25 Memorial Vietnam Veteran Gifts for The Real Heroes

War is certainly awful and leaves nothing good but a trail of trauma. As a wise man once said, no one wins in a war. Both parties are losing and hurting and after all of those battles, what’s in it other than damages and loss? 

While we sat in the comfort of our homes, feeling secured, reading and learning about the history and wars in the past, some people were there on the battlefield. They’ve fought the fight and actually been through the hardship of an actual war. And after the battles are over, lots of them are still living in the war as the trauma tails them for the rest of their lives. 

The Vietnam war is one of the most gruesome wars that ever happened. It was one of the longest and the costliest wars that ever happened. It was huge and even inspired a lot of works from books to movies. During the 20 years long period of war, there are soldiers who actually fought the battle. It is hard to imagine the agony they have to endure. And life is certainly never the same again for them. 

To show the Vietnam vets our appreciation and honor their fight, the following is a list of Vietnam veteran gifts we can get for the real heroes who took part in the war. 

1. Vietnam Veteran Keychain

Keychain is a simple but useful thing that people often overlook its benefits. It is not just the thing attached to your keys so you don’t lose them, it speaks so much more than that. This Vietnam veteran keychain, for example, must hit differently to Vietnam vets who’ve been fighting the war. And a little gift like this will let them know that you appreciate their service and that their fight is worth remembering. 

2. Veteran Commemorative Pin

Another way to appreciate a Vietnam vet is by giving them a veteran commemorative pin. It is a symbol of honor and they can wear the pin on their lapel, suit, or their hat. It is a symbol of achievements and serves as a remembrance of great services such as the Vietnam War. This pin is handmade with exquisite detailing and it comes with a clutch clasp making it easy to wear. 

3. Vietnam Veteran Vintage T Shirt

Getting t-shirts is an easy way to honor a veteran, especially if it features a Vietnam memorial design like this one. We know that war always impacts the veterans in the hard way due to some of their fellow soldiers who cannot make it back home. They can wear this t-shirt as a way to remember their friends and keep them close to their daily life. 

4. Vietnam Veteran Commemorative Coin

Challenge and commemorative coins are also commonly used as Vietnam veteran gifts. A piece of coin might seem small and insignificant. But once you get the value and memories it holds, it can be a lifetime keepsake any veterans can add to their collection. This coin is an affordable gift to get, yet it still features high quality craftsmanship with beautiful design. 

5. Vietnam Veteran Hat

You may see a lot of veterans wearing this kind of hat. It is nothing surprising because other than t-shirts, hats are a fashion statement they can wear daily as a way to show the world things they truly care about. This hat is made out of high quality material featuring an embroidered design that is made neatly. They will be able to wear this hat produly for years and it will be as good as new even after being exposed to the hot summer sun. 

6. Vietnam Veteran Patch

Patches are a great way to add some identity to any item. Embroidered patches can be used on clothing, bags, hats, and many more. The quality of the embroidery is so good and it has excellent details. Even if they don’t feel like attaching it anywhere, they can still add it to their commemorative collection and keep it for their life. 

7. Vietnam Veteran Hitch Cover

Know a veteran who has an interest in towing vehicles and trailers? You can get this hitch cover as a gift. Hitch is a main connector between a towing vehicle and trailer. And when not in use, it is better to cover it. This hitch cover is made out of high-quality ABS plastic material that is heat and break resistant. The design is simple but straightforward and it serves its main function to protect the hitch. 

8. License Plate Frame

Some veterans have to endure some kind of disability due to the war. It is not easy to live as a disabled veteran and therefore, they need all the support they can get. Disability signs are also important to put on things like vehicles to warn other people on the street. And this License plate frame can be a great gift to get for veteran vets with disabilities. 

9. Vietnam Veteran Tumbler

MWe can make coffees and other beverages more fun on the go with cool tumblers. This is why tumbles can always be a great gift option. It serves its main function and you can give it to Vietnam vets as a way to honor them. This tumbler is made of stainless steel in a double-walled, vacuum-sealed design that allows for maximum temperature control, so it is ideal for both hot and cold beverages.

10. Vietnam Veteran Beanie

Vietnam Veteran Gifts

Beanies are comfy and casual and can be worn at any occasion especially when it is cold outside. Veterans can wear these beanies any time of the year since it comes in black making it a versatile piece to wear everyday. It features an embroidered design that says Vietnam Veteran that is well made and still looking very subtle but enough to help people identify them as the honorable Vietnam veteran. 

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11. Forever Proud Hat Patch

Forever Proud Hat Patch

Patches are commonly used to decorate hats, jackets, bags, and many more. Especially when it is military related. This patch can be a Vietnam memorial war gift you can give to a veteran. It is well made with a neat embroidered design that will look good forever even after being used for a long time and been through different weather.  

12. Vietnam Veterans Bracelet

Vietnam Veterans Bracelet

Bracelet is a safe and appropriate gift you can give. For Vietnam veterans, this bracelet is more than just a piece of jewelry. It is a token of the love that exists between the Vietnam Veteran and their fellow soldier who can’t make it home as well as the memories that remain in their head and heart. Made out of black stainless steel, this bracelet will look as good as new even after years of usage. 

