Handmade 5-Slot Watch Roll

This Handmade 5-Slot Watch Roll allows you to safely carry or store 5 watches and would be a perfect gift for any watch collector or enthusiast.

You can use this case for a variety of purposes from storing knives to using it as a camping or travelling organizer.

This roll has five bigger slots that can fit watch cases with a 43mm case diameter, but their size can be adjusted by simply contacting the vendor. You also get one strap pocket and one pocket for a spring bar tool. 

This organizer is made out of sturdy duck fabric outer layer and a 100% cotton inner layer that will treat you precious watches with delicacy they deserve. It measures 14 inches in width and 6 inches in height when closed.  

Handmade 5-Slot Watch Roll

This would be a great gift for organizers, people who love keeping everything in a neat and perfect condition.

Handmade 5-Slot Watch Roll

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