25 Multiverse-Bending Marvel Nerf Guns

No matter what generation you come from, there’s no denying the fact that superheroes have some part in shaping your childhood. You can owe that to comic giants like Marvel and DC. But this time, let’s talk more about Marvel, shall we? With a vast history of superheroes and villains, they have kept fans entertained with iconic storylines. Also, with the ongoing hype for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it does seem that they aren’t going anywhere.

Marvel Comics has become a giant in the entertainment industry. It’s the reason why people are so eager to watch every movie they release while buying some of their comic book issues. Don’t forget all of their merchandise linings up inside every store outlet. But out of all their cool merchandise, we wanted to discuss their collaboration with Nerf Guns. Yep, Marvel Nerf Guns is one of the best lines of toy weapons ever released by the company. Let’s take a look at some of its best!

Cool Iron Man Marvel Nerf Guns

Iron Man: the man who started it all. Without shell-head here, the Marvel Cinematic Universe would never be as wonderful as it is. It’s so fitting that we make a thread dedicated to him with his set of Marvel Nerf Guns. As a hero that relied on technology, Iron Man’s Marvel Nerf Guns will surely look cool and modern-looking. Check it out!

1. Iron Man 3 Motorized Arc Gauntlet

Iron Man 3 Motorized Arc Gauntlet

This old Marvel Nerf Gun is released to celebrate the movie Iron Man 3. Unlike most other Nerf Guns, this bad boy is equipped with 10 disks that can be launched from the motorized arc gauntlet. If you like his armor from this movie, don’t wait any longer.

2. Repulsor Blaster

Repulsor Blaster

How many times have we seen Tony Stark blasting off his enemies with his powerful repulsor blaster? If you want to have a similar weapon as his, then this might be your perfect choice! Fire this awesome blaster with Nerf darts included on this set. 

3. The Endgame

The Endgame

Avengers: Endgame will always be remembered as one of the best Marvel movies of all time. It’s probably the last time we’ll see Iron Man in action too. To honor it, we’d like to recommend this awesome Marvel Nerf Gun, inspired by Iron Man’s Mark 85 armor. 

 4. Iron Man Mech Strike Gauntlet

Iron Man Mech Strike Gauntlet

The Avengers: Mech Strike is a recent storyline hit in the Marvel Comics lore. It contains Gundam-like versions of all your favorite heroes. And if you enjoy that storyline, we are undoubtedly sure that you will enjoy this cool Marvel Nerf Gun

Original Avengers Marvel Nerf Guns

Marvel’s Avengers is a movie that will forever be remembered as a history maker. Not only does it contain cool storylines and action scenes, the movie is the first comic book movie to feature collaborations between different superheroes! To honor that, let’s take a look at some of the Marvel Nerf Guns inspired by the original members (minus Iron Man, as we have touched him before). 

5. Captain America: Mech Strike

Captain America_ Mech Strike

It turns out that Iron Man isn’t the only hero blessed with the Mech Strike version of Marvel Nerf Gun. Indeed, the first Avenger also received the same honor. If you’re on the #TeamSteve side during all the Civil War era, you might want to buy this!

6. Captain America: Endgame Assembler


Captain America isn’t known for carrying guns and weapons with him. But, if you look at this beautiful Marvel Nerf Gun, you can’t resist having one for yourself. Build a gun with your own design with this assembler gun. You can also find other Marvel assembler guns and combine it to your own liking.  

7. Nerf Microshot Captain America

Nerf Microshot Captain America

If you prefer a small weapon to collect, this awesome Captain America Marvel Nerf Gun might suit you most. Its small size makes it easier to carry. The stars and stripes also add to the beauty of the design. Truly one of the best!

8. Stryfe Weapon: Captain America

Stryfe_ Captain America Custom Painted

Please be reminded that this cool Marvel Nerf Gun is a customized weapon. Taken from a Stryfe model of the Nerf weapon, then painted with Krylon Maxx spray paint, comes one of the best customized Marvel Nerf Guns you can find out there. 

9. Hulk Assembler Gear

Hulk Assembler Gear

While Captain America is known for at least carrying a shield, Hulk barely had anything. In fact, he doesn’t even have a suit! But, he’s still one of the strongest heroes we got. If you feel like smashing things up, then you better get this awesome Nerf Assembler Gear right away. It’s also compatible with the Captain America Assembler Gear that we have mentioned before. 

10. Hawkeye Bow and Arrow


Whoever said that a bow and arrow is outdated must have never watched Hawkeye in action. With this cool Marvel Nerf Gun, you will be able to launch darts up to 40 feet, just like Clint Barton! This is surely a unique Nerf gun, and we thought that you shouldn’t miss it for the world. 

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11. Thor Hammer Strike

marvel nerf guns

“Whosoever holds this hammer, if they are worthy, shall possess the power of Thor”. That’s the iconic word spoken by the Almighty Odin. If you are up to the challenge, you might want to try purchasing this powerful weapon

12. Black Widow Stinger Strike

marvel nerf guns

Although not as physically strong as the other members, Natasha Romanoff is one of the best S.H.I.E.L.D operatives of all time. If you’re looking up to her, make sure to have this deadly stinger strike, fully modified with Black Widow’s unique logo!

