25 Awesome Gifts for Goth Girl That You Can Buy

We all have that goth girl who loves to wear all black everyday, including black make ups, too! We can see how much she loves gothic style just by looking at her. With a unique taste, a goth girl is not someone who love the usual girl stuff like pink bags or accessories. She loves gothic style stuff that usually come in black. Today we can easily find gothic stuff or accessories in the market, which mens that it’s easier for us to find the perfect gifts for gothic girls that they would really love to have.

If your favorite goth girl is having a birthday soon, you might want to stick around because here we have a list of 25 awesome gifts for a goth girl. This list is full of cool gothic items that depict the darkness that goths usually enjoy. Giving the perfect gift will definitely brighten up her favorite goth girl, and it’s ranging from jewelry box to accessories, which we believe will help you find the right item for a special goth girl in your life.

1. Alchemy Gothic Rose Heart Trinket Box

Alchemy Gothic Rose Heart Trinket Box

Giving your goth girl a heart-shaped black jewelry holder is a great option. With subtle black rose detailing, this heart-shaped jewelry box can be a luxurious gift to decorate her home and makeup vanity.

2. Alchemy Gothic Sacred Cat Ailouros Trinket Jewelry Box

Alchemy Gothic Sacred Cat Ailouros Trinket Jewelry Box

If your goth girl doesn’t really like heart shape, then this cat shaped jewelry holder could be another great option. She can place her treasures within the hallowed casket and be assured of the protection of the divine feline presence of Ailouros.

3. Alchemy Gothic Bacchanal Rose Pewter Drop Earrings

Alchemy Gothic Bacchanal Rose Pewter Drop Earrings

Don’t just give them a jewelry box, you also have to give them jewelry according to their gothic style preferences. These gothic rose earrings can make a wonderful  goth gift for her, especially if they are no stranger to the revelry that takes place during the Bacchanal festival.

4. Alchemy Gothic Wild Black Rose Bracelet

Alchemy Gothic Wild Black Rose Bracelet

In addition to giving earrings, you can also give bracelets with rose accents to wear with the earrings. This twisted rose-thorn bracelet features three black Resin Roses on the front. To use it, simply open the center of the lock out of the magnet.

5. Alchemy Gothic Ouija Eye Pewter Bracelet 

Alchemy Gothic Ouija Eye Pewter Bracelet

This gothic ouija eye bracelet can be a great item of goth gift for your girl, especially if she like masculine type of accessories. This bracelet is engraved with a series of numbers and letters to follow the actual ouija board. In addition, the realistic acrylic eye that is installed in the middle makes this bracelet looks even cooler. 

6. Alchemy Gothic Masque of the Black Rose Antiqued Silver Skull Mirror Wall

Alchemy Gothic Masque of the Black Rose Antiqued Silver Skull Mirror Wall

To ensure that she looks amazingly gothic everyday before going out, this silver resin framed mirror wrapped in skull decoration can be a great option of gifts for a goth girl. This mirror can be mounted on the wall, or placed on her desk. In addition, this mirror can also be a nice addition to a goth girl’s room decoration.

7. Nemesis Now Black Cat and Bubbling Cauldron Figurine

Nemesis Now Black Cat and Bubbling Cauldron Figurine

To make her room look more ‘goth’, you can give a goth girl a gift in the form of an LED lights on the black cat figurine like this one. This item features a cat with a witch hat, which creates a splash of sweetness and a dash of mischief while stirring the poison in the cauldron. Use the button cell to turn on the LED light and watch the poison drink glow.

8. Beetlejuice Inspired Coffin Brush Holder

Beetlejuice Inspired Coffin Brush Holder

If your favorite goth girl loves the fantasy comedy Beetlejuice, then you can give her a coffin shaped brush holder inspired by the film as a gift. You can awaken the inner goth in her by giving this amazing gift, which is one of the most unique gifts for goth girls.

