25 Barber Station Ideas That Attract More Customers

A barbershop is a place where a person can do their own hairstyle and haircut. Barber stations help to make the entire process of hair care more comfortable, efficient and productive with several different tools such as hair dryers and clippers. In addition, people come to a barbershop for the haircut and style but also to relax, and enjoy their time there. These days, barbershop stations are not only places that specialize in cutting hair, but also have become a part of our lives by providing quality services to customers. If you own a barbershop, then you need unique barber station ideas to attract more customers and increase customer satisfaction.

In this article, we have compiled the best barber station ideas that will bring new color in your barbershop station. There are various ideas below that will turn your barbershop station into an eye catching place for your customers. From classic barber station themes with mirrors and sinks to modern barber station accessories you should try, this article below will give you more inspiration. Let’s get started!

1. Sports Themed Barber Station

Barber Station Ideas
Source: pinterest (@Oleg Zhizhenko)

Who doesn’t love sports? Make your baber station look cool with sports posters on the wall. From images of basketball players to American football players, they will make your barbershop station more lively. Paint the wall in red, which gives similar spirits to the wall decor. To complete the furniture, don’t forget to add a barber chair with mirror and sink attached to the wall.

2. Elegant Cream Barber Station with Sink and Mirror

Barber Station Ideas
Source: pinterest (@Ayala salon furniture)

Suppose you want to give a clean and sleek feel without too many barber station accessories, then you can use this idea. Choose elegant cream brick pattern wallpaper to give a little bit of texture if you don’t want too much wall decor. Pair the wall with cream tiles with small black squares pattern on the floor. Simply add black barber chairs with sinks and mirrors in front of them.

3. Masculine Black and Gray Barber Station

Barber Station Ideas
Source: pinterest (@RREM ÇOPANI)

A simple and masculine barber station that will be loved by men, this idea offers function and comfort. Choose black and gray for the main tones on the wall and floor. Add half circle rugs underneath black barber chairs. You can add cabinets attached to the wall to accommodate barber tools with mirrors above. For good lighting, place 3 mini bulb lights on each barber station.

4. Brick and Wood Barber Station

Barber Station Ideas
Source: pinterest (@headcurve.com)

The combination of brick and wood barber stations is indeed elegant and charming. You can use brick wallpaper and wooden floors to give a warm and comfortable feel in your barbershop. Place a wooden frame mirror added to the wall, adding a rustic look to your barber station. You can give more wooden ornaments such as wooden lamps, floating shelves, and partitions.

5. Industrial Style Barber Station

Barber Station Ideas
Source: pinterest (@headcurve.com)

Industrial style is famous for its effortless but impactful interior design. Go for the light gray wall and barber chairs in your barbershop station. Combine it with wooden pattern wallpaper on the floor to add more texture. Use a floating desk on the wall along with mirrors above. You can use wooden frame mirrors in matching tones with the floor. 

6. Simple Single Barber Station

Barber Station Ideas
Source: pinterest (@saloninteriors.com)

In case you want to create a single barber station, you should consider this idea. Utilize the corner of the room for the special station. Place a floating desk and shelves to optimize the small corner space. Add a frameless mirror, giving a spacious feel in your corner. Don’t forget to add a barber chair which has a similar color with the desk and shelves.

7. Modern Barber Station with Wide Mirror

Barber Station Ideas
Source: pinterest (@Angie Spaulding)

This modern barber station is incredibly attractive and unique! Unlike other barbershop stations that have narrow mirrors for each station, this idea allows you to use a wide mirror to make your barber station look spacious. Simply add a large square mirror on the wall, which is connected with the next mirror in the next station. You can decorate the wall with art pictures to make the room more lively.

8. Luxurious Black Barber Station

Barber Station Ideas
Source: pinterest (@thesalonbusiness.com)

Inspired by European interior design, this idea will make your barber station look fancy and elegant. The key is to use all black furniture in the room. From the barber chair and cabinet to the lampshade and classic wall ornament, black color will give an expensive atmosphere. Add a little bit of maroon in the roses decor and curtains, making it more luxurious. 

