25 Easy Marine Veteran Gift To Show Your Appreciation

Dedicating your life to be part of the U.S marine definitely requires a big amount of courage and commitment. Long hours of training, possibility of being in dangerous situations, and being away from your family and friends pretty much sum up the life of a marine veteran. Despite the obstacles and hardships, the feeling of completing your service will surpass all of it. As someone watching their journey from the outside, you would want to give them a nice gift as a token of appreciation for their hard work and perseverance.

This list of marine veteran gifts is made out of 25 different items that are simple yet meaningful. There are items for both marine veteran men and women, retired marine veterans, and also the active mariners too. There will definitely be something for everyone.

1. Marine Corps Watch

Marine Corps Watch

Starting this list of marine veteran gifts with something useful and practical. The Marine corps watch is super well made with durable material. You can also include a short personal message on it. The watch comes with a three-dial face, calendar, and water resistant and scratch-proof feature. A personalized marine gift that marine veterans will love its sleek and classic design. 

2. Retired Marine Veteran Plaque

Retired Marine Veteran Plaque

When you are welcoming retired marines home after dedicating most of their life serving as a marine, you can always greet them with this retired Marine veteran plaque. Well, they might have received his official plaque or certificate, but a certificate from their loved ones always hit differently. The plaque comes with a veteran quote of your choice along with their full name and position. 

3. Military Retirement Poster

Military Retirement Poster

A plaque might sound a little too serious. If you want something more casual and artsy, you can go with this military retirement poster. You can complete it with their full name and their position. Then, they can have this placed or hung in their home. A sentimental home decoration piece for retired marines to have at home. 

4. Whiskey Decanter Set

Whiskey Decanter Set

After years of dedication and service in the marine, retirement is the right time to celebrate; celebrating years of full dedication and also a new start. This whiskey decanter set is specially made for retired marines. Each set contains two whiskey glasses and a whiskey decanter. You can also add some personalized touches if you want. Some whiskey for a little celebration is always a good idea. 

5. Marine Veteran Beer Gift Set

Marine Veteran Beer Gift Set

The Marine veteran beer gift set is a better choice for those who prefer beer compared to whiskey. This set consisted of two beer glasses that came with their personalized name on each one. Every time they are enjoying a glass of beer, they will be reminded of their glorious day as an active marine. However, as they said, once a marine will always be a marine. Hence, the name on the beer glasses. 

6. Marine Veteran T-Shirt

Marine Veteran T-Shirt

Something easy and simple to get. One of the fool proof marine gifts for him is the Marine veteran t-shirt. Just like wearing a name tag, wearing the shirt is a more casual way to show their identity as a marine veteran. This is why getting them a t-shirt like this will always be a great choice. 

7. Marine Veteran Mug

Marine Veteran Mug

The Marine veteran mug is another easy and straightforward gift to consider. A simple mug is always useful because marines do their eight glasses of water a day. Also, this marine corps is made from ceramic with a simple logo design. The perfect gift for Christmas and any other occasions too. 

8. Personalized Marine Corp Engraved Wooden Phone Case

Personalized Marine Corp Engraved Wooden Phone Case

Phones have taken a huge part of our lives, including marines. Getting them a wooden phone case will make a great personalized marine gift. You can get their name and department engraved on it to make it more personal. Each phone case is made from a combination of natural wood and silicone which will give a good protection for their phones. Marine corp would love wearing this wooden phone case around. 

9. Veteran Portrait Sketch

Veteran Portrait Sketch

This is the best personalized marine gift you could ever get: a veteran portrait sketch. Without the need of the ability to draw, you can have their photos in uniform and turn them into a portrait drawing. You can choose the size of the photo and the photo style whether it comes in pencil, color, or watercolor sketch. A go-to choice that will always make a great impression. 

10. Marine Corps Journal

Marine Corps Journal

Being a marine corp is one of life’s most memorable journeys. Every marine corp would need to have this marine corps journal to jot down all the life lessons they came across during their service. On its leather cover, you can choose the color you want and also have their name written on it. 

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11. Personalized Phone Docking Station

Personalized Phone Docking Station

When they are on their military base, they will make good use of this phone docking station. It is a great and practical personalized marine gift choice to get for your marine corp friends. It is made from American birch wood with the US flags engraved on it. You can have it personalized with your desired compartment to hold on your most treasured belongings, Starting from a smartphone and smartwatch dock, charging dock, to gun holder, you can have them all made according to their needs.  

12. Female Veteran Necklace

Female Veteran Necklace

Do you know any women marine veterans around you? Thinking about getting them some gifts? You can consider getting them the female veteran necklace with a heartfelt letter that comes with it. It comes with a love knot pendant that will make a beautiful marine gift for her. You can give her this gift for Christmas, graduation, or any special occasions. 

13. Female Veteran Mug

Female Veteran Mug

A different type of mug compared to the previous one mentioned on this list. This female veteran mug is specially designed and made for all the female veterans. Made with ceramic glass, you can put her name on one side and an uplifting quote on the other side. A cute and simple gift for her to show your appreciation for her service as a female marine veteran.

14. Custom Military Deployment Necklace

Custom Military Deployment Necklace

The custom military deployment necklace comes with three different finish types: gold, rose gold, and silver. It is a simple coin shaped necklace with a customized engraving on it. A great way to keep their loved ones close when they are away on service. Since the design is simple, it will make one of the sentimental gifts for him to take while he is on duty. On the other hand, female marine veterans will love this necklace too. If you want something simple yet sentimental, you can always choose this necklace as a gift for her. 

