American Dj Black light

Black Light

American Dj Black 24Blb 2Ft Black light Tube And Fixture

Where can you buy a black light?  Right Here at Awesome Stuff 365! we have loads of awesome affordable Party products and Gadgets, including the very popular American DJ Black Light and other fun Rave items.

Get the party vibes pumping with a Black Light.  Black Lights cause everything to glow in the dark.


  • A 24″ black light complete with bulb and fixture
  • It has a 6′ power cord
  • On/Off switch
  • Reflectors for superior high output
  • 120 volt operation

Ladies pick up some UV Body Paint, UV Lipstick & some UV Nail Polish to go with the theme of the party.  Create an atmosphere that will be visually implanted in the memory of your pairs for many years to come.

Boys grab yourselves a DJ Sound Activated Light Up Rave Shirt.

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