9. Farmhouse Style Barber Station

Barber Station Ideas
Source: pinterest (@vivadecora.com.br)

Bring back the farmhouse style barber station to give a homey and warm feel. The wood element will be the key to this idea.  Put a large wood frame mirror and barber chair in the wood barber station. You can place the cabinet next to the mirror to store the barber tools. Add some vintage wall decor to the wood barber station such as the old guitar, dart board, and knife ornament. 

10. Cool Barber Station with Skateboard Decor

Barber Station Ideas
Source: pinterest (@RREM ÇOPANI)

If you want modern barber station ideas that will be loved by youngsters, then you should try this concept. Put skateboards on the wall using a special skateboard wall mount to bring a street style feel to your barber station. Use skateboards to border a barber station to another. Don’t forget to cover your barber chair with the iconic red, white, blue cloth inspired by the barber pole.

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11. Modern Barber Station with Nail Salon 

Barber Station Ideas

An incredible barber station idea that will be beneficial for business, this concept will make a one stop hair and nail care. Especially if you have a spacious room, why don’t you combine the barbershop station with a nail salon? The nail salon will be a brilliant idea to fill the empty space in the center of the room. Meanwhile, you can place the barber station facing the wall, along with a sink and black frame mirror.

14. Vintage Classic Barber Station

Barber Station Ideas

Feel the classic barbershop atmosphere that will be loved by many people with this idea. Add the iconic swivel barber pole decor to border each barber station. You can place a barber chair, mirror with lights and a floating desk attached to the wall in each station. To give more texture, use brick pattern wallpaper for the other side of the wall.

15. Modern Minimalist Barber Station

Modern Minimalist Barber Station

In case you love modern barber station ideas, this idea will surely make you fall in love. Simply place a frameless mirror attached to the wall with a rolling cabinet next to it. Choose a light gray barber chair in matching colors with the wall. To add more comfort for customers, you can place a foot rest in each barber station. Add some greenery by placing indoor plants in the floating shelves.

16. Black and Cream Modern Barber Station

Black and Cream Modern Barber Station

Black and cream are a great color combination since it will light up your room. Especially when your barbershop has a large window with a good natural light source, this color combination will never disappoint you. Paint the whole wall in cream to brighten up the room. Customize the rectangle mirror and glass desk with black frame for each barbershop station. Don’t forget to place a black rolling cabinet next to the mirror.

15. Old Style Barber Station

Old Style Barber Station

For those customers who appreciate history and old ornaments, this barber station will surely take a special place in their heart. Paint the wall in unfinished brown tones to give a rustic vibe. Decorate the wall with vintage posters, wooden frame mirrors, and cabinets attached. You also can hang the iconic barber pole to make a statement as the old style barber shop.  

16. Modern Dark Wooden Barber Station

Modern Dark Wooden Barber Station

The combination of modern and rustic is indeed appealing for barbershops. Use this idea if you want an impressive barber station without too many barber station accessories. Choose the dark wooden pattern wallpaper for the barber station, in matching tones with the wood frame mirror for the rustic vibe. Combine it with modern rectangle lights and elegant barber chairs. 

17. Antique Furnishings Barber Station

Antique Furnishings Barber Station - p @airows.com
Source: pinterest (@airows.com)

Turn your barbershop into the classic 80’s vibe with this idea. You need antique furnishings to decorate your barbershop then. Use the old style barber chair and lamp shade for your barber station. Place them facing the wall with mirrors and cabinets attached.  You can also use floating shelves to put some antique decor or your barber tools.

18. Barber Station With Sink and Wall Tiles

Barber Station With Sink and Wall Tiles - p @flickr.com
Source: pinterest (@flickr.com)

Using wall tiles for your barber station is definitely a smart way to maintain your barbershop. Especially in the sink area which has a lot of moisture, wall tiles will prevent your walls from mold. Simply set the half bottom part with wall tiles to avoid the excessive moisture. Use a bright wall tile color in contrast with the painted wall to make your barber shop stand out more. 

