25 Unique Towel Racks for Artistic Bathroom

If you think that a towel rack is just an extra item inside your bathroom, you might want to think again. It is actually comes as something more than that. Yes, it is functional, but it can also comes as something that makes your bathroom looks more artistic. However, it can only be achieved if you add a towel rack that offers uniqueness, which the common towel racks don’t usually have. Therefore, you need to make sure that you pick some unique towel racks that will add a touch of uniqueness to the bathroom.

The right towel rack is good to make your bathroom looks artistic, especially if you are an artist or love to sing in the shower. We know that a plain towel rack that is boring, right?

Therefore, to make sure you have enough recommendations on some unique towel racks, we have created a list of some towel racks that we believe, not boring at all. We even think that you might want to bathe more often, or spend your time in the bathroom longer after you choose to buy one of these 25 unique towel racks below.

What Are The Benefits of Using A Towel Rack?

Using a towel rack in your bathroom offers a multitude of benefits that can significantly enhance your daily routine. Firstly, it brings a sense of order and neatness to your space, providing a designated spot for hanging and storing towels. No more messy piles or towels draped over surfaces! Additionally, a towel rack promotes efficient drying by allowing air to circulate around the towels, preventing the growth of mold, mildew, and unpleasant odors. With towels conveniently hung on a rack, you can easily grab a dry towel whenever you need one, saving you time and frustration.

Moreover, using a towel rack helps to prolong the lifespan of your towels by keeping them fresh and free from moisture. Lastly, towel racks come in various stylish designs, allowing you to add a touch of personal flair to your bathroom décor. Say goodbye to cluttered spaces and hello to a well-organized and aesthetically pleasing bathroom with the help of a towel rack.

Can You Install A Towel Rack Yourself?

Absolutely! Installing a towel rack, by yourself, can be a rewarding and straightforward DIY project. Most towel racks come with easy-to-follow instructions and the necessary hardware for installation. With a few basic tools like a drill, level, and screwdriver, you can have your towel rack up and ready in no time. Just make sure to choose an appropriate location on the wall, measure and mark the mounting points, and securely attach the rack using the provided screws or anchors.

Remember to double-check that it is level before tightening the screws. DIY installations not only save you money but also give you the satisfaction of completing a small home improvement task. So go ahead, grab your tools, and enjoy the convenience and functionality of your newly installed towel rack!

BEST Tower Racks You Can Choose

1. Tier Swivel Pipe Towel Rack

unique towel racks

Let’s start the list with one of the unique towel racks that has three tiers of hangers. Thanks to its unique design, you will be able to put up to three towels at once, and all the towels will fit right in, just like the picture above.

You can also rotate it so the towels don’t have to stick to one another, keeping them dry all the time. You can pick this for your bathroom, or if you have a friend who would need a tiered towel rack like this one, we believe this unique tiered towel rack will suit them. 

2. Nautical Towel Rack

unique towel racks

Having a nautical towel rack is one a great idea, since we think that this unique towel rack is perfect for you who own a lake house or a villa near the beach. Looking at how cool this towel rack is, we think you need to know that it is made by military veterans. So, you don’t need to doubt its durability.

It comes in two color options which are classic gray and espresso, made of high-quality wood materials. We believe without a doubt, this towel rack is as strong as the military veterans back when they were in their prime condition.

3. Hexagon Towel Ring

unique towel racks

A hexagonal shape is one of the most popular shapes used for home decor these days. It’s truly a good news for us knowing that there is a unique towel rack that comes in the shape of hexagon. Yes, it really does exist!

Based on it’s unique design, it is truly the perfect item for simply everybody. However, in our opinion this is one of the most unique towel racks for math students or anyone who loves math. That is, especially if they like geometry very much. In addition to the design, the hexagon shape doesn’t limit its functionality, because it can also be used to hang clothes, too!

4. Gedy Bridge Polished Towel Rack with Sliding Rails

Gedy Bridge Polished Towel Rack With Sliding Rails

Just look at this unique towel rack with that comes in silver color and a modern style. We think you will agree if we say that this towel rack looks like a super useful item that will allow you to put more than five towels at once.

