25 Funny Onesies for Adults That Make You Even Funnier

Onesies are loose bodysuits or jumpsuits for maximum comfort. Funny onesies for adults are usually made of soft and fluffy chenille, knitted cotton, or fleece. If you want to have a funny look for a special occasion, then wearing a unique and funny onesie would be the right choice. Onesies offer a variety of shapes and colors. This funny and cool item covers almost your entire body, except for the face. Onesies are also equipped with head coverings that have various cute shapes such as animals and movie or cartoon characters. If you’re wondering, Onesies are not only suitable for babies or toddlers, because adults can wear them too! This funny item is worth considering to create a funny look to enhance the cuteness of your outfit.

If you’re about to start your search for the perfect onesie for your special occasion, you might want to take a look at the following list of 25 funny onesies for adults that will make you look funny.

Best Animal-Shaped and Funny Onesies for Adults

Animal-shaped onesies will make your outfit stand out and incredibly funny, especially if the onesies have striking and playful colors. Here are some recommendations of onesies with attractive shapes and colors.

1. Rainbow Unicorns Hooded Onesie

Rainbow Unicorns Hooded Onesie

You and your partner will look much cuter if you both wear these funny unicorn onesies. A colorful rainbow pattern adorns all parts of this funny item. The soft and non-allergenic material makes these onesies worth to have, especially for Valentine’s Day or Christmas celebrations.

2. Dinosaur Onesie

Dinosaur Onesie

All dinosaur lovers will definitely love this cute item. The green dinosaur design with its iconic tail make the best and funniest ideas for onesies. In addition, this funny item features double-layered design to keep you warm while having fun outdoors. Equipped with elastic cuffs on the legs, this outfit will allow you to move freely.

3. Red Panda Adult Onesies

Red Panda Adult Onesies

This red panda onesie will surely become one of your favorite onesie designs, because just look at how cute this is! This one is definitely one of the funniest onesies for adults that features a button closure with a standard loose fit for adults. Fabricated with polyester side seam pockets, this item allows you to put your favorite smartphone inside. Moreover, the combination of orange and black colors with a striped tail also gives a funny impression on your relaxing outfit.

4. Raccoon Pajamas Animal Onesie

Raccoon Pajamas Animal Onesie

Are you looking for an unconventional and standout gift for your best friend’s birthday? Don’t worry, because you can get him this cute raccoon-shaped onesie. Made of soft and skin-friendly materials, this item is super breathable and avoid prickly heat on your skin. Moreover, the stunning gray color also makes this item stands out. In short, this cool onesie is also perfect for casual occasion.

5. Walrus Animal Onesies

Walrus Animal Onesies

Onesies with a design inspired by the adorable walrus is definitely something to own, especially since it has a sharp canine hood that makes it look even funnier. These funny walrus onesies for adults are paired with warm sandals, which will give you extra comfort, and not to mention a sweet smile on your face. Last but not least, the loose fit adult size and style also allow you to enjoy complete freedom of movements, while maintaining a unique and funny look.

6. Cow Slim Fit Adult Onesies

Cow Slim Fit Adult Onesies

Do you have a friend who happens to be a fun and adorable farmer? If you do, then we have the best gift for her, which is this funny onesie! This item offers funny and adorable cow designs. Equipped with a strong zipper closure and side seam pockets, this funny item is perfect to wear on various occasions, including to enjoy a relaxing moments with loved ones. In addition, this item also features a slim-fit design that will give you extra room to move around easily.

7. Just Love Lion Adult Onesie

Just Love Lion Adult Onesie

The king of the jungle is coming and every animal will hail to the king! To be a funny king of the jungle, you need to have this funny onesie, which features a cool lion design in bright yellow color. This funny item was made of ultra-soft synthetic material, which gives you maximum comfort. This item will also give you the warm that you need in winter. Moreover full body size that is stitched with precision also provides extra strength and avoids tearing.

8. Sloth Onesie

Sloth Onesie

This onesie allows you to relax and laze around like a sloth. The item is one of the funniest onesies for adults that features high-quality materials with double layers, which will keep you warm in winter or during windy weather. Equipped with an ergonomic zipper design, this onesie allows you to easily wear it on any casual occasions. The combination of brown and white, which are the typical colors of sloths, also add to the uniqueness and cuteness of this relaxing outfit.

