25 Charming Pedestal Deer Mount Ideas To Decorate Your House

Pedestal deer mount is a fancy type of deer mount that people hang on the wall or on their dining room table. Deer pedestal mounts can be made from synthetic or real antlers. And they should be hung in places where they can attract people’s attention and interest. It sometimes looks like a deer statue sitting there, but it is actually wall art. The great thing about a pedestal deer mount is that you can easily turn its head and adjust it so that it looks in another direction. So, this article will help you with great pedestal deer mount ideas with many features to decorate your house, which depends on your taste and budget as well.

If you are planning to add a luxurious and elegant ornament to your house, then you need the best pedestal deer mount ideas. This article will find unique types and models for your pedestal deer mount. From floor pedestals to wall pedestal deer mounts, you will find the ideas to decorate your room.

Without any further ado, let’s jump to the list!

What Is A Wall Pedestal Mount?

A wall pedestal mount is a particular style of mount that is leaned up against a wall with the head turned away from the wall and into space. With a wall pedestal mount, you can hang fancy décor such as an animal’s head. This concept can be the hunting trophy for hunters. For more wall pedestal deer mount ideas, please check our article above.

BEST Pedestal Deer Mount Ideas

1. Floor Pedestal Deer on Tree Trunk

Pedestal Deer Mount Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@coueswhitetail.com)

This is a combination of a floor pedestal base and a tree trunk as the wall mount. This idea allows you to show the deer’s shoulder and a little back but in a standing position. Use a taxidermy deer head to give a realistic visual.

Decorate the base with artificial stones and grasses to bring a natural feel, making it one of the most unique pedestal deer mount ideas you should try. You can have it on your living room to add a dashing touch or family room to adorn the area.

2. Mule Deer Orion Taxidermy

Pedestal Deer Mount Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@orion-taxidermy.com)

An adorable mule deer head to decorate your room will be one of the most charming pedestal deer mount ideas you can try. Orion taxidermy is always made from real antlers, making it a stunning decor.

Choose a large wooden floor pedestal to add balance to its iconic big ears. Put some nature decor such as tree branches, dry grass, and little stones around this iconic character to match the nature vibes.

3. Triple Deer Floor Pedestal

Pedestal Deer Mount Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Kelly Chester)

What a beautiful deer mount art decoration! To create this charming deer mount, simply use multiple mount brackets so you can hold three deer on a one-floor pedestal. Choose the dry tree-style floor pedestal in matching models with their antlers.

It will be one of the most beautiful pedestal deer mount ideas to radiate the charm of animals and nature. Considering the size, you better have it in your living room where you have a blank space on the wall.

4. Deer Pedestal Mount on Farmhouse Bench Style

Pedestal Deer Mount Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@archerytalk.com)

Expose the beautiful side profile of the deer’s head with this idea. Simply use a farmhouse-style floor pedestal with a large tree trunk to hold the deer. Mount the deer on the tree trunk so that it is facing up, creating a stunning side profile.

You also can put some grass and tree trunk decor under the floor pedestal base to add a more natural feel to this decor. If you have a narrow space, consider setting this pedestal deer in the corner of your living room.

5. White Tail Pedestal Deer Mount

Pedestal Deer Mount Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Kevin Pugh)

Show the charm of the powerful white-tailed deer in this idea. You can mount its big head with some of its back on a sturdy tree trunk. Use white tail mount hanger to keep its big head perfectly mounted on the tree trunk.

Add several vines around to the floor pedestal for the forest theme. Don’t forget to add some stones or moss, making it one of the most stunning pedestal deer mount ideas you can try at home.

6. Double Pedestal Deer Mount Decor

Pedestal Deer Mount Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Raymond Isaac)

Having double pedestal deer mount decor is a wonderful idea since you can arrange them in different directions. Use the dual shoulder mount to hold those two big heads on one floor pedestal.

You can use a single tree trunk for the double pedestal deer mount base since its color will blend perfectly with your deer heads.  Add some grass on the base to give a seamless appearance on the pedestal.

7. Barnwood Pedestal with Lights 

Pedestal Deer Mount Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@lumberjocks.com)

Create a stunning focal point in your room with shining pedestal deer mount ideas. Try to utilize the lights to give their appeal. Use a transparent rustic barnwood box for the floor pedestal since it can hold a large white-tailed head very well.

Put some wood and antler skull decor inside the rustic box. Don’t forget to install lights inside the box so it will shine beautifully in your house, especially at night. It will make a fantastic focal point if you set the pedestal against neutral-tone background.

8. Rustic Barrel Floor Pedestal

Pedestal Deer Mount Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Adam)

Bring vintage and rustic floor pedestal style by using old barrels. Use a large old barrel for the floor pedestal to hold a deer. Put some antique skulls and tree trunks inside the barrel to give a rustic feel.

