25 Dresser Mirror Ideas for Your Artsy Bedroom

Whether we realize it or not, a dresser mirror is one of the things in our bedroom that we use everyday, and probably the last thing we use to check our appearance before going out to face the day. So, we think we all agree that a dresser mirror is a crucial element of a bedroom that we need to choose wisely, based on its function and design.

Looking at the countless options of dresser mirrors to choose from, we understand that choosing the right one and making a decision to finally purchase the right mirror is not an easy thing to do. That is why we collected the following 25 dresser mirror ideas to help you in making the right decision.

Do People Still Use Dressers with Mirrors?

Yes. dressers with mirrors are not outdated. You probably think it’s because of the old dresser with a mirror that has been in your guest room for as long as you can remember, but dressers with mirrors are still made today and in modern designs. So, we guess it is you time to change yours with our best recommendation of dresser mirrors ideas.

How Do You Pick A Mirror for A Dresser?

The mirror should be two-thirds or three-quarters the width of the furniture below it to create visual balance; however, feel free to go wider, up to the width of the furniture, if it works in your space. Because the most important thing before buying a dresser mirror is measure your room to fit the mirror.

Best Dresser Mirror Ideas for Bedroom

1. Asymmetrical Dresser Mirror

Asymmetrical Dresser Mirror

If you’re currently in the process of redecorating your room and looking for a unique piece of dresser mirror to match your new unique dresser, we highly recommend this asymmetrical dresser mirror. Made of environmentally friendly materials, this mirror is definitely something to use for many years.  Also, nowadays, the asymmetrical dresser mirror like this is kind of hype item to buy. It is called an aesthetic mirror.

2. Antique Art Deco Dressing Mirror

Antique Art Deco Dressing Mirror

Art deco style lovers will definitely love this Antique Art Deco Dressing Mirror that features a vintage design inspired from the 1920s. Having this antique mirror will not only function as your dresser’s companion, but also as a vintage decoration. The art deco dressing mirror will improve the whole appearance of your bedroom, for instance.

3. Vintage Dresser Mirror with Drawer

Vintage Dresser Mirror with Drawer

Look at this sweet and classic dresser mirror idea and imagine having this in your bedroom on top of your dresser. This vintage dresser mirror is just perfect for any bedroom whether it is your bedroom or your daughter’s bedroom. Undoubtedly, this dresser mirror will be one of the most valuable items in the room to use for a very long time. Moreover, this dresser mirror fits perfectly if the theme of the room is classic. Just look closer at the handle drawer, it is pretty vintage.

4. Chende Large Black Trifold Mirror

Chende Large Black Trifold Mirror

For a woman or girl who loves makeup and needs a large dresser mirror to dress up for a perfect result and appearance, this 3-panel mirror can be one of the perfect dresser mirror ideas. The simple and unique design will look adorable and the 3 panels will eliminate all blank spots that might affect your make up results.

5. Lighted Makeup Mirror 

Lighted Makeup Mirror 

In order to have a look with a perfect glow, every girl needs a dresser mirror with an integrated lighting feature. That’s why you need this Lighted Makeup Mirror to give you a clean and bright reflection, which lets you enjoy the perfect viewing angle for the perfect result. Besides, a lighted make up mirror is pretty functional for a mirror selfie, then upload it to social media. So, it is the perfect choice for you to get a mirror and an instant selfie spot as well.

6. Kate and Laurel Maxfield Round Tabletop Mirror

Kate and Laurel Maxfield Round Tabletop Mirror

Choosing the perfect gift for your dear newlywed friends can be tricky and sometimes confusing. Then, having a dresser mirror as a gift is a good idea! But, if you happen to run out of  the best dresser mirror ideas, why don’t you pick this adorable and elegant tabletop mirror as a wedding gift. Aside from being an adorable bedroom decoration, this dresser mirror will also be very useful to use for many years.

7. Hamilton Hills Large Silver Mirror

Hamilton Hills Large Silver Mirror

All-glass design is actually the main uniqueness of this mirror, as it will look elegant and sleek in your bedroom, making your daily dressing up routines more enjoyable. This mirror is perfect for a bedroom with clean design that highlights colors like white, black and a little bit of gray. So, if you are looking for some minimalist touch for the room, then, it can be the answer!

8. Vintage Wrapped Mirror

Vintage Wrapped Mirror

The real rattan frame makes this vintage-style mirror a nice addition to any bedroom, especially a girl’s bedroom who loves sweet and simple design. Pair this mirror with a simple white wooden dresser and your room will have a touch of simplicity at its best. Besides, having a rattan mirror will create a back to nature style instantly for your room. That’s why, you have no reason to skip this one, right?

9. Coaster Company Leighton Dresser Mirror

Coaster Company Leighton Dresser Mirror

A large dresser needs a large mirror, and there’s nothing better than this large dresser mirror to be the answer to that reason. The metallic finish of the mirror’s frame creates a touch of elegance that brings out the glamorous feeling, making you feel like a star in her own personal dressing room. 

10. Lighted Frameless Dresser Mirror Ideas

Lighted Frameless Dresser Mirror

Looking at this Lighted Frameless Dresser Mirror somehow reminds you of those pretty beauty influencers on social media who often post their videos on make up trends and tutorials. So, if you have a beauty influencer friend who’s birthday is coming up, giving her this mirror as a gift is a great idea. Besides, the design is space-saving since it is pretty slim and modern at a glance. So, why don’t you add this to cart now?