9. Tarantula Spider Adult Onesies

Tarantula Spider Adult Onesies

When October comes it means that Halloween is coming very soon! Do you want to have a funny and different look for this year’s Halloween? If you do, then you must wear this funny tarantula onesie. A spooky yet cute design with a mysterious black color makes this item worthy to be worn on Halloween. In addition, by having this item you will also have 8 unique and funny hands of tarantula. Without a doubt, the soft fleece material of this onesie will definitely keep you warm in October!

10. Zipser Bat One-piece Onesies

Zipser Bat One-piece Onesies

Funny wings will let you fly easily! The elastic material combined with the fur makes this bat onesie funny and stand out from the crowd. A hood with pointed ears also makes this item unique. This onesie is ideal for special occasions, including costume parties or other themed events. So, order this cute item now before it runs out!

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11. Dragon Onesie

Dragon Onesie

The flying dragon will breathe fire, so you better watch out! This funny onesie features cute little orange wings on the back. Plus. the immersive and vivid color design makes this item funny and definitely worth owning. Aside from being a cute outfit, this onesie also comes in loose adult size to give you extra comfort while wearing it.

12. Kangaroo Slim Fit Adult Onesies

Funny Onesies for Adults

Do you have friends who love Australia? Why don’t you revive their memory of the wonderful country by giving them these cute kangaroo onesies. Soft polyester fabric and funny orange kangaroo design will reflect optimal happiness. You can definitely wear these slim-fit onesies to a party at your best friend’s house. In addition, the pocket on the belly with a kangaroo baby inside makes this funny item worthy of your possession.

13. Adult Classic Care Bears Onesies

Adult Classic Care Bears Onesies

The cute pink bear is ready to make your casual outfit and costume party even cuter and more interesting! The funny onesie was designed for adults, which features a hood and shoe cover, offering a fuzzy pink bear design. Not to mention the beautiful and fun rainbow colors on the belly also ensure a funny and adorable appearance transformation!

14. Silver Lilly Owl Unisex Adult Onesies

Silver Lilly Owl Unisex Adult Onesies

This cozy owl onesie is the perfect combination of comfort and coziness. A hood featuring cute owl eyes, nose, and pecks lets you look adorable on any occasion. The loose adult size also gives you the flexibility to easily put it on. Moreover, the soft blue and white colors are also ideal to wear at home while relaxing in front of your TV.

15. Octopus Adult Unisex Novelty Onesies

Funny Onesies for Adults

Are you a lover of marine life? Then you can join us on the high seas wearing these funny onesies for adults. Boasting an octopus design in a bright navy-blue color, this cute item is super pleasing to the eye. The warm tentacles will add an immersive and funny ocean-atmosphere for your relaxing needs.

Best Unique and Funny Onesies for Adults

Not only come in unique animal design, onesies also come in a variety of unique shapes. The unconventional design of the head, body and leg hoods make onesies ideal to become your unique collectibles. Here are some unique and fun onesies recommendations.

16. Kurama Naruto Onesie

Funny Onesies for Adults

Are you a fan of the anime series “Naruto“? If you are, then the figure of Kurama is no stranger to you. Yes, the nine-tailed monster comes in a unique onesie. The hood that displays Kurama’s frightening figure is very similar to the one appears in the famous Japanese anime. The iconic orange color is complemented by the nine tails, making this onesie super unique and can be used for cosplay.

17. Halloween Skeleton Adult Onesies

Funny Onesies for Adults

Are you a horror movie lover who loves the feeling of being mysterious and spooky? If you are, then this onesie skeleton is made for you! The funny onesies for adults feature a soft material specially designed to create an atmosphere that is both scary and fun at the same time. The creepy and realistic bone design makes this item unique.

18. Pikachu Onesie for Adults

Funny Onesies for Adults

Who doesn’t like the cute character Pikachu in Pok√©mon Anime? The funny and adorable character can be seen in this cute and adorable onesie. The striking and fun yellow color makes this item so unique and different from others. Moreover, the soft flannel material combined with 3D active dyeing technology makes this item cool and stand out!

