Halloween Costume Onesies

25 Fantastic Halloween Costume Onesies To Make You Look Charming

Halloween parties always become one of the most memorable parties in your life. They create remarkable memories as you were made to dress in unique and spooky costumes every year. As you grow up, you may get busier and find it difficult to pick the best Halloween costume this year. Therefore, Halloween costume onesies will be the best option to make you look stand out at the party. Although they usually come with simple one piece models, many Halloween costume onesies have unique and fantastic designs. And for that reason, Halloween costume onesies are loved by a wide range of ages.

In case your Halloween party is coming up, but you are confused to get the best costume, don’t worry! We have selected several hot items that surely will make you fall in love with them. From costumes for babies to adults, we are sure that you will find fantastic Halloween costume onesies in your life.

Halloween Costume Onesies For Babies

Halloween parties are the perfect time for your babies to steal the spotlight. We agree that babies are cute and adorable. Therefore, Halloween costume onesies will make them spooky and lovely at the same time.

1. Pumpkin Overall Onesie

Pumpkin Overall Onesie

Pumpkin costumes will never fail to make a gorgeous appearance at Halloween parties. Therefore, get your baby this adorable Halloween costume onesie. It comes with an orange onesie with green accents on the collar, arm, and leg part. Instead of the scary grin Pumpkin, it features a smiley happy Pumpkin in the center of onesie.

2. Green Dinosaur Pajamas

Green Dinosaur Pajamas

If your baby also loves dinosaurs, then try to dress your baby with this fantastic Halloween costume onesie. It features great sharp teeth on the hoodie and the big spikes from the head to the huge tail. By wearing this dinosaur onesie, your baby is ready to scare people at the Halloween party.

3. Ninja Cosplay Sleepsuit

Ninja Cosplay Sleepsuit

For those babies who actively move, they may be perfect to dress as a Ninja at the Halloween party. This onesie features a long sleeve onesie in orange color. The black belt and the Japanese emblem images make your babies look like a real ninja. This is one of the best Halloween costume onesies for babies who love to wander.

4. Bunny Baby Onesie

Bunny Baby Onesie

If you are looking for Halloween costume onesies for a newborn, then this costume will be the best. You can dress your babies as a cute little bunny with this costume. It features a full set of bunny rompers with the long bunny ears hoodies as the highlight. Made from warm and soft material, your babies will be comfortable wearing this lovely outfit. 

5. Part Time Wizard Onesie

Part Time Wizard Onesie

In case you want to get Halloween costume onesies for your baby’s first Halloween party, this costume will be an excellent option. It has a simple baby onesie with a lovely design that reads “Part Time Wizard”. Made from 100% cotton and all natural print material, this amazing costume will be safe to wear for your beloved baby.

6. Too Cute To Spook Onesie

Too Cute To Spook Onesie

Show the charm of your baby girl at the Halloween party with this stunning outfit. It features a baby onesie that reads “Too Cute To Spook” along with a striped ribbon headband and socks to keep her warm. This is one of the prettiest Halloween costume onesies that will make people fall in love with your baby girl.

7. My First Halloween Onesie

My First Halloween Onesie

Create a memorable first Halloween party for your baby with this bat costume. This is one of the most creative Halloween costume onesies for babies that is combined with the bat outfit. Not to mention, the text design that says “My First Halloween” along with the smiling Pumpkin face, make this costume a memory that lasts forever.

8. Skeleton Baby Pajamas

Skeleton Baby Pajamas

Imagine your chubby baby wearing this skeleton pajama. It will be an adorable outfit as this costume turns the fatty one into bones in the blink of an eye. This costume will add cuteness to the babies. The more they move during the party, the more adorable they look as if they were walking bones. It definitely will become the center of attraction.

Halloween Costume Onesies For Kids

Kids love to cosplay as unique characters at Halloween parties. However, they usually feel not comfortable with too many layers of clothes and accessories. Therefore, Halloween costume onesies will be a perfect choice as they let kids dress as any character in a comfortable way.