9. Bat-Shape Makeup Brush Holder

Bat-Shape Makeup Brush Holder

In addition to gifting a makeup brush holder in the shape of a coffin, the stylish design of the bat box makeup brush holder will also add a different touch to her bedroom or bathroom. This gift can give a unique appearance and the wood material gives a new feel of goth style, too!.

10. Velvet Cloak Coat Jacket

Velvet Cloak Coat Jacket

If your girlfriend is into witchy goth things, then this velvet cape coat is for her. This coat makes an ideal addition to any wardrobe, worn at costume parties, carnivals, and Halloween, plus it is perfect to wear for any occasion. Available in various colors, you can choose it according to your favorite goth girl’s favorite color.

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11. Maxi Dress Hippie Gypsy Fashion

Maxi Dress Hippie Gypsy Fashion

To complement your girlfriend’s goth fashion, giving a hippie gypsy look can be included in your recommendations. This style incorporates many of the charming feminine details, which cherish the wondrous era of the Renaissance fashion. With a nod toward Camelot, this fabulous frock will look super fabulous on her.

12. Black Costume Feather Wings

Black Costume Feather Wings

To add another accent to your girlfriend’s outfit, you can give them a gift of black feather wings. Made of colored Rooster Coque Tails, this unique item measures about 30 x 28 inches. With natural materials, each item of this gift will have unique differences and variances, making it a one-of-a-kind gift for a goth girl. This item can be worn wide, over the shoulder, or bent back for a dramatic side view.

13. Black Bat Shape Sunglasses

Black Bat Shape Sunglasses

Goths and bats are one of history’s greatest pairs. Combine her daily fashion with this black bat sunglasses, since it’s a fact that anyone will look a lot cooler with sunglasses. By having this sunglasses, you have finally found the perfect gift for your goth girl, who loves to lurk in the shade.

14. Black Crown Gothic Headdress Tiaras

Black Crown Gothic Headdress Tiaras

Another goth gift option to make your goth girl feel like the queen of darkness, is this Black Crown Gothic Headdress Tiara, which she can wear whenever she wants to look cool. Since this item is super solid and sturdy, it will fit perfectly on your favorite goth girl’s head, but still very comfortable to wear, too.

15. Skull Throw Blanket

Skull Throw Blanket

Thinking about death all day can be exhausting, and sometimes we need something to help us refresh the feeling. This 100% cotton woven blanket with skull accents can be the right choice to give to your goth girl the comfort to refresh her mind. Moreover, this blanket can also give her warmth during cold and windy nights.

16. Chimeras Mix ‘n Match Stuffed Animals

Chimeras Mix 'n Match Stuffed Animals

Usually goths love something strange and creepy. Therefore, you can gift them Chimeras Mix ‘n Match Stuffed Animals, because these chimeras are amazing stuffed animals that have detachable limbs and ears, allowing her to create her own completely undiscovered adorable animal.

17. The Hanged Man Tarot Card Phone Case

The Hanged Man Tarot Card Phone Case

What’s more goth than black? Give your goth girl one of the illustrated cell phone cases, the Hanging Man Tarot Card, because she’s going to love the vibe that this mysterious wooden doll gives. The Hanged Man is based on the Rider-Waite deck, which depicts a curious character hanging on the strings.

18. The High Priestess Tarot Card Phone Case

The High Priestess Tarot Card Phone Case

In addition to the phone case with the picture of The Hanged Man Tarot Card, The High Priestess Tarot Card Phone Case can also be given to your goth girl. High Priestess is a card associated with intuition, and also the subconscious in an upright position. When reversed, it represents a lack of conscience and depressed feelings.

19. Mini Plague Doctor Plush

Mini Plague Doctor Plush

In times of high tension, giving your goth girl a plush that’s warm and cuddly fun is the right thing to do. This plush comes in just the right size for her to carry around, which can help to soothe her dark heart. Made of polyester fiber, these squishable mini plague doctor plush have a marshmallow-like texture that’s pillow-soft.