You may also add a little antler skull above the deer’s horn, making it one of the most artistic pedestal deer mount ideas to decorate your home. Consider arranging the pedestal on a wooden barrel to highlight the rustic theme.

9. Deer Pedestal with Grain Planter

Pedestal Deer Mount Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Dustin D-Wasc Wascom)

Suppose you want to use the floor pedestal for the planter as well, you should consider this idea. You can use a tree trunk wall hook to mount the deer’s head on the floor pedestal, instead of hanging it on the wall.

Create a spacious planter on the base so that you can plant some grains on it. We recommend having this setting in your living room to surprise your guests. This is definitely one of the best pedestal deer mount ideas for those who love indoor plants.

10. Wall Mounted Deer Head Peel

Pedestal Deer Mount Ideas

When it comes to wall pedestal deer mount ideas, you can use deer head peel since it will be one of the best options for a realistic look. To add a fancy appearance, you can put a custom plaque barn on this deer mount.

We recommend you use a brown tone matching color with the deer head. For the area, you can consider having one in your patio backyard or in the living room, depending on how wide the wall space is. This is a brilliant idea for a classic house style.

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11. Wooden Wall Pedestal Deer with Real Antler

Pedestal Deer Mount Ideas
Wooden Wall Pedestal Deer with Real Antler

For those who have a limited budget to get the real deer head, you can try this idea. Mount the wooden carved head deer on the wall pedestal. However, you can put the real antlers on it to add to its appeal.

It is a perfect pedestal deer mount idea that is still affordable. This pedestal deer mount is an ideal decor for farmhouse and rustic house styles. You can mount it against a white wooden wall to highlight its dashing design.

12. Artificial Male Deer Head Mount

Pedestal Deer Mount Ideas
Artificial Male Deer Head Mount

If you are looking for affordable pedestal deer mount ideas, simply use the artificial deer head for the house decor. This is ideal for classical interiors or minimalistic interiors that need a dash of detail.

You can customize its size and antlers design so it will fit in your room. This is a great idea for someone who wants to use a pedestal deer mount to adorn their home for the first time. To make it a centerpiece, mount it on a white wall.

13. Pedestal Stuffed Deer Mount

Pedestal Deer Mount Ideas

At first glance, you may think that this is a real deer head. In fact, this is an artificial deer head stuffed! Covered with faux fur, it looks realistic and a bit creepy as if the deer is still alive.

This is definitely one of the best artificial deer mount ideas, which resembles the real one. This wall pedestal deer mount with table hooker trophy mount will provide a sturdy installation.

14. Real Wall Mounted Deer Head

Pedestal Deer Mount Ideas

A simple and minimalist wall pedestal deer mount, this idea emphasizes its realistic visual. This is one of the most elegant pedestal deer mount ideas since it features a perfect balance head.

With the sturdy European deer hanger, this amazing decor will be beautifully mounted on the wall. You don’t need to put another ornament since it has a strong presence in the room.

15. Taxidermy Mounted Stag Head with Unique Antlers

Pedestal Deer Mount Ideas

In case you are looking for unique pedestal deer mount ideas, then you can try this idea.  Using an antler mounting kit, you can create the unique antler style you want, a perfect idea for those who appreciate art.

Mount the deer head on the wooden barn plaque to give a fancy appearance. And try to use a plain background with a brighter tone to highlight this pedestal design. This idea is suitable for both modern and classic house styles.

16. Deer Hunting Skull Trophy

Deer Hunting Skull Trophy

What amazing house decor! This is definitely one of the best pedestal deer mount ideas for hunters. Placing your own hunted deer skull on the wall will give a strong statement as a professional hunter to your guests.

This house decoration is like a precious trophy in your life. Use the wood mount pedestal plaque to place its vulnerable deer skull and feature this amazing piece in your living room to add a captivating visual.

17. Male Deer Latch with Bell

Male Deer Latch with Bell

A classic decor in your house gate, this pedestal deer mount is one of the most stunning pedestal deer mount ideas outdoors. Made from metal, you can customize its size and model to match themes with your house gate.

This decor can also be your good luck charm that protects the house. Don’t forget to hang an iron bell on its head, making functional decor as your guests come. You can either have one in your house gate or patio, depending on your home design.

18. White Faux Taxidermy Hunting Trophy

White Faux Taxidermy Hunting Trophy

If you have a white wall and want to keep your house clean and neat, you can choose a white faux taxidermy hunting trophy for the decor. Customize its model and color in matching tones with your white wall.

You can use a hook trophy mount to hang it on the wall and consider grey walls if your house highlights industrial design. This is definitely one of the best pedestal deer mount ideas for those who love neutral tones.

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19. Mounted Deer Head with Large Antlers

Mounted Deer Head with Large Antlers

One of the best pedestal deer mount ideas with large antlers, and you can face its head down! Use a skull hooker for taxidermy to mount its large head since you need a sturdy installation for this idea.

