26 Adorable Red Panda Gifts

In terms of cuteness, there is barely any animal on the planet that can beat the red panda. Contrary to popular belief, red pandas are not closely related to the equally adorable giant panda. In fact, they are close cousins of racoons. The red panda has reddish-brown fur, shaggy tail, and a shorter front leg. Red pandas are so cute and we always feel like we want to pet one!

Unfortunately, red pandas are categorized as endangered species. Data in 2020 showed that there are less than 10,000 red pandas left on the planet. This fact should encourage us more to help increase the awareness so that people will take care of red pandas’ habitat. Perhaps, buying red panda gifts to other people will help push that noble agenda. Besides, people won’t be able to resist having some red panda gifts to keep. 

Red Panda Gifts for Plushies and Toys

Plushies and toys are the most common red panda gifts that you can find. There are a lot of cute and adorable red panda toys that you can get for you and your friends. So let’s take a look at some of the best red panda toys below. 

1. Super Fluffy Red Panda Plushie

Super Fluffy Red Panda Plushie

We’re going to start off the list by including this super adorable red panda plushie. This red panda is super soft and squishy, and we know that you just can’t resist getting far away from it. This cute plushie is stuffed with a special marshmallow cloud stuffing to make them even softer. 

2. Red Panda Squishmellow

ed Panda Squishmellow

If you thought that the red panda we’ve just offer is cute, wait until you see this particular plushie. The red panda Squishmellow adorable and it’s small enough that you can bring it anywhere you want to. Hurry and buy one before you miss out!

3. Ravensden Red Panda Furry Tail

Ravensden Red Panda Furry Tail

This toy is nothing like your average red panda gifts. Instead of having the whole anatomy, you’ll only get its tail. However, you’ll notice a clip above the tail that enables it to be attached to bags and clothes. This is the perfect item to accompany you during a trip to the zoo. 

4. Red Panda Family

Red Panda Family

What’s better than a red panda gift? The answer is very simple: a set of red panda families. If you’re really serious in trying to raise awareness about red pandas, maybe this set will help other people be aware that animals also have their own family that needs to be saved too. 

5. Colorful Red Panda

Colorful Red Panda

This adorable red panda is released by the Wild Republic manufacturer. The colorful red panda is the perfect gift that you can get for children. They will be the perfect companion for kids during a tea party

6. Wild Republic Red Panda Plushie

Wild Republic Red Panda Plushie

It turns out that Wild Republic has also released a red panda plushie in their natural skin color. This plushie is equally as beautiful as their colorful counterpart. They’re soft enough when you hug them, and they will make a good decoration for your bedroom

7. Red Panda with Apple Felting DIY

Red Panda with Apple Felting DIY

This red panda doll is the perfect introduction for felting beginners, as they will learn to feel easily with this DIY kit. Assemble the red panda as best as you can and show it off to your friends. 

8. Hand Carved Red Panda Figurine

Hand Carved Red Panda Figurine

It’s about time that we discussed a handmade red panda gift. Here, we’ve got an extremely cute red panda figurine, which was handmade by a brilliant artist. Buy this and display it on your desk and we’d guarantee that you can’t get your eyes off it!

9. Playmobil Red Panda Habitat

Playmobil Red Panda Habitat

Buying a red panda may not be enough to satisfy you. So how about buying a red panda toy, complete with their habitat? This Playmobil set is the best one that you can get! It includes two adorable red pandas playing in their natural habitat. 

10. Mudpuppy Red Panda Puzzle

Mudpuppy Red Panda Puzzle

Puzzles are an interesting way to kill you time, since it requires a great amount of patience to assemble a whole puzzle. If you loved red pandas, this puzzle might be the challenge that you’re up to. Hurry and assemble this quickly so that you can display it proudly in your room. 

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11. Reversible Red Panda Plushie

Reversible Red Panda Plushie

Red pandas do have emotions too. On a good day, they will smile cheerfully. But don’t let them get angry and bite you! This cute red panda plushie will show you just how quickly a red panda can change their mood. 

Red Panda Gifts for Decorations

Red panda gifts can also be used for decorations. There are a lot of wall arts and other stuff that you can buy and display. Let’s check out some of the cool red panda gifts. 

12. Red Panda Watercolor Paint

red panda gifts

This wonderful art is drawn by the magnificent Slaveika Aladjova, based on her love for Panda. It’s a magnificent rendition of the precious red panda. So get one and display it on a wall in your house. 

13. Red Panda Hand Painted Print

Red Panda Hand Painted Print

Next up is the equally awesome print of the red panda. This art is hand painted and printed on a high-definition ultramodern museum-quality equipment. This art is truly one of a kind, so don’t afford to miss this one out. 