In our opinion, having this item means that you will not only enjoy a small rack to accommodate five towels, but you will also have a unique item to make your bathroom looks aesthetic and modern. Moreover, if you have friends that is currently building a new house, this cool silver towel rack will be the perfect gift.

5. Rustic Towel Rack

unique towel racks

A stylish towel rack that can also become a storage to keep your towels clean is a good offer. Take this rack for instance. This one in our opinion is one of the most unique towel racks that offers you a vintage feel with extra functionality.

The railway will give you a vintage feeling, and at the same time give you an unlimited compliment to your bathroom, thanks to its iconic style. Furthermore, this towel rack is easy to clean. In short, we definitely think this towel rack is a good choice of item to mount inside your bathroom, or to be given as a gift to a person who needs it inside their bathroom.

6. Neu Home Towel Racks

unique towel racks

Does your family needs a unique towel rack to add a touch of modern touch to the family’s bathroom? We believe this this towel rack will be the answer. It is made of high-quality material that ensures durability. However, the most unique part about this towel rack is definitely the design.

It comes with three hangers and a flat store on top, which will be useful for you to put clean hand towels, a scented candle or even perhaps some toilet tissues. In our opinion, this is a unique towel rack that comes with both hangers and extra storage. A newlywed should have this item at home.

7. 3-Bars Rotation Towel Rack

unique towel racks

Next up we have a towel rack that will fit the taste of those who love simple design. If you take a look at this item, we think you will agree that it is one of the most unique towel racks that deserves a spot inside your bathroom, if you are a fan love simple and minimalist design.

In addition, it still offers functionality despite its simple design. As you can see, the three arms will allow you to hang more than just one towel at once. Also, you can rotate the arms to make sure the towels can easily get dry after use.

8. TocTen Bath Towel Rack

TocTen Bath Towel Rack

Square base and seamless, saving space and good design. These are the best words to describe this next towel rack. Made of thickening material with proven durability, we believe there is simply no reason to skip buying this cool towel rack. There is no reason, really.

Based on it’s super cool design, this is the most recommended towel rack for a industrial-themed bathroom. So, if your bathroom has industrial theme, we definitely think this one is for you. Moreover, a friend with a small bathroom might also love to have this as a gift, too.

9. Kalalou CQ1024 Hanging Towel Rack

unique towel racks

Next up we have an iron-made towel rack. To be honest, we just have to include this item to our list. Because you know what? You can easily know that it’s one of the most unique towel racks just by seeing it.

Aside from it’s unique design, it also has an additional basket which you can use to put bathroom essentials there. Also, we think it would be a good idea to give this to a person who needs not only a towel rack, but also a basket to put things in it.

10. Rack Bathroom Retro Industrial Triangle

unique towel racks

If you like the hexagon-shaped towel rack earlier, then we think you might also like this one as well. It is one of the most unique towel racks that might appeal to you as well, but this one comes as a triangle towel rack.

Fits for one towel only, this item offers a simple design but still useful to hang your hand towel. Besides the bathroom, you can also put this in the kitchen.

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11. Minimalist Towel Storage & Display

unique towel racks

Does minimalist design suits you? If it does, then we believe this towel rack will come as the perfect item for you. In terms of design, it has a simple design but can still add some decoration to your bathroom.

Made of high-quality walnut wood, this rack can fit more than three standard-sized towels, which proves its functionality. In our opinion, this towel rack will make a person who loves minimalist style happy.

12. 2 Tier Freestanding Towel Racks

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Standing towel racks that can put many towels at once is one of the unique towel rack ideas that you should implement. The towel rack offers an extraordinary exterior design that has rust proof, durable, and anti-corrosive properties.

Also, it has an anti-slip feature that makes it safer for its user. Moreover, we also think that you can give this towel rack as a gift to the newlywed couple.

13. SunnyPoint Elite Countertop Hand Towel Rack

SunnyPoint Elite Heavy Weight Countertop Hand Towel Rack

A T-shaped towel rack is simple, but its simplicity makes it one of those unique towel racks that can be considered as an art piece to be placed inside your bathroom. It comes in a standing rack design that we truly will fulfill the elements of simplicity and practicality at the same time.