13. Vietnam Veteran Watch

Vietnam Veteran Watch

A high quality silver watch for men with the American flag as a background with a veteran symbol. It makes not only a valuable and memorable veteran gift but also suitable to amp up every man’s daily outfit. It features a durable stainless band and scratch-resistant mirror surface that will ensure the watch remains in mint condition for a long time. 

14. The Vietnam War

The Vietnam War

Created in association with the Smithsonian Institution, this authoritative guide chronicles America’s fight in southeast Asia during the 1960s and 1970s, and comprehensively explores the people, politics, events, and lasting effects of the Vietnam War. It is a combination of insightful images and a compelling narrative making it the perfect gift for Vietnam vets to keep. 

15. Vietnam Service Medal

Vietnam Service Medal

This full size medal has a military grade ensuring its quality and making it appropriate as a Vietnam war gift. The medals are made, inspected, and shipped by the veterans themselves. It will mean a lot for veterans to receive it because it can be a commemorial and be kept for life. 

16. Retro Tin Sign

Retro Tin Sign

Veterans can also keep their memories alive in their house by getting some kind of posters, wall decors, or in this case, a tin metal sign. Tin metal signs are more durable and last longer and can stand the test of time in different weather. The print on this sign is very high quality in a limited retro color palette making it the perfect decoration for man caves. 

17. Vietnam Veteran Flag

Vietnam Veteran Flag

A veteran should be proud of their service and sacrifices. And showing them off for the neighborhood to see is totally okay. This garden flag is one of the ways they can show off their pride and gratitude. And by getting this flag as a gift, you are also showing them that you are proud of them and fully grateful of what they’ve done. 

18. P.O.W. / M.I.A. Pen

Pen is a classic gift every man will be happy to get. For those who already went through the endeavor of the war, this pen meant so much for them. It features the P.O.W/M.I.A design which is never easy for anyone to accept and it can be a reminder of their fellow soldier who became a prisoner of war or missing in action. 

19. Personalized Dog Tag

Of course, we cannot make a list of military related gifts without the dog tags. Some veterans do keep their original dog tag and keep it for all the good and the bad memories it brings. But some of them already lost their original dog tag for various reasons. Hence, getting them dog tags as a gift will be very meaningful for them. These dog tags are fully personalizable so you can add your own personal messages. 

20. Vietnam Veteran Jacket

Jackets are cool for men of any age. If you want to get a gift for Vietnam vets that is not only meaningful but also serves the look, this one is the perfect option to get. It is a satin jacket making it look luxurious and look good even after a long time. It features a cool design of Vietnam veteran wording with ribbon and country as well as American flag on the shoulder. 

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21. Vietnam Veteran Polo Shirt

Vietnam Veteran Gifts

If you don’t know what to get, you can always go back to the basics such as this Vietnam veteran polo shirt. It features the famous wording all gave some, some gave all making it the perfect gift for veterans. It is made out of high-quality material that is super soft and comfortable for everyday wear. 

22. Personalized veteran Frame

Personalized veteran Frame

Add a personal touch to the gift by getting this personalized veteran frame. It features a miniature soldier figurine along with silhouette designs of soldiers and dog tags. Add a name to the mix for an ultra personalized feel. Your veteran dad or grandpa will be able to put it on the living room or their desk proudly. 

23. Proud Veteran Mug

Proud Veteran Mug

An easy way to keep the memory alive is by looking at the reminder every day. Even though war brings out so much trauma, it also has some other value as well such as pride. By sipping their morning coffee on this mug, they will be reminded of their courage and bravery and it can remind them of how strong they are and that they are capable of tackling anything. 

24. Honor & Remember Lighter

Honor & Remember Lighter

Lighters are a cool gift option to get. It is a bit unusual too. It is actually useful and can be kept as a collection to keep for life. It features cool designs of Vietnam vets with the dog tagas and a wording that says honor and remember so they know that their fight is worth remembering. This brass zippo lighter is high in quality and will be an item worth keeping.  

25. Vietnam Photographs

Vietnam Photographs

Remembering the hardship of the war can also be done through a photography book. This book is a documentation of the Vietnam war and even if the receivers are not featured in the book, they will be able to relive the experience through a series of storytelling photographs. They will be able to relve the spirit and keep the book for the next generation. 

Latest Post:

What are good gifts for Vietnam veterans?

The good gifts for Vietnam veterans are the ones that show your respect and honor towards their services. It can come in various forms from Vietnam veteran polo shirts, mugs, to documentary books. Badges, patches, and medals are also good options when it comes to Vietnam veteran gifts you can get for your loved ones. 

What do you say to someone who served in Vietnam?

Thank you is the least you can say to someone who served in Vietnam. You can also tell them your appreciation for their services by saying “Thank you for your service.” Make sure that you truly honor their contribution and tell them that you are proud of them. And if they tell you about the struggle they have been through, you can also show your sympathy for them. 

How do you honor a Vietnam veteran?

You can honor a Vietnam veteran by giving them the appropriate gift. Pen is a good gift idea, but you can also get them something that is wearable such as a t-shirt and jacket. You can also get a garden flag or a tin sign to put on your own house or their house to show them how much you appreciate their service. 

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