25 Welcoming Gifts for New Hires From Senior Employees

Are you intending to welcome a new staff member to the team at your company? When starting a new job, it is common for people to experience feelings of being overwhelmed with responsibility and new things. Therefore, it is a fantastic idea to welcome the new employee with a gift as a way to make them feel a little bit more at ease while going into a new environment. This can be accomplished by giving special gifts for new hires that will be handy for them when working on their jobs. Definitely a good start to a cooperative and healthy relationship team. 

However, due to the fact that you may not yet know the new employee very well, selecting an appropriate present for them may prove to be quite challenging. It is also important to take note that looking for a gift is actually quite time-consuming. As a result, we have compiled a list of 25 incredible presents that would work wonderfully as presents for newly hired employees. You will be able to cross finding gifts for new hires on your to-do list. Have a look at the list down below!

1. Personalized Name Mug

Greet your new hires with a personalized mug with their name. A personalized gift has always made someone feel special. Moreover, the thought that you are spending time ordering and customizing a mug for them surely gives the impression that you are excited to welcome them to your team. You can also add a bit description of your new member on the mug.

2. Sandisk Flash Drive

Sandisk Flash Drive

For new hires, it is essential to prepare themselves for the first day of work. As a result, assuring that they have everything they need on the first day of work is a warm and helpful gesture. One of many essential things for workers to have is a flash drive. This flash drive can store up to 512 GB of data, which is undoubtedly handy for your new employee to store and transfer data. Moreover, it has a very sleek and modern look due to its metal design.

3. Belkin Portable Power Bank

Belkin Portable Power Bank

When your job demands you to spend a lot of time working with a smartphone or other electronics, a power bank is an excellent addition to your gear. It has a capacity of 20000 mah and can charge your devices such as smartphones or tablets for up to 140 hours. It is unquestionably life-saving equipment because it is portable and lightweight, making it easy to transport anyplace.

4. Panasonic Wired Headphones

Panasonic Wired Headphones

New equipment, such as a new headphone, in a new working environment, can lift the mood and is a thoughtful gift that your new team member will surely enjoy. This wired headphone includes padded earphones to keep the user comfortable while listening to their favorite music. It also comes with a wire, making it extremely easy to wear without the need to charge it.  

5. Multi-Pocket Tote Bag

When going to work there are quite a lot of essential thing that employee need to bring. Therefore a multi-pocket tote bag is ideal for carrying to and from work. The multi-pocket can be found on the front part of the bag, which can easily store a tiny umbrella, a drink bottle, and a phone. It also has a long strap for those who want to carry it as a sling bag. Unquestionably a fantastic gift for new hires as it is made of canvas for a sturdy and long-lasting bag. 

6. Digital Clock

The new addition to the team would appreciate receiving this modern clock as a wonderful gift of welcoming. This is not a conventional clock; it is a digital and one-of-a-kind clock, which is one of the most useful gifts for new hires. It comes with a light that can be adjusted, making it the ideal item for creating a soft light on a desk. This digital clock is also very flexible as you can power it both by using batteries or USB.

7. Daily Work Journal

Having a tool to help organize the day and grow into a better version is an excellent present for either newly hired employees or for the team that you manage. Therefore, a daily work journal is a great tool to have. It comes with various blank pages that can be used for journaling or taking notes, as well as coaching sheets and planning sheets. It comes in 288 pages, which makes it very spacious for your new hires to write things down. 

8. Phone Desk Holder

A phone desk holder makes a very amazing gift for new hires because it functions perfectly to hold their phone, which makes it easier for them to juggle between gadgets during the busy day. The phone desk holder is also quite adaptable, as it can accommodate a variety of electronic devices. However, this phone holder is available only in black. 

9. Mouse Pad for New Hires

Working in front of a screen for long periods of time must make one’s hand feel very uncomfortable. Hence, getting a mouse pad that is comfortable to use while navigating the screen is undoubtedly an outstanding option of gifts for new hires. This mouse pad is looking fancy, especially with the neat stitches on the edge. The anti-slip rubber base also makes this mousepad extra comfortable when used for a long time. 

10. Pack of Pens

Looking for a terrific gift for the new hire not only for the first day of work but also for several months ahead? A set of comfortable and smooth pen is the answer. This set of pens includes 18 individual pens, each of which has the potential for the receiver to have a stick of pens for a long period of time. A wonderful gift as well as an investment for your new employees. This set of pens comes in black ink with a 1 mm tip, making it able to glide smoothly and resulting in bold handwriting. 

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11. Basic Lanyard for New Hires

It is essential for each employee to have an identification card in the workplace. An identity card is really crucial to have because it will allow the other employees to know the identity of each employee as well as the role that they serve in the workplace. Therefore, it is essential for employee in a workplace to wear their identification card. One of the ways to wear an identification card is by using a lanyard

12. Canvas Laptop Bag

Every employee will undoubtedly need to bring a laptop or their gadgets to work everyday. As a result, a laptop bag with a strap is one of the most excellent welcome gifts for new hires. This laptop bag is made of canvas, making it an extremely lightweight laptop bag. There are various compartments on the front side to keep the items organized.