Leave some space above to put its large antlers up to the ceiling. We recommend having one against wooden or white walls if your home features a minimalist interior. This idea will give a magnificent decor vibe, like a large deer watching over you.

20. Wall Mounted Deer Taxidermy with Branches and Stones

Wall Mounted Deer Taxidermy with Branches and Stones
Source: Pinterest (@tietztaxidermy.com)

Suppose you need more charming wall pedestal deer mount ideas, we have got you covered! Put some branches and stone decor on one side of the deer head. You may add some dried flowers and antique skulls to give a rustic feel.

Since it will be placed on the wall, consider choosing a robust mount to prevent the decoration from falling down. And instead of hanging it on the wooden walls with the same tone, consider lighter ones or plain walls to turn this piece into a focal point.

21. Wall Island-shaped Pedestal Deer

Wall Island-shaped Pedestal Deer
Source: Pinterest (@Johna Ann)

This island-shaped pedestal deer features a unique base that represents the island on which you usually have your deer hunting spree with your fellow hunters. The base is covered by leather material that makes it look adorable since it comes as part of the head of the deer.

Knowing it has a large size, it will be better to feature it in a wide area, such as your living room or patio to welcome your guests. It is indeed the perfect idea of pedestal deer for a true hunter.

22. Wooden Pedestal Deer with Arrows

Wooden Pedestal Deer with Arrows
Source: Pinterest (@Cole Taggart)

This neat and clean wooden pedestal deer is perfect to be part of home decorations, to be placed on the corner, or in a true hunter’s living room. It features a wooden base with two arrows that are a wonderful and classic accent.

For the main base, you can also stick a wooden board in a shape that represents an island. Besides, the board serves as a mounting space to give an aesthetic appeal. If you wish to make this pedestal the main star, you better hang it on a white wall.

23. Natural Pedestal Deer with Straw

Natural Pedestal Deer with Straw
Source: Pinterest (@Adam)

The next one on our list is this super cool pedestal deer. It is made using raw wood and straws that give a touch of nature and shows a unique forest-like appearance you can rely on to adorn your wall.

Based on the size of this item, it will definitely become a new focal point inside any hunter’s living space. We recommend having one in your living room or collection room if you have one. Make sure the area is pretty vast to arrange this large piece.

24. Barrel Base Pedestal Deer

Barrel Base Pedestal Deer
Source: Pinterest (@Adam)

Make use of your old barrel and turn it into this adorable pedestal deer. It will look super nice, especially if you place it in a special corner spot at home, such as the living room and family room.

If you are going for a rustic look, you can add dry leaves or raw wood to be added to the decorations, and voila! You have an adorable pedestal deer at home to enjoy every day. Just make sure the leaves stick firmly to the barrels, otherwise, they will spread all over the place.

25. Artistic Wooden Pedestal Deer

Artistic Wooden Pedestal Deer
Source: Pinterest (@thewildlifegallery.com)

If you consider yourself a hunter who happens to love art, then this one’s for you! This pedestal deer comes in the form of art that will be super elegant as your decor item at home.

It looks like a sculpture made of high-quality wooden material that will look perfect wherever you place it. However, due to its big size, you must consider a wider area to feature this piece of art. We recommend the living room, backyard patio, or family room to showcase this item.

Final Thoughts

Pedestal deer mount ideas give you a platform to display your prized hunting trophies. Having diverse designs you can find in the market, they offer interesting options for decorating your home with a rustic, artistic feel. However, these pedestal deer’s are also suitable for industrial and even modern minimalist home designs.

You just need to adjust the interior to suit your home team. Once you have it on the wall, these decorations will make a stunning statement piece and elevate your home’s beauty while celebrating your hunting achievements.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What do you hang a deer mount on the wall with?

For the deer head, you can use a wall mount hooker which is designed for a wall pedestal. Use a heavy-duty lag screw centered on a wall stud to properly hang your deer. This will ensure that your taxidermy mount will remain securely in place. In addition, you can add a wooden plaque to give an artistic vision.

Does heat ruin deer mounts?

Yes. Excessive heat may harm your deer mounts. Too much heat will cause cracking, shrinking, and so forth, even if it is installed properly. The ideal storage environment for your mounts is one with a controlled temperature range.

How do you know if a deer mount is good?

First, it should have tanned skin since it determines its durability. In addition, it should have clean mouthlines. Moreover, if you examine the nose of a real deer, you will see that it is initially black and gradually fades to a gray hue where the nose meets the lips. These minute features will be included in the best deer head mounts.

How do you arrange deer heads on the wall?

You should decide the direction of the head before mounting it on the wall since it will impact your overall room design. Then, use a sturdy mount hooker and place the head right in the center to get the best balance. If you add another ornament, make sure it’s also mounted well to prevent it from falling down.

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