25 Incredible Gifts for Tennis Players

Tennis is a universal sport that can be played for everyone at all ages and genders, as long as one can hold a racket. People usually play tennis with a friend, family, or in some cases, they already joined a certain tennis club. Because tennis is always played by two people, sometimes you may want to give your tennis buddy a gift. To give you a hint, the best gifts for tennis players are the ones that can support their love for tennis.

If you’re about to start your gift hunting, worry not! We have an ultimate guide to pick a suitable gift for a tennis player. There are several categories with incredible gift ideas each, so feel free to decide what you think is best for your tennis buddy.

Gifts for Pro Tennis Players

Picking a gift for pro tennis players might be tricky. They surely have all the equipment needed for playing tennis and probably have some tennis related collectibles already. Thus, we will show you some gift ideas that they possibly haven’t owned yet.

1. Tennis Racquet Wall Art

Some pro tennis players love to show their interest in tennis to other people. So, this wall art is likely suitable for them. Framing the evolution of the tennis racquet, this art can be displayed on the wall as an identity for the owner of the room.

2. Tennis Coach Trucker Hat

If you are wanting to get your coach something that they will always wear, try getting them this unisex trucker hat. Designed with a breathable mesh backing and cotton material in the front, this hat is super comfortable to wear. It would seem you will find your coach walking around with your gift every day.

3. Tennis Racquet Sign

Adding a wall decor is just one thing, but if it can light up your room, then it becomes amazing! There are 22 colors for you to opt for. Also, you can upgrade this neon lamp into multiple colors or, even better, add color changing features. You could hang this tennis sign basically in every room and it still looks perfect.

4. The Inner Game of Tennis Book for Tennis Players

What makes a tennis player a pro is because they not only play well in the field, but they also read some books to learn more about tennis. With this book, a pro will learn how to improve their game and discover their true potential by increasing concentration, willpower and confidence. Even if they are already a pro, it never hurts to keep growing, right?

5. Funny Tennis Instructor T-shirt

Your tennis coach would like to receive this funny t-shirt from you. So, what’s stopping you from buying this for your coach? With vintage color and funny logo design, this is a lovely gift to show your gratitude towards them.

6. Tennis Players Wall Clock

Tennis Players Wall Clock

Spending a day without playing tennis is such a waste for a pro tennis player. Therefore, this wall clock is a great gift idea because it always reminds them of their favorite sport for every second. Designed with 12 tennis moves graphics, this clock can be used as wall decor as well.

7. Wilson 6 Racket Pack Bag

Every pro tennis player must have more than three tennis rackets. So, isn’t it great to give them a bag that could carry all essentials they need for a match? This bag can hold up to 6 rackets and is complete with side pockets for additional storage space.

Gifts for Beginner Tennis Players

The best gifts for every beginner tennis player are the essential items to play the game. Here, we have a list of things that you can get for a beginner tennis player.

1. Racket


Giving a tennis racket to a beginner tennis player may be the best idea, but first, make sure they haven’t owned a racket yet. Otherwise, your gift will become a second option for them. The string of this racket is tight and the weight is light, so we recommend you to get this for a beginner.

2. Personalized Tennis Ball

Tennis is not tennis if there is no ball. However, this ball is more than the usual yellow tennis ball as you can personalized this with your name or any words. This can be a great gift for a newbie who just joined a club, and doesn’t want their tennis balls to be lost or exchanged with another. 

3. Training Equipment for Tennis Players

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A tennis trainer is required for a beginner tennis player. This equipment can help them practice on their own to keep the ball in play. It is also a great choice if you want to play tennis without having to go to the park and just doing it in your backyard.

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4. Tennis Ball Picker

Picking up scattered tennis balls is a burdensome work, even less when you are playing alone. You would want a tennis ball picker to help you collect all the tennis balls on the floor. There is no need to carry the heavy ball container. Instead, you can just simply walk around with this picker in your hand.

5. Personalized Tennis Towel

Present this towel to your new hardworking tennis buddy. It is a personalized one, so you can add their initials on it. Coming in various different colors, you might want to ask the recipient’s favorite color before you order it for them. This tennis towel includes a grommet and a hook that will escalate convenience to the user.

6. Organic Muscle Rub

For a beginner, tennis can be an exhausting activity. They often got muscle sore after playing, mainly in their first few days of training. Using this muscle rub would help to calm the tired muscle. In addition, this 4oz rub is infused with an array of natural oils, there’s no doubt about it, it sure smells good.

7. Hand-Sculpted Talisman Tennis Ball

What if the beginner that you know already has all the things that are needed for playing tennis? Then, let’s hand them a little luck for their game by giving these talismans. Come in a set of 3, these talismans have magic powers to bring them good luck. However, please tell them not to take these words seriously, okay?