14. 3D Red Panda Bedroom

red panda gifts

Can’t get enough of seeing red pandas? Perhaps you might want to use this awesome bedroom set. Now, you may see red pandas in the morning and before sleeping at night, and nothing can go wrong with this pillowcase and bed cover combo. 

15. MKHERT Red Panda Bathroom Shower Curtain

red panda gifts

If you ever want to change your shower curtain, perhaps you might fancy this one. It has a red panda printed all over the curtain. Let him guard you during your cleaning time! Plus, the shower curtain is waterproof, so you don’t need to worry that it will get damaged. 

16. Red Panda Watercolor Paint

red panda gifts

Red pandas have been the subject of many awesome wall art and this particular painting is the proof of it. The painter has done a good job in making sure that the panda stays cute and realistic at the same time. Therefore, you should get one now and hang it on your wall. 

17. Japanese Red Panda Painting

Japanese Red Panda Painting

This Japanese Red Panda art is the perfect fit for a house with a Japanese and oriental theme. Just take a moment to digest the art and see if it fits into your home. Don’t let us down!

18. MKHERT Red Panda Table Décor

red panda gifts

It’s not cool to leave a table empty without any decorations on it. We suggest you get vases, mugs, coasters, and finally, a unique table runner. If you loved red pandas, you wouldn’t want to miss a chance to decorate your table with this sweet red panda table runner

19. Red Panda Ornament

red panda gifts

During the Holiday’s season, families all around the country will get the chance to decorate their own Christmas tree. If you want to find something unique for your tree, you can obtain this adorable ornament. It will be fitting for a red panda lover such as yourself. 

20. Red Panda Canvas Wall Art

red panda gifts

Previously, we have mentioned some awesome illustrated red panda wall art. But if you really prefer a photo of the real deal, then this is the perfect item for you. Just take a look at how adorable this red panda is. 

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Red Panda Gifts for Shirts and Hoodie

We already know that red pandas are adorable creatures that will definitely melt your heart. It makes sense if people start to make different kinds of clothes and hoodies inspired by the adorable red pandas. Let’s take a look at some unique clothes and hoodies that you can get for yourself or your loved ones. Please bear in mind that these clothes are awesome enough as red panda gifts!

21. “Be A Red Panda” T-Shirt

red panda gifts

This awesome shirt is a further testament that red pandas are the best animal on the planet. No matter how cool you are, you probably won’t be as good and cute as a red panda. Go buy this shirt now to spread the word. 

22. Team Panda Hoodie

red panda gifts

Red pandas are a protected species. If left unchecked, they could end up extinct. Before it’s too late, show them your support by using this awesome hoodie. Let’s hope that more people will be more aware of the situation and help out with all our strength.  

23. Inktastic Red Panda T-shirt

red panda gifts

Looking for a cheerful red panda shirt? You won’t find anything better than this awesome t-shirt. This cool red panda shirt will match your youthful spirit! Wear this for your casual activity. 

24. Red Panda Gaming Shirt

red panda gifts

Perhaps in another parallel universe, you can find a professional red panda gamer. But we can only imagine one here, so having this awesome shirt will be enough. This shirt is made using premium material. You will always feel comfortable while wearing this beautiful shirt. 

25. Red Panda Cosplay Hoodie

red panda gifts

Have you ever felt like you wanted to be a red panda? Well, we feel you, so why don’t you try to be one with this unique red panda hoodie? This hoodie is perfect for cosplay events and special occasions like Halloween. Go and get one now. 

26. Easily Distracted Hoodie

Easily Distracted Hoodie

Red pandas are so adorable that you can easily be distracted by their funny appearance. Let others get distracted too with this awesome hoodie. It’s perfect for any red panda lover. If you claim to be one, you don’t want to miss this one out. 

Final Thoughts

Red Pandas are adorable animals which make them loved by so many people. For those who love Red Pandas, giving them special Red Panda gifts is a very nice gesture since they will love to have stuff that can show their love for the cute animal. If you are looking for the perfect Red Panda gift, we hope our list above can give you more ideas and inspiration in choosing the perfect item for them. No matter how old they are, we have the best recommendations of the best gifts for all ages.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the best gifts for red panda lovers?

Red panda lovers love to get unique and adorable items that will remind them of the creature. Based on that fact, we can deduce that plushies and dolls might be the best bet. And guess what, you can finally find a lot of plushies and dolls as red panda gifts for your friend. 

What are the best red panda hoodies for adults?

Funny hoodies will always make great red panda gifts. We thought that you might want to entertain this awesome red panda gift. We know that you will agree with the writing printed on the design too.  

What are the best red panda toys for kids?

Children love to play with their toys. Sometimes, toys are the best companion for them. You should consider giving this adorable plushie for them. It can act as their best friend during their entire childhood. On the other hand, you can buy this Playmobil set too. They will surely love playing with this toy. 

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