25 Funny and Helpful Gifts for Insomniacs

Having a sleeping problem is not as fancy as some people might portray on social media. It is not an edgy thing people can just have for a moment to follow what’s trending. It is a serious problem that might affect both physical and mental health.

For those actually struggling with insomnia, all of those memes might still be relatable and funny at some point. But the struggle is real and they have to face it every day in order to go back to their mental state.

If you want to show some support to your loved ones who have insomnia, below is a list of gifts for insomniacs you may want to get. These gifts will entertain them and help them to cope with their lack of sleep problems.

1. Insomnia T-shirt

Insomnia T-shirt

An insomniac may find this t-shirt funny, but they might as well have no more energy to laugh at it. This can be a nice gift for insomniacs especially if you also have sleeping difficulty and want to make fun of it. You can also give this t-shirt to raise insomnia awareness. You can use it to show the insomniacs that they get your support and they are not alone. 

2. Insomniac Coffee Mug

Insomniac Coffee Mug

Having a morning coffee in an insomniac mug can be a good way to show people your lack of sleep. This mug can be a nice gift for insomniacs because they might need more caffeine to start the day. If they use this mug in the office, it will help them explain their lack of energy and tired face to their coworkers.

3. Insomnia Swat Team T-shirt

Insomnia Swat Team T-shirt

So who will come to the rescue when an insomniac has sleep difficulties? Yes, the sheeps. Every insomniac knows it is not always working but still worth trying. Every insomniac must have tried counting the sheeps themselves as they tried to fall asleep. This t-shirt can make a funny gift for insomniacs who always call their SWAT team first thing in the night. 

4. No Sleep Club Sticker

No Sleep Club Sticker

Insomnia is hard and knowing that somebody else is facing the same problem is kinda helpful. This is when a “no sleep” club sticker comes in handy. People can put these stickers on their belongings and when somebody else with insomnia spots it, they can feel not so lonely anymore. This sticker isn’t meant to glorify the messy sleeping schedule, but encourage those who have it to feel supported. 

5. Insomniac Hoodie

Insomniac Hoodie

When they have not enough sleep, at least they can snuggle in this comfortable hoodie and chill. The insomniac print is very unique making the hoodie nice for both at home or go out activities. It is comfortable and provides the warmth and comfort they need perfectly. 

6. Insomniac Graphic Tee

Insomniac Graphic Tee

Facing insomnia doesn’t always have to be so gloomy. Instead, it can be done in glam. This t-shirt is the ultimate insomnia support t-shirt an insomniac can get. It is soft and comfy, with a vibrant print of insomniac represented as a cute bat. This t-shirt is hand bleached and colored making it even more special. 

7. No Sleep Club Enamel Pin

No Sleep Club Enamel Pin

If you have sleeping trouble, it is not too late to join the insomniac support group. Together, you can share your problems and try to find a way to solve it together. This pin will make a nice gift for the whole group members. It will strengthen the bond between the members and encourage everyone to be better. This pin can also be a reminder that change is possible as long as you have the love and support. 

8. The Insomnia Workbook

gifts for insomniacs

A responsible person must want to work on their issues and fix the thing that bothers them. There are a lot of ways to cope with different issues. One of them is through following a certain program. This book is a great start for someone who wants to improve their sleeping schedule. This can be a great gift for insomniacs. Especially if an insomniac you know actually wants to improve and get a better sleeping habit. 

9. Sleep Tracker

gifts for insomniacs

And while they’re following a program, it is very important to keep track of their sleeping habits. This way, they will know if they have already made some improvements or form a better sleeping habit. This sleep tracker will be a nice little gift to help them better understand their sleeping pattern. 

10. Sleep Aid Balm

Sleep Aid Balm

While medication might not always be the best option, we can always turn to natural remedies. This balm is made out of essential oil that is formulated to help people with insomnia. This balm can be a great gift for insomniacs. It will help them to feel more relaxed and get to sleep easier. 

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11. Bedtime Stories for Adults Book

gifts for insomniacs

Who says that the joy of reading bedtime stories ends when we grow up? Reading bedtime stories has so many benefits. One of them is to help us feel more relaxed so we can go to sleep soundly. This book can be a great gift for insomniacs. It covers not only relaxing bedtime stories, but also a guide to help adults with sleeping problems. It also contains self-healing meditation so if you find meditations help, this book is for you. 

12. Satin Sleep Mask

gifts for insomniacs

When we talk about sleeping beauty, we mean sleep soundly with no disturbance. This sleep mask, as we all know, will block unwanted lights that might interfere with our sleep. This mask is a great gift for insomniacs who have photosensitivity. It is made out of satin that feels comfortable and luxurious. In the morning, they will wake up feeling refreshed and beautiful like a princess. 

13. Cool Mist Humidifier

gifts for insomniacs

Humidifiers have become trendy the last few years. It’s quickly becoming one of the essential household items everybody should own. It helps children and adults to have a better quality of sleep. The humidifier acts to spread the aromatherapy goodness that helps us relax. It also provides a more humid air around the bedroom and helps our skin to feel more moist. Not only does it help us with our sleeping quality, it also helps us to feel more relaxed and rejuvenated. 