In addition, the towel rack is not only used for hanging towels but also for hanging jewelries, too!

14. Ladder Hand Towel Rack for Bathroom

Ladder Hand Towel Rack for Bathroom

Ladders are used to climb a specific place. To be precise, a higher place than your jump is not enough to reach it. But, who would have though that a ladder can inspire the design of a towel rack?

The ladder-shaped towel rack is without a doubt one of the most unique towel racks, because in reality a real ladder can also be used as a towel rack. As long as you are not using it as a real ladder, meaning that you are stepping on it, it can be a great place to store clean towels.

15. Rustic Industrial Faucet Design

Rustic Industrial Faucet Design Black Metal Towel Ring

A faucet that works as a towel rack? Well for us, it sounds like one of the unique towel rack ideas to implement. The faucet will not release water at all, but it does help you to hang your towel while you enjoy your bath session.

In terms of design, at a glance we can definitely see that it is an industrial-designed towel rack, and it’s perfect to hang a small-sized towel like your hand towel. In addition, this industrial design towel rack can also be used to hang scarves and jewelries.

16. Copper Pipe V SHAPED’ Towel Holder

unique towel racks

V may symbolize victory. If victory is part of your life, or if you are an athlete who always aims victory in whatever you do, then we have to tell you that you need to have this item inside your bathroom. This towel rack deserves a nice spot inside your bathroom.

As we know, an athlete must keep their self-confidence, while a towel rack that comes in the shape of a V that stands for victory, can be a good towel rack to keep their minds strong.

17. Unique Southwestern Towel Holder

Unique Southwestern Holder

This towel rack has a horse, cactus, and also a sun that represent the wild west life, which we believe is truly one of the unique towel racks. If you are a cowboy inside and wanting to add a touch of cowboy life into your personal bathroom, then we believe this western-themed towel rack is the perfect item to pick.

Moreover, this design comes pretty rare nowadays. You should give this to your wild west geek friend as a gift.

18. Unique Oval Towel Rack

unique towel racks

From hexagon and triangle, now how about a unique towel rack with a geometrical shape with no angle at all? We would definitely say yes to that, especially if it comes in the form of a unique towel hanger in the shape of a pipe, just like this one. It looks so industrial, which makes it perfect for your industrial-themed bathroom.

Moreover, we also think that the design makes it look like a perfect gift for an engineer or laboratory person.

19. Stick-On Hand Towel Rack

Stick-On Hand Towel Rack

What is special about this towel rack? In case you are wondering, what so special about this unique towel rack is definitely the self-adhesive installation that makes it able to stick anywhere. For instance, metal, glass, and even tiles.

With such a simple and minimalist design, it will come as the perfect addition to your bathroom. Plus, you can put it near the shower, bathtub, and perhaps the faucet to have a towel within your reach.

20. 6-Rung Modern Chrome-Plated Metal

6-Rung Modern Chrome-Plated Metal

If you have a lot of towels to hang, you don’t necessarily have to buy a bunch of towel racks. Nope. Don’t worry, because you only need to buy this one towel rack. This item offers functionality that makes it one of the unique towel racks on this list.

With its sturdiness, size, and it’s standing design, it will make a wonderful and useful addition to your bathroom, no doubt about it. Moreover, in our opinion it will also make a perfect gift for a newlywed couple who has just moved in to their new house.

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21. Rope Towel Holders

Rope Towel Holders

It’s easy to install and it comes in a cowboy theme. These are two reasons why we think this next towel rack will fit for any room. The versatility of this towel rack is just amazing, if we may say.

Even though its shape is not like any other towel rack, we can guarantee that the towel will stay fit just like an ordinary towel rack. Not to mention that the wild west geek should like this as a gift, too.

22. Design Metal Fingertip Towel Holder

Design Metal Fingertip Holder

The two-sided design is perfect to put two hand towels at once.