Gifts for Male Tennis Players

You may hold yourself from giving a gift for male tennis players because you don’t know what to get them. Now, do not hesitate to do that because we will tell you everything that they might want to have.

1. Recycled Tennis Racquet Bottle Opener

Tennis racket is one thing that every tennis player owns. But, how about a tennis racket that is recycled into a bottle opener? Yes, they most likely don’t know this handmade bottle opener from a vintage wooden tennis racket exists. This is a superb gift for a male tennis player, so, why not give it to him now?

2. Tennis Ball Portrait Wall Art

Tennis Ball Portrait Wall Art

Most men want everything simple. However, a plain white wall is too boring to look at. That is why we offer you this minimalist wall art. Other than making your space a little color while keeping it simple, this art can add a sporty vibe to your man cave as it pictures a tennis ball.

3. Tennis Racket Keychain

Who said a male couldn’t have accessories? This cute keychain is suitable for male, too! You can give this to your male tennis buddy, especially those who always lost their locker key. Besides, this comes in 6 different colors, so you can choose what color that matches their real tennis racket.

4. Tennis Fanny Pack

Men rarely bring many things but they still need a bag to keep their hands free. This fanny pack could hold lots of small items, such as a purse, keys, loose coins, etc. Based on an original artwork by artist Allyson Block, this is pretty much a cool gift you can get for him.

5. Screw Male Tennis Lamp

Everyone deserves to have a decoration on their table and this lamp is one of many cool decorations that you can get for a male tennis player. Made with a slanted form that is mimicking the pose of a tennis player, this is ideal for those who like to collect unique and rare things related to tennis.

6. Collapsible Tennis Ball Water Bottle

Tennis players should stay hydrated in order to have an excellent performance. This collapsible bottle is convenient for male players since it doesn’t take much space if the bottle is empty. Also, this 18 oz bottle is perfect for male tennis players to stay hydrated, because it is best to drink little and drink often rather than to drink too much in one go.

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Gifts for Female Tennis Players

Tennis is not merely for male. Thus, we also have some gift recommendations for your favorite female tennis players. Let’s check them out!

1. Personalized Tennis Player Ornament

When you are searching for a Christmas gift for a female tennis player, you may choose this personalized ornament. Because this is a personalized gift, you can select your preference color and year, and also add her name. This ornament comes with a string attached, so she is free to decide where to hang it in her favorite corner.

2. Tennis Earrings in Silver Pewter

Getting jewelry is like a shortcut if you want to give women a gift. As for a female tennis player, she would love these beautiful earrings with tennis rackets and balls for its charms. Made of silver pewter on stainless steel wires, it is very durable and safe for her to wear on a daily basis.

3. Check Print Tennis Miniskirt

Female tennis players are known for their iconic outfit and many people steal this look from them, even though they barely play tennis. The buckled-inspired hardware at the waist makes this skirt look even cuter. Present this checkered skirt to your adorable girlfriend to express how proud you are to have her in your life.

4. Tennis Visor Hit Happy

Tennis Visor Hit Happy

We all know that the eternal enemy for every tennis player, particularly female, is sunlight! Consider giving this visor to a female tennis player as it is very useful for her. She will definitely appreciate it and hit the ball happily just like what the design says.

5. Tennis Cookie Cutter

Tennis Cookie Cutter

Your girl is a tennis player who loves to cook? If so, we would suggest you get this cookie cutter for her! This set includes two cutters: a tennis racket and a tennis ball, which is incredibly cute. You can give this as a Christmas present and spend a day together baking some cookies.

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What should I get my dad who loves tennis?

You would want to give your dad a bottle opener, which is recycled from a tennis racket. The vintage look of this opener will suit your dad’s taste. Still, this is not only about the look, your dad can use this to open his favorite drink and enjoy it happily, too!

What are the best gifts for male tennis players?

Male tennis players must love this wall art, which can be a focal point inside their rather ‘plain’ room. After all, the art is portraying his passion for tennis! The other gift that he might adore is a table lamp with a tennis player’s pose. The latter is better for those who have a unique and extraordinary taste.

What are the best unique personalized tennis gifts?

The best unique personalized tennis gifts go to the classic personalized ball and the personalized towel. Even so, these two items still become the most wanted and adorbs gifts, particularly for those beginners who just started their interest in playing tennis. They will use both often and sometimes the best gifts are the ones that are useful.

What are the best gifts for female tennis players?

For female tennis players, this cute visor should be one of the best gifts that will not only step up your fashion style, but also protect you from the harsh sunlight. Other than that, we have this cookie cutter that comes in set of two for a female cooker tennis player.

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