25 Captivating Train Gifts for Every Train Lover

Trains are one of the most efficient forms of transportation because they can transport a huge number of people at one time. Some people love trains because there is no traffic jam, but many love them too because of their unique and picturesque shape. So, how about making a train lover in your life happy by giving them a gift or maybe two?

You don’t need to be confused about where to start because we have collected a series of train-themed items that every train lover would like. Not only that, but we also have special categories for kids, toddlers, and adult train lovers! Without further ado, let’s look into it!

The Captivating Train Gifts

When talking about train-themed gifts, we usually associate them with the ordinary train figurines or statues. But there is so much more beyond those items! In any case, our recommended products will captivate any train-loving people!

1. Mexican Train Station Board for Domino

Mexican Train Station

Would you like to play domino with this unique Mexican Train hub board as its center? Start the game around the hub and play with your other 11 friends or family members. As the game expands, you can create your own railway system out of dominoes! 

This item will impress any train-lover out there because of its beautiful craftsmanship. The train carving is very detailed and comes with an exquisite finish. It is made from oak and, what makes this more interesting, you can also put a custom carving on the board.

2. Vintage Locomotive Steam Train T-shirt

Vintage Locomotive Steam Train T-shirt

This t-shirt with orthographic vintage train drawings could be one of your options if you are looking for a gift for a train lover. Coming in several different colors, you can choose the one which suits the person you want to give it to. Any train nerds will feel more confident if they wear these comfy yet elegant tees.

3. Train-shaped Christmas Night Light

Christmas Night Light Train Ornament

We cannot leave out ornaments if we are talking about train-themed gifts. And here is something that will be perfect for Christmas! It is a train-shaped night light that features Santa Claus. Put this ornament under the Christmas tree or on your nightstand, and you get to enjoy the magic of Santa Express.

4. Shower Curtain with Railway Container Motif

Railway Container Shower Curtain

Interested in making your bathroom look like your favorite transportation? Then you should buy this shower curtain with a railway container door print. This item is easy to install, so you can instantly bring a vintage vibe into your house. The curtain will make you feel like showering inside a train wagon!

5. Personalized Money Box Train

Personalized Money Box Train

Are you looking for a gift to commemorate a newborn baby? You can try this unique train-shaped money box. It comes in silver color, and you can also engrave it with a short personalized message. Moreover, the train pulls along two compartments that allow you to store the baby’s first tooth and curl. Perhaps one day the baby will grow to become a train lover too!

6. Artistic Train-themed Wall Hanging

Trains Print

You can’t call yourself a train lover if you don’t own a train-themed wall hanging in your room! So, you definitely should add this cool print to your collection. You can also get one for your fellow train lovers as a special gift.

The artistic train illustration is printed over a dictionary page. It is not just beautiful but also eco-friendly because it’s made from upcycled old books about to be destroyed. This item will surely be a great conversation starter because of its beautiful print quality.

7. Vintage Train Alarm Clock

Retro Vintage Train Alarm Clock

Here is a practical gift perfect for your train-loving buddy! It is a beautiful train-shaped alarm clock! It features a unique vintage locomotive design that will bring some nostalgia into your friend’s room. 

Place it next to the bed on the nightstand for a lovely decoration. The alarm feature will also help your friend wake up on time in the morning so they won’t miss their commuter train schedule!

8. Retro Locomotive Pocket Watch

Retro Vintage Locomotive Pocket Watch

If you think the previous train-shaped alarm clock is not good enough because it’s not portable, in that case, this train-themed pocket watch is the best alternative! It also features a unique vintage design, yet you can bring it everywhere because of its small size. Thanks to its fashionable 80cm long chain, this timepiece will complement your old-school style.

9. Trains Coloring Book

Trains Coloring Book

This coloring book will make an excellent gift because train lovers of all ages will appreciate it. Apart from coloring being a fun activity, it also has many other benefits, such as improving fine motor skills. It can also increase focus and hand-eye coordination. It is an excellent way to make someone relax and forget their problem for a while.

10. Personalized Train Keychain

Personalized Train Keychain

A keychain is the best alternative if you are looking for an affordable gift. It is simple, functional, and cute. However, this train keychain offers so much more than that. You can add a charm that features an engraving of your friend’s initial. Furthermore, this keychain is made with gold pewter making it look like an antique item.

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11. Silicone Train-shaped Cake Mold

Silicone Train Cake Mold

This silicone mold will allow you to make your own train! You can use it to shape soap, cake, clay, chocolate, or even your favorite ice cream. This is a brilliant gift idea for your kid who loves trains as they can do experiments to increase their creativity. What’s more, you can also have a joyful quality time with them.

12. Train Lanyard

Train Lanyard

You can now carry your ID card in style with this lanyard with train motifs! The excellent train illustration on the strap will impress every train enthusiast. This is an impeccable gift for a student or a worker who often needs this item.

13. Steam Train Bookmark

Steam Train Bookmark

This lovely bookmark will be the ultimate present if you have a friend who loves trains and books! You can choose from two designs, and they are all very elaborate. In fact, you should get your friend both of them because no matter how many bookmarks they already have, there will always be room for new bookmarks.

Plus, the dangling 3D train-shaped charm looks so lovely. The silver-like material will not damage the paper, making it the perfect bookmark for train lovers!

Train Gifts for Kids and Toddlers

Trains are among the most exciting things that never fail to mesmerize children. The bizarre long shape, the track, the locomotive, the speed, and the wagons, are all very intriguing! So, why not get some of the following train-themed gifts for your kids to surprise them!