15. US Merchant Marine Veteran Cap

US Merchant Marine Veteran Cap

T-shirts might have been overdone so many times. If you feel that way, you can go for this US Merchant Marine veteran cap. It comes in a simple baseball cap design with the “U.S. Merchant Marine Veteran” writings on it. A cap they can wear with confidence a sto show the world how they have been serving the country well. 

16. U.S. Marine Decal 

U.S. Marine Decal

Is your favorite marine coming home for Christmas? You can surprise them by setting up this U.S Marine decal in their room. It comes with the three marine colors with great detailing. By having it stick on their wall, they can have their identity as a marine veteran everywhere they go. This decal also has some colorful design that will definitely make a great home decoration. Also, this design is made by a veteran owned business which makes it more sentimental for fellow marine veterans. 

17. U.S. Naval Reserve Window Strip

U.S. Naval Reserve Window Strip

Made by a veteran owned business, this window strip is a simple and small sticker decoration. You can place it in front of your door or in other parts of the home to show how proud you are to your favorite marine veteran in the world. A simple gesture to show them how proud you are for their dedication and service to the country as a marine veteran. 

18. “Beware Of Marine Veteran” License Plate

“Beware Of Marine Veteran” License Plate

Are you looking for a funny gift for your favorite marine veteran? You can get them this license plate. It is made from aluminum with the writing “Beware Of Marine Veteran” on it. A funny way to show the world their identity as a marine veteran. If you want to have some fun marine veteran gifts, you can consider getting this one. Now, the whole town will know who they are when they drive around town. 

19. My Hero Crate Military Care Package 

My Hero Crate Military Care Package

In giving, some people believe that they need to go big or go home. If this is your way of giving, you can get them a military care package. This is not a very serious marine gift basket, but who can resist receiving 50 different kinds of snacks in a basket. A great way to celebrate them and their achievements yet. 

20. Seattle Mariners Champion Basket

Seattle Mariners Champion Basket

The Seattle Mariners champion basket is a great marine gift basket choice you can consider getting. It consists of a complete set of picnic baskets which includes a picnic basket, wine glasses, plates, and many more. The best part of this picnic basket is that all of it is made on a marine theme with the gorgeous navy color. 

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21. Veteran Rectangle Pill Case

Veteran Rectangle Pill Case

As a marine veteran, they still need to keep their health in check. While they are busy protecting and serving the country, you can help protect their health by giving them this veteran rectangle pill case. It is an officially licensed marine corp item that comes in blue and white color. They can use it to keep all their vitamins and supplements to keep them healthy and strong. 

22. Military Valentine’s Day Care Package

Military Valentine’s Day Care Package

The marine gift basket choice for Valentine’s Day. The military valentine’s day care package contains candies, chocolates, and some specially curated Valentine’s day items. Valentine’s Day is already a day of love, but you can make it extra special for your favorite marine veterans by sending them this gift box. 

23. Happy Veterans Day Wine Label Sticker

Happy Veterans Day Wine Label Sticker

A bottle of wine is just for any celebration including for Veterans Day. You can get them bottles of their favorite wine. Then, you can put these special Happy Veterans Day wine label stickers on the wine bottles. When they get home for Veterans day, you can give them these wine bottles that come with special stickers. They will surely keep these bottles as decorations. 

24. Retirement Toilet Paper

Retirement Toilet Paper

Are you planning to give them some good laughs through your gifts? If so, you can consider getting them the retirement toilet paper. It will be a funny gift for retired marine veterans. A basic three ply toilet paper, but it has “official retirement paper” written all over it. Definitely a hilarious gift idea you can consider. 

25. Military Service Brooch

Military Service Brooch

Ending this list of marine veteran gifts with something small but meaningful. The military service brooch comes in a set of 4 brooch in one. Each design is related to the US military as a whole. It comes in a beautifully packaged box which makes it one of the easiest and fuss free marine gifts for him. They can wear them on special occasions or just place it at home for decoration. 

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What do Marines get for Veterans Day?

Veteran Day on November 11 is a public holiday so many places offer free meals for active veterans. In  general, it is a day where all living veterans are celebrated. It is the day we get to appreciate their service and sacrifices for the country. So, if you know any marines, active military, or airmen around you, don’t forget to greet and thank them on Veterans Day and any other day. 

What are good gifts for veterans?

From this list of marine veteran gifts, there are so many great choices. On top of the list would be the military service brooch. It is a super simple yet super meaningful gift. For the active marine veterans, it will be great to give them the personalized phone docking station. They can make a really good use of it. Lastly, the custom military deployment necklace would make a great marine veteran gift for both female and male marine veterans. 

Do we honor Marines on Veterans Day?

The answer will be a big fat yes. Absolutely! On Veterans Day, we celebrate and honor all military veterans. No matter which post or role they took or currently taking in the military, if they are part of the military, Veterans Day is their day. 

Can Marines receive gifts?

If they are a retired Marine, they have more freedom in receiving any gifts. So, you can choose gifts more freely for retired marines. However, if they are still active marines, they do have some restrictions and boundaries about receiving gifts. You might want to check on it first before buying and sending them gifts. 

Do you tell a Marine Happy Veterans Day?

Just like you say “Merry Christmas” on Christmas day, you can say “Happy Veterans Day” on Veterans Day. Most importantly, it is the perfect occasion to say how much you appreciate and honor them for their service and as a person. 

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