Star Wars Storm Pooper Onesie

You know those cute ads for diapers that are completely misleading? Specifically, they pour some blue liquid into the diaper to test its capacity.

Yeah, that’s not what in reality lands into that diaper. A fact that is made so painfully obvious by this funny Star Wars Storm Pooper Onesie.

There’s probably nothing in this world that can prepare new parents for what changing diapers entail. But hey, if you can slap some Star Wars reference onto it, the whole situation suddenly becomes less frightening and more hilarious. 

To be completely honest, the stormtroopers’ armor has always looked like it consisted out of a diaper and a sweater vest. Still, whoever thought of changing „storm trooper” to „storm pooper” deserves some kind of award.

Star Wars Storm Pooper Onesie

The main star of the show is, of course, the writing on the back of this onesie – „The Dark Side”. The only strong thing about The Dark Side, in this case, would be the odour.

But it is guaranteed to make you smile for at least a second before the reality (and the smell) of changing diapers would hit you.

Star Wars Storm Pooper Onesie

The onesie is made out of high-quality 100% cotton. It is available in several sizes, depending on your baby’s age (0-18 months).

This is an absolute must have for baby-parents who love both Star Wars and their tiny little storm pooper.  

Star Wars Storm Pooper Onesie

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