1. Glow In The Dark Skeleton Costume

Glow In The Dark Skeleton Costume

Glow in the dark costumes may sound interesting for kids. Therefore, you can introduce them with this unique Halloween costume onesie. Unlike the ordinary skeleton themed outfit, this costume will shine as the light is turned off. Your kids will jump into joy and happiness wearing this amazing costume as if they got magic on their clothes.

2. Kids Monster Costume

Kids Monster Costume

Help your kids to be the scariest character at the Halloween party with this costume. Your kids will surely be happy to dress as a monster. The hoodie comes with big eyes and sharp teeth that will make your kids look scary. Made from high quality polyester, this costume also offers warmth and comfort to your kids.

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3. Zombie Halloween Costume

Zombie Halloween Costume

If you’re looking for Halloween costume onesies which have pink colors for girls, then this costume is destined for you. The design resembles a scary zombie exposing the torn flesh and bones. Although the design is incredibly frightening, the pink and purple themed colors balance the cute and adorable side for your kids.

4. Deadpool Cosplay Costume

Deadpool Cosplay Costume

Deadpool may be not as famous as other superheroes to cosplay at Halloween parties. However, kids who love quirky superheroes may deem Deadpool as a special character. With this Halloween costume onesie, your kids can resemble their favorite character well. Not to mention, the removable mask is also provided to complete the look. 

5. Spiderman Fancy Costume

Spiderman Fancy Costume

Make your kids look attractive by dressing them as Spiderman at the Halloween parties. With a little bit of twist, this Halloween costume onesie will look fancy and sophisticated. It features a padded jumpsuit and pull over mask, perfect for your kids to show the charm and appeal of Spiderman.

6. Venomized Hulk Costume

Venomized Hulk Costume

If you want to get Halloween costume onesies that resemble scary superheroes, why don’t you try this amazing outfit? Inspired by the venomized hulk, the appearance of this onesie is indeed frightening. The incredible details on the chest part and also the mask will make your kids look scary as hell.

7. Lion Mascot Costume

Lion Mascot Costume

Make your kids the king of the parties by dressing them as the king of the jungle. This is one of the best animal Halloween costume onesies for kids who are also animal lovers. The amazing thick hairy hoodie resembles the real lion in the jungle. In addition, the long tail at the back will make your kids appear adorable.

8. Camouflage Halloween Costume

Camouflage Halloween Costume

If your kids are shy wearing Halloween costume onesies, then you can get them this outfit to boost their confidence. Inspired by the camouflage outfit at the military, your kids will feel safe at the party as if camouflaging. Moreover, the army pattern will make them look gorgeous and prestigious. Anyone who sees your kids will definitely pay respect and honor.

Halloween Costume Onesies For Adults

Who says that onesies are childish? Well, the Halloween costume onesies for adults will prove them wrong. In fact, there are many great costumes that will make you stand out at the Halloween party and impress many people.

1. Flowers Skull Halloween Jumpsuit

1. Flowers Skull Halloween Jumpsuit

This Halloween costume jumpsuit is gorgeously scary. The design combines the skeleton image with red flowers around the bones, creating gothic vibes. Made from soft and stretchable spandex, it will suit your curvy body perfectly. This costume will make you look sexy and scary at the same time.

2. Pumpkin Zipster Adult Costume

2. Pumpkin Zipster Adult Costume

In case you are looking for casual Halloween costume onesies for a home Halloween party, this costume is a perfect choice. The smiling pumpkin face is the highlight of this outfit. It is made from soft high quality material that is comfortable to wear. Moreover, the zipper at the front makes this costume can be worn easily.

3. Orange Dragon Onesie

Orange Dragon Onesie

If you want to look scary in an orange outfit but are tired of the pumpkin, then the orange dragon onesie will be perfect. It features the angry dragon face at the top of the hoodie, perfect to scare people as a trick or treat costume. Made from fleece, it will provide warmth and softness for the wearer.