13. Personalized Tumbler with Straw

Giving a basic tumbler is a common gift, but giving a personalized tumbler with a straw is a unique and wonderful gift. Even better, you can customize it with your new employee’s name to make it a unique and heartwarming gift for their first day on the job. It comes in a variety of basic colors including white and black, as well as more colorful colors like pink, rose gold, blue, mint, and light pink.

14. New Employee Welcome Gift Box

A set of employee welcoming gifts containing a notebook, a scrunchie, a pen, and a small piece of chocolate. It comes in a box in black color that gives a professional and sleek-looking gift. You may also personalize the box by writing your new employee’s name on the front. You can also include a heartfelt card that you can personalize.

15. Wired Earphones

Wired Earphones

It is an affordable yet useful. A wired earphone is an excellent small welcome gift for a new employee. Although it may not be a fancy gift, but it will certainly make your new employee smile because of how handy having spare earphones is, especially when the battery on their Bluetooth earphones runs out. These wired earphones come in 5 different beautiful and fun colors: black, green, white, pink, and blue. 

16. Personalized T-shirt

Get your entire team, as well as your new employee, a customized t-shirt with your team’s or company’s logo. Purchasing a t-shirt with a certain logo might help your team feel included and as if they are part of a community or group of people. This personalized t-shirt is made entirely of cotton, making it quite comfortable to wear.

17. Lunch Bag

Bringing a lunch bag to work is a good option for most people who want to immediately have lunch as soon as lunchtime arrives. In addition, the taste of a meal that was prepared at home is incomparably excellent. As a result, a brand-new lunch bag would make an excellent present for your new employee. This lunch bag also comes with a front pocket for easy quick access to place cutleries. 

18. Personalized Bamboo Lunch Box

Lunch might be less little tempting when packed with a boring lunch. So, personalized lunch box made of wooden bamboo is a great way to give your new hires a lunch box that is not boring, but instead extraordinary. Bamboo is used in the fabrication of the container’s top lid, while stainless steel is used for the container’s base. In addition, It also has a built-in strap to help secure the content in place in order to avoid spilling. This bamboo lunch box is available in 8 different types of designs that you can choose. 

19. Custom Name LED Light

Looking for a memorable and lovely gift? A personalized LED light with their full name written on it is the answer. It is undoubtedly a really welcoming and amazing gift, as they may never expect senior employees would greet them with a personalized gift. The base of this name LED light is made of wood, making it an aesthetically pleasing decoration for the new employee’s desk.

20. Funny Quote Mug

Funny Quote Mug

Get a mug that has a funny quote to make the first day of work extra fun and full of laughs. The funny quote also helps the impression that your team is a lot of fun to work with. This mug is available in two sizes: an 11-ounce cup and a 15-ounce mug. It is made out of ceramic for a durable mug that can be used for either hot or cold drinks. 

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21. Custom Notebook

Custom Notebook

On the first day at work, everything is new for your new hires. Therefore a notebook is surely beneficial for them to write things down. However, this notebook is not simply a plain notebook. This is a notebook with a custom name, which makes it a very personalized notebook. Even better, this notebook cover is made out of leather for a very high-quality look. 

22. Colorful Memo Pad

Colorful Memo Pad

Get your new employee ready for work with a set of vibrant memo pads. With a memo pad, passing notes and instructions around in offices that are jam-packed with appointments will be much simpler. As a result, a set of colored memo pads is an excellent gift option that you should consider getting for your new employee.

23. Personalized Docking Station

Gifting your new employees with a docking station that also includes a charging port is guaranteed to be well appreciated. Additionally, it has a space that can hold an Airpod as well as a watch. It gives an organized and clean look to your new employee’s desk. You can also turn this docking station into a more personalized gift by getting a custom name of your new hires written on it.

24. Horse Shoe Gift Box

Horse Shoe Gift Box

Some might say that a used horseshoe brings good luck. Giving a pendant of lucky charm to your new hires is surely welcoming and heartwarming at the same time. You might also include a brief letter expressing your gratitude for having them on your team. You can choose between three types of horseshoe colors: the rustic one, the original cleaned one, and the gold one. Since it is a used horseshoe, each piece is unique and authentic. 

25. Wooden Calendar

Wooden Calendar

It is pretty much essential for new hires to have their own personal calendar. Therefore, purchasing a calendar that is both aesthetically pleasing and one of a kind is beneficial, not only as a calendar, but also as a decoration. This calendar is made of wood and has 12 sides, each of which must be rotated to display a different month. 

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What do you give new hires?

When it comes to choosing gifts for new hires, you could present a gift that is associated with the recipient’s job or things that could be useful for the day-to-day operations of the job. You might alternatively give a present that is more personalized, such as a notebook, tumbler, or lunch box that has been customized just for the receiver. 

What is in a welcome pack for new employees?

You can get a pre-made employee welcome box of gifts that contains essential things for work. It may come as a new hires’ welcome gift box, which includes a notebook that is surely useful for note taking, a pen for writing things down, a scrunchie that will be useful for a girl or long-haired employee, and chocolate to ease the stress. 

What is an employee welcome kit? 

An employee welcome kit is a gift box that contains things that help them get through the first day of work. It could be stationeries, such as pens, memo pads, and a notebook or things more related to your company such as a guidebook, a lanyard, a t-shirt with the company logo, etc. 

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