Nerf Battle Go Kart

Every kid dreams of having a Go-Kart, but when your children see this Nerf Battle Go Kart, they will settle for nothing less!

This Kart is designed to scoot easily around just about any kind of terrain, including pavement and grassy back yards, all with the help of a little pedal power from the child in the driver’s seat.

This vehicle is more than just a go cart, however, as it is mounted with a large Nerf blaster to make it easy for your child to play pretend all day long as he or she fires soft foam missiles from the front gun of this battle-ready cart.

When your child does not want to use the Nerf gun anymore, it can be simply removed and the cart can be pedaled on its own. 

Nerf Battle Go Cart

Nerf Battle Go Cart

Nerf Battle Go Cart

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