19. Disney Mickey Mouse Onesie

Funny Onesies for Adults

Discover the most iconic characters from Disney Studio in a onesie. The 3D fabricated tail and ears of the Mickey Mouse character make this item super unique. This onesie with the famous Mickey Mouse is available in various size for adults. Aside from being a funny onesie, this item also features a fantastic design perfect for adults. In addition, this funny and quirky item is exclusively produced, and also part of the official Disney Studio collection.

20. Onesie Christmas Edition

Funny Onesies for Adults

When Christmas is just around the corner, everyone rejoices! If you’re looking forward to a festive Christmas celebration, then this bright red funny onesie will be the perfect item to have, and to wear! The special Christmas-themed design with Santa Claus style makes this item funny and super unique. This cute item is also ideal to be come a fancy onesie for Christmas and New Year’s Eve!

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21. Scooby Doo Men Fleece Onesie

Funny Onesies for Adults

Scooby-Doo By Doo! These funny barking dogs will come to your house party. This cool onesie for men is a necessary outfit to wear while relaxing at home, or while having fun at a friend’s costume party. A character hood that closely resembles the iconic Scooby-Doo character makes this item cute and unique.

22. Tipsy Multicolor Pinata Onesie

Tipsy Multicolor Pinata Onesie

Pinata is an item that reminds us of cool parties. For that reason, you can wear this funny onesie that offers a unique pinata theme. The colorful, fun tassels make this item funny and also unique at the same time. Without a doubt, this cute item will make you feel comfortable and easy to laugh out loud with minimal effort.

23. MARVEL Deadpool Onesie

Funny Onesies for Adults

An antagonistic superhero who has a unique personality is present in a unique onesie. It feels like wearing a red superhero costume with an iconic and fun 3D hood. Deadpool’s onesie with blood-red color makes this onesie unique and need to be yours. However, you don’t have to worry about the quality, because this funny and cool item is made of premium quality fleece to ensure maximum comfort and durability.

24. City Comfort Angel and Demon Onesie

Funny Onesies for Adults

Angel and Demon fused together in one onesie, specially designed for mature women. This cute item features a durable zipper to open and close, making it perfect for all sizes and heights. The red color symbolizes the Demon and the white color represents the Angel, which make this item unique and super funny to wear.

25. Star Wars Baby Yoda Onesie

Funny Onesies for Adults

The last item on this list is so unique, which will be the perfect gift for Star Wars lovers. If you’ve watched the latest The Mandalorian series, then you’ll know that baby Yoda is adorable. This funny onesie for adults features 3D baby Yoda ears and available in various size for adults. The light green color with a hood that resembles an alien makes this item unique and fun.

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What is a onesie for adults called?

Onesies are identical to babies and toddlers, but adults can wear them, too. The funny onesies for adults are products of differentiation from various terms of similar items such as bodysuit, jumpsuit, union suit, long johns, and siren suit. In essence, this item can be worn by adults to provide comfort and funny accent to an adult casual outfit.

Is it OK to wear a onesie in public?

Yes, you can definitely wear funny and interesting onesies in public. However, there are a few things you should pay attention to before wearing onesies in public. First, make sure you are wearing onesies that fit your body size and it is recommended to choose loose ones. Second, choose onesies that can represent your personality so that the public pays attention to you.

What should I wear under my onesie? 

Onesies are comfortable and have warm protectors to wear. You can wear onesies to relax or party. However, you should also wear underwear or a singlet top to cover your body parts. Choose clothes that are thin and absorb sweat so that when you wear onesies there is no excessive sweating.

What are the best and most funny onesies for adults?

The best and funny onesies for adults are items made of delicate materials with fun and unique designs. If you are looking for the best onesies then you can opt for the Rainbow Unicorns Hooded Onesie or the Tipsy Multicolor Pinata Onesie. These funny onesies for adults offer vibrant colors with soft materials that are comfortable to wear. So, what are you waiting for? Order these two best onesies right away!

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