4. Black Bat Jumpsuit

Black Bat Jumpsuit

This costume will definitely steal the spotlight during the Halloween party. You can dress as the biggest bat in the world with this jumpsuit. The knit webbed wings are going to impress people once they are spreaded. Not to mention, the big ears at the hoodie part will show its own charm.

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5. Spooky Mummy Costume

Spooky Mummy Costume

Dress yourself as the sexiest mummy on Earth with this stunning costume. The design features aesthetic mummy patterns, combined with tattoo style accents, radiating dark vibes around the party. Not to mention, the costume fits the body well, exposing your sexiness in a scary way,

6. SnakeSkin Bodysuit

SnakeSkin Bodysuit

This costume will make you look like an extremely expensive lady. The amazing snake skin pattern portrays the elegant and fantastic look to its appeal. This gorgeous catsuit has the unique ability to make people of all shapes and sizes look amazing at any time of day or night.

7. Black Devil Pajamas

Black Devil Pajamas

If you are looking for Halloween costume onesies that express the black devil vibes, then this costume will be great. Although it has a simple black onesie design, the accents make it look attractive. The red wings along with the tail at the back are incredibly awesome. Moreover, the sly devil face with the devil horns at the top of the hoodie makes a great devil costume.

8. Vampire All In One Bodysuit

Vampire All In One Bodysuit

You may think that the Vampire costume is quite a complicated costume. Well, it doesn’t apply with this Halloween costume onesie. It only features one bodysuit and the long black and red cloak. Unlike the regular onesie, this bodysuit portrays the full set of the Vampire outfit. It is a perfect Vampire costume for those who hate layered clothes.

9. Magical Dark Unicorn Onesie

Magical Dark Unicorn Onesie

If you want to look cute and dark at the same time, then try to dress as the dark unicorn. With this Halloween costume onesie, you can express the cuteness of the unicorn at the top of the hoodie. The black and purple color combination brings the dark vibes to your appearance. This outfit is exceptionally unique for Halloween parties.

Latest Post:

Can a onesie be a Halloween costume?

Yes, it can! Although the design is super simple, it can be creatively added with charming accents. It also comes with various models and colors, perfect for those who want to get unique dresses in a simple way. From scary monsters to superheroes, you can get fantastic Halloween costume onesies that definitely will make you stand out in the crowd.

What are the best Halloween costume onesies for babies, kids and adults?

For the babies, we should put comfort first over the unique design. And it will be a different costume depending on the baby’s age. For a newborn, you can get your baby the Baby Bunny Onesie. Once your baby is already able to move or walk, the Ninja Cosplay Sleepsuit and the Too Cute To Spook Onesie will be the best for them. Meanwhile, kids and adults already have their preference and favorite characters. For example, kids who love superheroes deem the Deadpool Cosplay Costume or the Spiderman Fancy Costume as the best Halloween costume onesies. Moreover, adults who love to look sexy and scary at the same time will think that the Spooky Mummy Costume and the Skull Flowers Jumpsuit are the best ones. 

Does a onesie count as a costume?

Yes, onesie is also counted as a costume. Actually, onesies are a multipurpose outfit. It can be worn as a sleepwear for many special occasions such as Christmas and Halloween. Especially the material and the design used are warm and comfortable, perfect outfit for the cold winter weather. If you are looking for Halloween costume onesies, please check our lists above.

What is the cheapest Halloween costume onesies?

Well, the price of the Halloween costume onesies depend on the materials and designs. Those costumes that feature simple designs such as the Black Devil Pajamas and The Orange Dragon Onesie hold the cheapest Halloween costume onesies for adults that are below USD 30.00. Moreover, the smaller size such as Halloween costume onesies for kids and babies could be cheaper that the adult size. If you want to find other Hallween costume onesies, please check our article above.

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