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11. Ayden Coastal Arched Beveled Distressed Dresser Mirror

dresser mirror ideas

Master bedrooms need this kind of dresser mirror, not only to pair with a nice dresser, but also as a piece of decoration to improve the overall appearance of the bedroom. Featuring an arched top and unique white finish, this mirror is perfect for a modern farmhouse with rustic theme. Moreover, the structure is fine detailed with a natural finishing look, it fits for a rustic or Victorian theme.

12. Valenti Framed Arch Mirror

dresser mirror ideas

When versatile is the word that you’re looking for in a dresser mirror for your bedroom, we recommend this Valenti Framed arch Mirror as it offers a sophisticated accent piece with a unique arch shape. The beautiful finish will add an aesthetic touch to your bedroom’s decoration. It may seem simple and common, but it fits very well if you are looking for a minimalist look in your room.

13. Kennington Rectangular Dresser Mirror

dresser mirror ideas

Searching for a dresser mirror with a chic and simple look for a newly designed master bedroom? Then, you should pick this dresser mirror with a casual yet elegant design. You won’t regret having this unique piece, as it will give you the much needed relaxed feelings whenever you enter the master bedroom. Also, this dresser mirror looks like a window, hence, you will feel like having an additional window in the room.

14. Ocean Club Reflection Dresser Mirror

dresser mirror ideas

We all know that dressing up is an important part of every woman’s life. So, we must also understand that all the elements of dressing up must be prepared in advance for the expected end result, including the perfect dresser mirror. So if you’re looking for the perfect dresser mirror ideas for a special woman in your life like your mother, wife, or daughter, this mirror is the one to pick. A wooden material and perfect round shaped is not only good for helping you prepare while dressing up, but also as a room decoration.

15. Palouse Traditional Dresser Mirror

dresser mirror ideas

Gray is known as the color that represents elegance and luxury, especially in terms of interior design and decoration. If you’re looking for a dresser mirror for your gray-themed bedroom, this Palouse Traditional Dresser Mirror with faced buttons is worth considering. It is pretty unique but still in a modern way. It is like one of a kind dresser mirror you’ll find out there.

16. Matsumoto Modern & Contemporary Dresser Mirror

dresser mirror ideas

People say that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, and we agree that this Matsumoto Modern & Contemporary Dresser Mirror perfectly describes the meaning of this phrase. Featuring classy design with simple rectangular shape, this mirror is perfect for any simple and minimalist-themed bedroom. The design is frameless, so it means there is no limit between your wall and the mirror. It also makes the room feel more spacious than before.

17. Kelsi Modern Dresser Mirror

dresser mirror ideas

Being one of the most favorite interior designs, industrial design is also one of the most preferred designs for modern bedrooms. With solid wood and metal being two main materials for industrial design, choosing this Kelsi Modern Dresser Mirror to pair with a wooden dresser is the right thing to do.

18. ACME Furniture Carla Mirror

dresser mirror ideas

This one is also the perfect pick of dresser mirror for a bedroom with industrial design. The combination of solid metal and natural wood as the frame makes it a unique mirror to add to your bedroom. Also, as the wood lover, this can describe how you are in love with a wooden furniture as well.

19. Aleshire Rectangular Dresser Mirror

dresser mirror ideas

Crafted from beveled glass, this rustic-style dresser mirror will be the perfect pair for a dresser with a variety of colors. The rustic gray finish gives this mirror a unique well-worn look that makes it an adorable piece of decoration for any bedroom, especially master bedroom.

20. Hibbler Modern & Contemporary Mirror

dresser mirror ideas

Solid and simple are two words to describe this dresser mirror. Made of engineered wood with teak finish, this dresser mirror is perfect for any bedroom with various styles and themes. Moreover, the design is very modern, minimalist, and functional as a mirror itself. 

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21. Line Rustic Distressed Dresser Mirror

dresser mirror ideas

Calling all gray lovers out there! Those who love the elegant color of gray will definitely love this Line Rustic Distressed Dresser Mirror. This mirror is also spectacular as it has a dramatic cerused oak frame, created by a process that dates 500 years, and the texture of the wood grain is emphasized, the deep pore accentuated. So, there is no doubt that it is one of the most priceless dresser mirror you should buy.

22. Palisade Traditional Dresser Mirror

dresser mirror ideas

If you find yourself searching here and there for that one perfect dresser mirror that can last a lifetime and fit to any room design, then we have the solution for you. This Palisade TRaditional Dresser Mirror features a modern style but still reveres traditional design. So whether it’s today or the next 5 years, this mirror will always be in style to represent both modern and traditional style. This one also fits for a gift to your parents’ room. The design is timeless.

23. CASAINC Reclaimed Pine Wood Mirror

dresser mirror ideas

This natural wooden frame dresser mirror has a design that is simple and natural at the same time. This mirror is not just something that offers you its function, but also a nice element of the bedroom that allows you to check your appearance before you face the day. 

24. ACME Furniture Cargo Mirror

dresser mirror ideas

Add a little touch of masculinity to your bedroom with this cargo mirror. Comes in many colors including gray, black, blue and red, this unique mirror will fit perfectly to your colorful bedroom, adding a fun element to enjoy everyday. We guarantee your spouse will love this one once you hang it on the wall.

25. NICESTi Dresser Mirror Ideas with Light

NICESTi Dresser Mirror with Light

Having this dresser mirror will make you feel like a celebrity preparing for big show, as this unique mirror features a Broadway style that will create a unique and glamorous ambience in your bedroom. A new dresser mirror for makeup and selfie spot? Why not.

Final Thought

When choosing the best mirror for your dresser, always remember that a mirror is more than just an item for you to do your makeup everyday. A mirror is also a decor item that will add a different touch to a room, especially if the mirror has a design that matches the overall design of the room. Therefore, choose a mirror that gives you more than just its basic function, but also a mirror than can be a great decor item.

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