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19. Wood Barber Stations in White and Blue

Wood Barber Stations in White and Blue - p @instagram.com
Source: pinterest (@instagram.com)

If you think that wood barber stations only go well with neutral tones such as brown and black, then this idea will give you new insight. You can add cool tones such as blue to brighten up this room. Use white walls to contrast the vivid blue furniture with the oak flooring. You can add blue barber chairs, table decor, and wall art to give more color in your neutral room.

20. Green Wall Barber Station With Mirror Lights

Green Wall Barber Station With Mirror Lights - p @dodecorup.blogspot.com
Source: pinterest (@dodecorup.blogspot.com)

Green color is believed by scientists to make humans calmer. Help your customers feel relaxed in your barbershop with this green themed idea. Paint the whole wall in dark green. Add some LED mirror lights to brighten up your barber station. Put some vintage pictures of famous people on the wall to make your barbershop more lively. They make a great combination to comfort your customers with a good vibe.

21. Simple Industrial Barber Station

Simple Industrial Barber Station
Source: Pinterest (@minervabeauty.com)

This simple barber station has a minimalist industrial design that makes it look clean and adorable, especially because of the long wooden table on the wall. Instead of choosing the usual square mirrors, you can choose round ones that will also make the room look spacious. As for the chairs, just go with the classic black barber chairs and avoid chairs with too many colors. Last touch, paint the walls in white and leave the floor without tiles to highlight the industrial design of the station.

22. Modern Cream-toned Barber Station

Modern Cream-toned Barber Station
Source: Pinterest (@hoogers.nl)

Having a bright barber station will definitely boost your mood. People would love to have their hair styled here while enjoying the cozy ambience. Pick soft cream as the main color theme of the room, and apply the color to every detail of it, including the barber chairs, floor tiles or parquets. Have cream frames for the mirror, and don’t forget to add a white or cream wall clock with a classic design, too.

23. Monochrome Barber Station

Monochrome Barber Station
Source: Pinterest (@~🌸Jackie🌸~)

If you’re the kind of person who loves elegant and sleek design, we have no doubt that you will fall in love with this monochrome barber design. This design can be an inspiration for you to design your own barber station for sure. Pick gray as the main color theme of the interior design and add the elements of black and white into the furniture, wallpapers, floor design and room decor items. Since the design has a touch of modern look, then choose a black and white modern barber chair. 

24. Retro Classic Barber Station

Retro Classic Barber Station
Source: Pinterest (@Ramon Ricote Rojas)

In our opinion, this one is definitely one of the barber station ideas that will never get old. It comes with classic looking mirror frames with racks to store barber stuff like hair combs, hair dryers, tonics and oils. One thing that we love about this idea is the chairs that come in classic red and unique design with a retro vibe. The other thing we love is the adorable tiles that go well with the chairs. 

Art Gallery Barber Station
Source: Pinterest (@insiderpages.com)

This barber station looks as if it is made inside an art gallery full of amazing paintings. If you love arts and are planning to design a new barber station, then having it inside an art gallery can really be a great option. Sometimes you need to think out of the box to create something amazing, right? Your barber station will definitely become a new favorite barber station in town, and will attract art lovers to have a visit. Add a portable two-way mirror and place a classic black barber chair in front of each mirror. A true one-of-a-kind barber station indeed!

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How do I set up a barber station?

You should have enough space for the barber station. Determine the number and the size of the barber station you want to make. Design the concept you want, whether it is a classic or modern barber station. Then, you can purchase the furniture and decoration ornament which is suitable with your barber station idea.

How do barbers attract customers?

Barbers should impress the customers with excellent services and a nice atmosphere in their barbershop. Once the customers are satisfied with the services and good vibes, they will recommend their friends to visit the barbershop. This is the best method for barbers to attract more customers.

How can I make my barber stand out?

Barbers should use social media to promote their skills. Create videos on how they do haircuts and hairstyling. Once people admit their skills, they will visit the barbershop since they want to get the similar experience they saw on the internet. This method will make barbers stand out and get more customers.

What every barbershop needs?

Barber tools are essential in the barbershop such as hair comb, clipper, straight razor, hair shears, towel, and duster. Moreover, the important furniture for the barbershop such as barber chair, mirror, rolling cabinet, and lights. To make the barbershop more lively, you also can add wall decor depending on the concept you want.

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