Juno: Smart Lighting Makeup Mirror

Juno: Smart Lighting Makeup Mirror can solve the problem that can haunt you whenever you’re applying makeup – the neverending search for the perfect lighting.

The consequences of applying makeup with bad lighting could be quite disastrous. One minute you think it’s fine but then you step outside, catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and, oh, the horror!

Well, this smart mirror can put your nerves to rest. It has 3 pre-set lighting options (natural sunlight, daylight, and evening light) that allow you to see exactly how your makeup will look wherever you go.

The app that comes with the mirror even allows you to save your own personalized lighting settings. 

Moreover, it’s actually a 4-in-1 smart mirror. Apart from being a makeup mirror, it can also serve as a ring light for taking perfectly lit selfies.

Juno: Smart Lighting Makeup Mirror

Additionally, you can convert it into a reading light. Last but not least, the bottom part of this cool mirror is actually a storage tray where you can keep small jewelry, lipstick and anything else you might need.

Juno: Smart Lighting Makeup Mirror

If you’ve ever struggled with makeup application due to bad lighting, do yourself a favor and get Juno. It can also be the best gift for a girlfriend or wife if you want to make their daily routine a bit easier. 

Juno: Smart Lighting Makeup Mirror

Juno: Smart Lighting Makeup Mirror

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