Heavy Skull Bracelet Cuff

Picking the ultimate gift for the gothic, biker or skull obsession man in your life just got a whole lot easier.

This super chunky skull bracelet is the epitome of masculinity. It is a major deviation from the norm making it all the more special.

The main highlight of the design is the singular skull that commands attention. It turns this into an instant statement piece that will be sure to turn heads.

It also makes it easy to notice the careful execution of even the smallest details in the design. The material choice, tough stainless steel, serves as a guarantee of durability. It will not rust, stain or corrode. 

Its adjustable design makes it suitable for different wrist sizes. It has a comfortable fit and could become part of your daily ensemble.

Bikers Chainlink Skull Bracelet

This piece makes the perfect accent for the manly man’s outfit. It is ideal for every guy who feels like bracelets are not masculine enough. Whether your style is understated or out there, this bracelet will bring out your unique sense of style. 

Bikers Chainlink Skull Bracelet

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