More Awesome Marvel Nerf Guns

Marvel has a huge catalog of iconic superheroes. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Nerf has made more toy guns and weapons based on various characters. Let’s take a look at some of the notable Marvel Nerf Guns!

13. Spiderman Web Blaster

marvel nerf guns

The friendly neighborhood Spiderman is always close by to serve and protect you. He is one of the best Marvel characters out there. He knows that with great power, there must also come great responsibility. If you are up to receiving that burden, then wait no longer and buy this beautiful Marvel Nerf Gun.

14. Spiderman Web Bolt

marvel nerf guns

Fancy another weapon inspired by this legendary character? We might have one in store for you! Take a look at this magnificent Web Bolt. Use this weapon and feel the sensation of becoming Spiderman.

15. Nerf Microshot Spiderman


Fancy another mini weapon similar to the Captain America we have offered before? This variation might be one for you to consider. This Marvel Nerf Gun is inspired by Spidey’s classic costume, and you can use it to fight crimes and bring them to justice.

16. Iron Spider Assembler

marvel nerf guns

Here’s another piece of assembler weapon that you can collect. This time, we got an Iron Spider-inspired weapon. Just like its variation in both the comics and movies, this Marvel Nerf Gun looks so cool and badass! Don’t forget to try it out with the other assembler weapons that you have bought.

17. Captain Marvel Assembler Gear

marvel nerf guns

Upon its release, the Captain Marvel movie received mixed receptions. However, we could all agree that this cool Marvel Nerf Gun would only receive positive feedback! Just look at its magnificent design and detail! Don’t forget to buy one for your collection of Marvel Assemblers Gear.

18. Nerf Microshot Captain Marvel

marvel nerf guns

Marvel Nerf Guns have lots of cool mini weapons. The latest in line: Captain Marvel. Containing two bullet darts, you can blast out evil Kree and enforce justice with this Microshot Captain Marvel Nerf Gun

19. Captain Marvel Photon Blast

marvel nerf guns

Movie fans might have just been introduced to Carol Danvers for a couple of years. But comic book fans have appreciated her legacy for far longer than that. If you acknowledged this hero, you might want to try to be like her with this awesome Captain Marvel Photon Blast

20. SharpFire Venom Suppressor

marvel nerf guns

When you’re looking at the picture, please do not get distracted by the gun. Instead, you can focus more on the awesome suppressor, inspired by Marvel’s own Venom! Prepare to go into battle with this awesome Marvel Nerf Gun Suppressor. 

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21. Star Lord Assembler Gear


Aside from Iron Man, Star Lord might have one of the best weapons in the whole Marvel universe. Retrieve his weapon and get ready to build one that resembles his own with this awesome Marvel Nerf Gun. 

22. Black Panther Assembler Gear


We know, we know. There’s a lot of assembler gear to collect, right? But each one of them is so unique that it’ll be hard to pass on, especially this Black Panther edition. Claw through your enemies with this Vibranium-inspired weapon

23. Black Panther’s Power Slash 

marvel nerf guns

With his Vibranium’s armor, Black Panther is truly indestructible. If you want to be like King T’Challa, then you might want to try out this awesome Power Slash. You can cut through anything with it while shooting arrow darts that are equipped through the glove. 

24. Vibranium Strike Gauntlet

marvel nerf guns

Here’s another alternative to the beautiful Black Panther Gauntlets that we have recommended. If you like a little variation with a panther’s head on your glove, then this might be the perfect fit for you. 

25. 2-Pack Deadpool Guns

marvel nerf guns

This is a beautiful Marvel Nerf Gun inspired by the Merc with a Mouth. You’ll get a pair of handguns resembling Wade Wilson’s own weapon set. Please also bear in mind that this is a limited-edition gun, so go buy it now!

Final Thoughts

Just in case you’re wondering about what could be the perfect and ultimate gift for young boy or girl who happens to love Marvel, then Nerf Gun is the best solution to your problem. Nerf Guns have been famous among young boys from years ago, and since we know that Marvel Nerf guns are available in the market, we need to know that it is one of the must-have items for all young Marvel fans out there. Pick the best one based on colors, design, and probably on your short research to know what the receiver’s like?

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Which is the best Marvel Nerf gun?

There are a lot of different Marvel Nerf Guns that you can choose from, so choosing the best one is going to be difficult. But if you’re asking us, we’re going to pick this awesome Deadpool twin gun. It closely resembled his real gun and it has a limited stock. 

What is the best Marvel Nerf gun for boys?

Boys loved badass weapons. They also like to use weapons that closely resemble their heroes. Hence, we’re going to recommend this Repulsor Blaster as one of the best Marvel Nerf Guns for boys. If you like to get creative, you might want to try out the Assembler Series!

What is the best Marvel Nerf gun for girls?

Marvel has a lot of women superheroes that girls can look up to. Fortunately, Nerf Guns realized that and made some of the coolest Marvel Nerf Guns for girls. If we’re going to choose one, we will surely pick this deadly Stinger Strike, inspired by the iconic Black Widow. 

What is the best Marvel Nerf gun for adults?

Nerf guns are usually associated with kids. But that doesn’t mean that adults cannot enjoy it as well. If you’d like to show off to your friends, you might want to do it with this Hawkeye Bow! We’d guarantee that your friend will certainly follow you in playing Marvel Nerf Guns.

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