Made of high-quality materials, we can assure you that the durability of this towel rack is pretty good as well, since it is made of steel. If that’s not enough for you, we think you know that it also has soft foams pad in the base to prevent scratches. Plus, its ring-like shape also makes it a great gift for your spouse.

23. Antique Brass 3-Arm Swing Towel Rack

Antique Brass 3 Arm Swing Towel Rack

Good news! The flexible towel rack is ready for duty. Being one of the most unique towel racks that deserves a spot in our list, this rack can be rotated up to 180 degrees and constructed with premium brass.

In our opinion, the unique design and golden color make it one of the unique towel racks that need to be put into consideration. You can have it either for yourself, or you can also make it a perfect gift for your crazy rich friends.

24. Y&ME 2 Tier Wall Mounted Bathroom Shelf

Y&ME 2 Tier Wall Mounted Bathroom Shelf With Towel Racks

For busy people, we highly recommend this towel rack as it will help them reduce their workload. If you wonder why, well it’s because the damp-proof and heat-resistant features can give the user a hand when they need a place to place their shampoo, soap, toothbrush in a reachable spot.

Moreover, in our opinion the rack is also a good gift for an employee who does the job from 9 A.M. till 5 P.M.

25. 4-Pieces Bathroom Wall Mounted

4-Pieces Bathroom Wall Mounted Towel Rack Pack

Modern people need modern towel racks. Based on that reason, we think this next item will come as the best towel rack for them. This is one of the unique towel rack ideas that come to mind if you need a quick installation, durable, beautiful design, and also versatility.

In addition, if you happen to have a friend with black as their favorite color, don’t hesitate to give this to them as a gift.

Final Thoughts

If you think a towel rack don’t need to be fancy and stuff, you might want to think again. Aside from being a functional bathroom item, a towel rack can actually be a nice décor item to make your bathroom looks aesthetic, too!

So, before you but the plain and standard-designed towel racks, make sure you check out our list above and we believe you will have more ideas and inspirations on how to make a towel rack becomes a nice addition to your bathroom.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do you choose the right towel rack for your bathroom?

Choosing the right towel rack for your bathroom can be an exciting endeavor! Here are some tips to help you find the perfect one that suits both your practical needs and personal style:

  • To start, consider the available space in your bathroom. Measure the wall area where you want to install the towel rack to ensure it fits proportionally. Next, think about the desired capacity. If you have a large household or frequently host guests, opt for a towel rack with multiple bars or hooks. For smaller spaces or personal use, a compact towel rack with a single bar or a towel ring might suffice.
  • Additionally, take into account the style and finish that matches your bathroom décor. Whether you prefer a modern, minimalist look or a more traditional design, there are various styles and finishes available to choose from. Consider the functionality of the towel rack as well. Some racks come with added features like shelves or hooks, providing extra storage space for toiletries or bath essentials.
  • Lastly, assess the installation options and your comfort level with DIY projects. Many towel racks come with easy-to-follow instructions and necessary hardware for installation. By considering these factors, you can select the perfect towel rack that meets your practical needs while adding a touch of elegance to your bathroom.

By considering these factors, you can confidently choose the right towel rack that not only meets your practical needs but also adds a touch of elegance and organization to your bathroom space. Happy towel rack shopping!

What else can you use a towel rack for?

A towel rack can be used not just to put a towel in it, but also other clothes such as caps, coats, and even bags. Even its name is a towel rack, you can put anything in it as long as it is fits.

Can towel racks be used to organize hair styling tools?

Absolutely! Towel racks can be an excellent solution for organizing hair styling tools. Consider using the bars or hooks to hang hairdryers, curling irons, straighteners, or even brushes. This helps keep your styling tools easily accessible, prevents tangled cords, and frees up counter space in your bathroom or vanity area.

Simply plug in your tools nearby and hang them on the towel rack when not in use. It’s a convenient way to keep everything neatly organized and within reach for your daily hairstyling routine.

Can you customize bathroom towel rack?

Customization of bathroom towel rack is a basis of unique towel rack ideas. You can customize it depending on its size, color, and even its shape like a drop of water, and a fishbone towel rack that is mentioned above.

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