes it all the more beautiful. 

13. Gun Blaster from Blade Runner

Gifts for Gun Enthusiasts

If you have been paying attention, you might have noticed about the idea of buying gun replicas as gifts for gun enthusiasts. Now, this cool gun might be one to be bought immediately. Due to the fact that it’s a detailed replica of the gun used by Deckard and K from the iconic movie Blade Runner, your friend will surely want to get their hands on this collectible. 

14. Digital Gun Safe

Gifts for Gun Enthusiasts

Money and jewelry aren’t the only things that you should store in a safety box. In fact, guns must also be safely kept to avoid it being used by the wrong hands (your kids, for starters). Therefore, this awesome digital gun safe comes to the rescue. It has an electronic lock that can be overridden by a “safety key”. 

15. Gun Replica Movie Prop

Gifts for Gun Enthusiasts

Want to feel like Nicolas Cage in Face/Off or Bruce Willis in Die Hard? Then your friend should probably own this amazing gun replica prop. Before buying, please beware that this is not a real gun and can’t fire any projectiles. It is intended as a display item or as a movie prop!

16. Large Gun Decanter

Large Gun Decanter

This cool decanter set is one of the classiest gifts for gun enthusiasts, especially if they also enjoy having some wine in their leisure time. The set comes with four unique bullet glasses and a beautiful mahogany wood base. Even if they rarely consume wine, it will still be a cool display on their dining table

17. Golden Gun 007 Replica

Gifts for Gun Enthusiasts

There is no single human in the world who doesn’t know about James Bond and his adventures. For “The Man with the Golden Gun” fans, this replica will be the perfect gift. Now, they can roleplay as the iconic spy and take some cool pictures with it. This cool replica can also be assembled and disassembled at will.

18. Revolver Stand

Gifts for Gun Enthusiasts

A gun can only look as beautiful as its stand. When you have this wonderful stand, then no gun can ever look ugly anymore! It was made using high quality wood that is durable, making it one of the best gifts for gun enthusiasts all over the world. 

19. Gun Docking Station

Gifts for Gun Enthusiasts

A wooden docking station will make every employee’s desk look tidy and organized. For a gun enthusiast, we’ve got just the right item! This cool gun docking station can accommodate various items like smartwatches, smartphones, wallets, and many more!

Eye-catching Gifts for Gun Enthusiasts

Guns are really eye-catching. Some people might find it amusing and beautiful, while others thought that it might be dangerous. Bearing that thought in mind, it’s only natural to find eye-catching gifts for gun enthusiasts! We’re sure that they love these items as it suits their style.

20. Anatomy of a Bullet Shirt

Gifts for Gun Enthusiasts

Let’s start our list with an adorable shirt about guns and bullets. As you can see on the photo, this shirt contains information about bullets that ordinary people probably didn’t know. It is also made with high-quality material to make its user comfortable. Therefore, it is one of those perfect gifts for gun enthusiasts!

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21. “One More Gun” Shirt

“One More Gun” Shirt

Every collector has an addiction to buying their favorite collectible items. The same thing also applies to gun enthusiasts. If your friend can’t stop buying more guns, then you should tease them by buying this funny shirt. Moreover, they can probably brag about their collection to other people with this shirt, right?

22. Rifle Pens

Gifts for Gun Enthusiasts

Write some useful information with style using this adorable rifle pen. It has a foldable stock and stand, making it the perfect decoration item for a desk too. It is a perfect gift for both military and gun enthusiasts, so you better buy it now before the stock runs out. 

23. Gun Mug

Gifts for Gun Enthusiasts

Guns, like humans, are very diverse. There are a lot of gun types that you can see and collect. And, just like us humans, we should also celebrate gun’s diversity! After all, gun diversity can only make our world more beautiful than ever. If you agree with us, please consider buying this cool mug as part of your gifts for gun enthusiasts. 

24. Inflatable Battle Obstacle

Gifts for Gun Enthusiasts

Owning a lot of gun toys can feel a little bit boring if we can’t take it to the battlefield. It’s precisely the reason why we’re recommending the awesome obstacle set for you and your fellow gun enthusiasts. By using the obstacles, you will play in a realistic combat zone and have hours of fun. 

25. Gun Silicone Molds 

Gifts for Gun Enthusiasts

Baking a cake or candy can be a lot of fun when you have this cool silicone molding set. As a result, hosting an action-themed party seems possible. It is very convenient to operate, as it is extremely durable and resistant to extreme temperature. 

26. Bullet-shot Glass

Gifts for Gun Enthusiasts

Glasses are usually fragile. However, this particular item is extremely durable, as it can withstand a bullet! Plus, it is a handmade item that can make a killer conversation piece. Besides that, the bullet that you saw is a real 0.308 bullet!

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