20. Victorian Gothic Decorative Bookend

Victorian Gothic Decorative Bookend

Make your girlfriend’s goth style house look even more deadly by giving her a gift in the form of a set of Victorian Gothic bookends. Being a goth, we’re pretty sure that she has a slight obsession with the Victorian England when it came to things that smelled Goth. Therefore, we believe that theses bookends can be the perfect gift.

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21. Gavia Skull Candle Set

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This one is an aesthetic match for your goth girl preferences. Giving her this Gavia Skull Candle Set can be great idea, because this is the kind of goth gift that is not only useful as decoration, but also relaxes her. Made of scented wax paraffin, this item will bring out that enchanting spa forest scent to her room.

22. Handmade Preserved Roses

Handmade Preserved Ro

As a valentine’s gift for your girlfriend, gifting handmade preserved roses can make a great goth gift. By choosing black roses, you can give your goth girl a valentine’s gift that can last 2 to 3 days without having to be taken care of.

23. Gothic Skeleton Lovers

Gothic Skeleton Lovers

To show your love to your girl, you can gift a heart-shaped wall art that is beautifully carved and features two body skeletons in an eternal embrace to symbolize true love and passion that never dies. Moreover, this wall art is made from durable, high-quality, cold-cast polyresin.

24. Halloween Mystery Box

Halloween Mystery Box

Their souls may be dark, but they’re also very tender at heart. To surprise your goth girl, giving them a Halloween-themed mystery box can be an interesting option. This item contains random horror films, Halloween-themed self case items, spooky socks, random mystery Halloween goodies, and any special requests that you can submit.

25. Goth Horror Valentine’s Day Surprise Mystery Box

Goth Horror Valentine’s Day Surprise Mystery Box

Another perfect goth gift to celebrate Valentine’s Day. If you want to pamper your goth girl in a gloomy but fun way, you can gift them a goth horror valentine’s day surprise mystery box. And because each box will be different from the others, this box comes with an element of surprise in every item.

Latest Post:

What are good gifts for a goth girl?

Coming up with a goth gift idea can feel like taking a picture in the dark. Goth gifts like gothic rose earrings, rose spiked bracelets, and a heart-shaped black jewelry holder can be good gifts for a goth girl especially if they pay a lot of attention to their appearance.

What do you get a goth girl for Valentines Day?

Valentine’s Day is a special day where you want to pamper your girlfriend with special and varied gifts. Instead of just giving them jewelry, you can gift her a heart-shaped skeleton wall art to show your love for them or give her a goth horror valentine’s day surprise mystery box which is more complete in scope for the gift.

What is a emo goth person?

The Oxford English Dictionary defines a goth as “a performer or fan of music, or anyone who adopts a similar appearance, typically through the use of dark eye make-up and pale skin coloring, dark clothes, and bulky metallic jewelry”. Goth.net, one of the most active forums on goth culture, acknowledges the role of dark clothing but rejects the notion that goths have the same musical and fashion tastes. Central to their definition is “free-thinking and rejection of dogma”.

How do you know if you’re a goth?

Some signs such as liking scary things, you are not easily afraid, always stand up for the unloved, and low-key obsessed with death can be a consideration if you are actually a goth although many people deny that they are part of the Gothic because social stereotypes are usually not good. Taking into account the style of clothing that is used such as the gypsy hippie look and wearing a cape coat with a scary accent can also show that you are part of the goth because fashion has always been part of the subculture.

Why is goth called goth?

The goth subculture is a subculture that began in England during the early 1980s, where it developed from the audience of gothic rock, an offshoot of the post-punk genre. The goth subculture has associated tastes in music, aesthetics, and fashion. By late 1979 and early 1980, the term “gothic” seems to have been fairly common in music journalism to describe bands such as Joy Division, the Banshees, Bauhaus, the Cure, and Joy Division.

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