14. Aromatherapy Oil

gifts for insomniacs

And what goes with the humidifier? A good quality aromatherapy oil. It is known for its natural function to reduce stress and anxiety. It will be the perfect match for the humidifier. And if you don’t have a humidifier, worry not. This aromatherapy oil can be used on its own. You can rub it on your body, pillows, bed sheets, or drop some to a bowl of hot water. It will help you to feel more relaxed and ready for your good night sleep. 

15. White Noise Machine

White Noise Machine

White noises often help us to feel sleepy. But nowadays, it is hard to find natural white noises, especially if we live in the city. This white noise machine was made specifically for that purpose. It comes with 20 different sleep sounds including rain, ocean, bird, and bonfire. It has 32 levels of volume and a timer you can set. Its portable design makes it easy for you to take it on a trip. It will be a nice gift for insomniacs who need some natural sound to get to sleep. 

16. Sleeping Headphones

Sleeping Headphones

Living in a modern world, we can rely on technology for basically everything we need to solve in life including sleeping problems. This device combined a sleeping mask and headphone to give us the best sleeping experience. The memory foam material makes it comfortable for skin contacts even if we wear it all night long. The bluetooth headphone is compatible with Apple and Android devices. You can link it to your device and listen to your favorite white noise track. 

17. Noise Reduction Earplugs

Noise Reduction Earplugs

Some people just can’t afford the slightest sound when they’re sleeping. Some people awakened very easily due to some disturbing sound. This earplug will prevent all of that from happening. It cancels any noise you may find disturbing and potentially disturb their sleep. The earplugs make sure that you will get the best sleeping experience possible. 

18. Sleep Patches

Sleep Patches

These patches contain natural ingredients including natural melatonin, magnesium, and valerian root that are good for our health. It will help us to relax our busy mind and get a better quality of sleep as a result. It helps us not only to fall asleep faster but also stay asleep soundly throughout the night. You can stick it easily in your arms, shoulder, waist, or even foot. Peel easily the next morning feeling refreshed after that much needed deep sleep. 

19. Sleep Aid Device

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This sleep aid device can also be a nice gift idea for insomniacs. It works by adjusting heart rate and relieving headache and anxiety. It is lightweight and easy to carry. It will not take up too much space and will not interfere with your sleep at all. It will help you to fall asleep faster making it perfect for people with sleeping problems. 

20. Insomnia Ear Seed Kit

Insomnia Ear Seed Kit

Since sleeping problems affect us in so many aspects of our lives, it is very important to proactively take action to solve the problem. This ear seed kit can be one of the things to try. This method is also known as auriculotherapy. It has been known for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine to help alleviate insomnia. It is also known to bring the whole body into balance and relax so you can start sleeping better. Each seed kit contains a small black seed from the Vaccaria plant. They are secured on the ear with a piece of adhesive tape over specific acupuncture points. The seeds stimulate the point by exerting mild pressure and help us to feel more relaxed. 

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21. Melatonin Inhaler

gifts for insomniacs

For those who are not fans of humidifiers or patches, this inhaler is worth a try. It contains melatonin and a lavender scent. It serves the same purpose as aromatherapy oil and sleep patches. The only difference is the way we use it. It is convenient and easy to carry and will be a nice gift for insomniacs. 

22. Squishmallow Plush Toy

gifts for insomniacs

Plush toys are not just for kids. We all know that plush toys help us to feel less lonely and less anxious. And if adults find it a little bit uncomfortable to hold a big plush toy, this small size plushie can be a nicer option. It is just the size of our palms and it is squishy. It can be a cute company when we have to struggle with anxiety at night. 

23. Dimmable Bedside Night Lamp

gifts for insomniacs

There is no shame in keeping the light on during the night. If someone has trouble sleeping because they are afraid of absolute darkness, this light will help them. It is dimmable so by the time they are ready to sleep, they can dim it to create a soft glow without interfering with their sleep. It is also very easy to control simply by a touch of our hands. 

24. Weighted Blanket

gifts for insomniacs

You may already hear about this famous blanket that gained popularity in the last few years. This blanket is known to provide more comfort during the night as if someone gives us a hug. This blanket will be a nice gift for insomniacs because it may help them feel more safe during the night. It also can help them to get a better quality of sleep. 

25. Organic Night Tea

gifts for insomniacs

Even if some people prefer to have a glass of wine in the evening, a cup of warm tea is also an option. Tea is known to help us to relax and reduce anxiety. A cup of warm tea will give us the comfort we need. It is a nice beverage to have in the evening and before bedtime. Having it while reading will also help us to fall asleep faster. A bag of this loose tea can be a great gift for insomniacs. 

Latest Post:

What to get someone who is having trouble sleeping?

You can get them natural sleep remedies such as sleep aid balm, aromatherapy oil, or sleep aid devices. It will help them to feel relaxed and relieve some of their stress so they can fall asleep faster. Natural remedies are also better for the long run to help them fix their sleeping habits. 

What are funny gifts for insomniacs?

There are some gifts for insomniacs that are considered funny such as insomniac t-shirts and pins. They will find it funny and laugh because of how relatable those gifts are. Getting them an insomniac coffee mug is also a funny option. 

Does a weighted blanket help with insomnia?

Yes, people find it helpful when facing insomnia issues. The weight adds some comfort so they can feel safer during the night. The comfort it provides also guarantees them with better quality of sleep. It is highly recommended to try and definitely has no side effects. 

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