14. Train Puzzle Set

Train Puzzle Set

Playing games is an essential part of kids’ early development. Hence, this train puzzle set is perfect for them. It is not just fun but will also improve the kids’ patience and intelligence. With 108 pieces of jigsaws, the puzzle is an astounding 31 feet long when fully assembled. This set also comes with a poster that provides facts about trains and rail technology.

15. Montessori Train Set

Montessori Train Set

If the previous 2D puzzle set is not intriguing enough, we recommend this 3D train puzzle set instead! It will also help your child to improve their problem-solving ability and creativity. The toy will be beneficial for developing associative thinking and motor skills. Your train-loving kids can learn about the concept of size, balance, and properties of objects while rearranging this puzzle.

16. Hot Bee Train Set

Hot Bee Train Set

Suppose your kid is a kinesthetic learner type. In that case, a train set might fit them better because it provides them with a direct learning experience. Your kid can assemble the modular rail track parts and place the train sets on the track. 

The train features realistic sound, odorless smoke, and working headlights. This moving set will captivate the kid as it moves around the mini railway.

17. Train-themed Water Bottle with 3D LED

Train Water Bottle with 3D LED

This unique water bottle with a train orthographic illustration will be an excellent gift for your kid! The additional integrated LED light will turn the illustration into a 3D-looking masterpiece. 

The bottle uses excellent material and design so your kid can drink from it safely. Furthermore, the integrated light will entice your kid to rehydrate more often! You can put the bottle on the nightstand as a night lamp when not in use.

18. Locomotive Shaped Cushion

Locomotive Shaped Cushion

Are you struggling to put your toddler into bed? You can encourage them to have a nap with this super cute train-shaped cushion! It comes in soft blue color and lovely train illustrations that will captive your child. The soft and comfy cushion will put them to sleep right away!

19. Personalized Thomas The Tank Engine Book

Personalized Thomas The Tank Engine

Who doesn’t know Thomas The Tank Engine? In fact, your child might be one of Thomas’s biggest fans. So, let’s surprise your kid by giving them this Thomas storybook. You can ask for a personalization option that allows you to put your little one’s name in the book. 

Your baby’s name will appear at the header of each page and on the original cover. You can also add some personal messages on the opening page of this book.

20. Chew-Chew Train Dinner Set

Chew-Chew Train Dinner Set

Here is a train-shaped dinner set that will encourage your kid to eat their food on time! It is a fact that kids are often picky and refuse to eat. With an exciting dinner set like this one, they will feel more thrilled to finish all of their meal.

The dinner set comes in the shape of a train figurine, but you can disassemble it into six dinnerware. It includes a bowl, plate, cup, tray, spoon, and fork! They all use non-toxic material, so it is perfectly safe.

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Train Gifts for Adults

Train-loving adults will appreciate the following gifts. They are collectible items that look exquisite! Some of the products may have practical value, and more importantly, they are all train-related!

21. Leather Belt for Train Enthusiasts

 Train Enthusiasts Leather Belt

For hardcore train enthusiasts, this leather belt is perfect! It features an embossed train illustration that looks super classy. The item is also ideal for your dad or spouse because of its manly vibe. Yet women are welcomed to wear on too! Moreover, you can select any size options that will fit any waists. You can also personalize the belt to make it more special!

22. Vintage Journal Embossed With Train Motifs

Embossed Train Writing Journal Vintage

Some adults find journals necessary for their productivity. That’s why we include this hardcover leather journal on the list. The vintage train embossed cover will make the train lovers thrilled. This is a thoughtful birthday gift as the package also comes with a pen, flannel bag, gift box, and best wish card.

23. Moving Locomotive Set

Moving Locomotive Set

Adults often have difficulty concentrating because there are plenty of thoughts inside their heads. Bringing them this extraordinary DIY kit could be a good idea to help them train their focus. Moreover, assembling this challenging set is the best way to kill boredom. It is very detailed and took quite some time to finish.

24. Train Earrings

Train Earrings

If you are looking for a train-themed gift tailored for women, these earrings will be perfect! It features train-shaped pendants made of 925 sterling silver. The design is very tasteful, as you can see the quality of the craftsmanship. Female train enthusiasts will look even more beautiful with this pair of unique earrings!

25. Vintage Steam Locomotive Wax Seal

Vintage Steam Locomotive Wax Seal

This wax seal is ideal for train lovers who want a vintage yet modern touch to their invitations or gift wrapping. Although most of us have already quit using physical letters for communication purposes, this stamp is still worth collecting. The train stamp will complement the train memorabilia collection!

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What are the best train gifts for adults?

The best train gifts for adults include this locomotive kit and this hardcover leather journal. Both of them look very high-class, perfect for hardcore train enthusiasts. The locomotive kit will provide any adults with hours of entertainment as they assemble the product. Meanwhile, the elegant journal is excellent for jotting down plants or documenting their days. 

What are the best train gifts for a 10 year old boy?

One of the best train gifts for a 10-year-old boy is this hot bee train set. The boy would likely enjoy playing with this toy. After all, it can produce authentic train sounds, working headlights, and realistic odorless smoke. Besides that, we have this water bottle if you want to give him something more practical!

What are the best personalized train gifts?

Of the many personalized train gifts above, we would choose this Mexican Train hub and Thomas The Tank Engine storybook for the best-personalized train gifts. The two offer extraordinary and meaningful memories to the recipients, so these gifts definitely will be treasured for a lifetime by them.

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