25 Unique Towel Racks for Artistic Bathroom

Unique towel rack ideas are good to make your bathroom look artistic, especially if you are a painter or like to sing in the shower.  A towel rack that is just a simple towel rack looks boring, right? Unique towel rack ideas will make it not boring at all. Maybe you will bathe more often or spend your time in the bathroom longer after you choose to buy one of these 25 unique towel racks below.

1. Tier Swivel Pipe Towel Rack

unique towel racks

This is one of the unique towel rack ideas that have a tier in it. You can put more towels and fit their size just like the picture above. If you have a friend who owns a lot of towels, this tiered towel rack will suit them. 

2. Nautical Towel Rack

unique towel racks

The nautical towel rack is one of the unique towel rack ideas that you should try if you own a lakehouse or a villa located near a beach. Since this towel rack is made by military veterans, you don’t need to doubt its durability. Without a doubt the towel rack is as strong as them while military veterans are in their prime condition.

3. Hexagon Towel Ring

unique towel racks

A hexagonal shape is one of the unique towel rack ideas out there. It does exist. The towel rack is suitable for math students, especially if they are excel or like geometry very much. The hexagon shape doesn’t limit its functionality. It also can be used to hang many clothes.

4. Gedy Bridge Polished Towel Rack With Sliding Rails

Gedy Bridge Polished Towel Rack With Sliding Rails

Just look at the silver color with modern style in it. The towel rack looks like a twin that will make you can put towels more than five. If you have friends that building a house right now, you should give a cool silver towel rack to them.

5. Rustic Towel Rack

unique towel racks

A stylish towel rack and can be your towel’s place are a good offer. The railway will give you a vintage feeling and give you an unlimited compliment in your bathroom because of its iconic style. Furthermore, this towel rack is easy to wash, so it is a good choice to give this as a gift to a person who typically lazy to wash their clothes.

6. Neu Home Towel Racks

unique towel racks

Does your family need unique towel rack ideas to build a wonderful household? If yes, the answer should be this towel rack. The towel rack is not only for towels but also adds additional space to the bathroom. A newlywed should have this as a present from their friend.

7. 3-Bars Rotation Towel Rack

unique towel racks

One of the unique towel rack ideas that should be implemented because of its functionality despite its simple design. The three arms make you can hang more than just one towel at once in a tidy fashion and separate place to make it easier to dry.

8. TocTen Bath Towel Rack

TocTen Bath Towel Rack

Square base and seamless, saving space and good design, made of thickening material with proven durability. Is there any other reason not to buy this cool towel rack? There is none. A friend with a small bathroom might like this as a gift.

9. Kalalou CQ1024 Hanging Towel Rack

unique towel racks

An iron-made towel rack. Why this is one of the unique towel rack ideas? It is because there is an additional basket which you can put anything there. A good idea to give this to a person who needs not only a towel rack but also a basket to put things in it.

10. Rack Bathroom Retro Industrial Triangle

unique towel racks

If you like the hexagon towel rack earlier, this one of the unique towel rack ideas might appeal to you as well. A triangle towel rack, simple design but useful to put the towel in it. Besides the bathroom, you can also put this in the kitchen.

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11. Minimalist Towel Storage & Display

unique towel racks

Does a minimalist style suit you? This towel rack has a simple design but still can also decorate your bathroom. The rack can contain more than three towels which proves its functionality. Crafted with a high-quality walnut. This towel rack will make a person with wood minimalist style taste happy.

12. 2 Tier Freestanding Towel Racks

Towel Rack Stand, 2 Tier Freestanding Towel Racks for Bathroom

Standing towel racks that can put many towels at once is one of the unique towel rack ideas that you should implement. The towel rack offers an extraordinary exterior design that has rust proof, durable, and anti-corrosive properties. Also, it has an anti-slip feature that makes it safer for its user. You can give this towel rack as a gift to the newlywed couple.

13. SunnyPoint Elite Countertop Hand Towel Rack

SunnyPoint Elite Heavy Weight Countertop Hand Towel Rack

A T-shaped towel rack is simple but one of the unique towel rack ideas that fulfill simplicity in its design and practical usage. The towel rack is not only used for hanging towels but also for hanging jewelry. 

14. Ladder Hand Towel Rack for Bathroom

Ladder Hand Towel Rack for Bathroom

Ladders are used to climb a specific place. To be precise, a higher place than your jump is not enough to reach it. The ladder-shaped towel rack is one of the unique towel rack ideas because in reality a real ladder can also be used as a towel rack, but because it usually being stepped on, it is not used due to its dirtiness. 

15. Rustic Industrial Faucet Design

Rustic Industrial Faucet Design Black Metal Towel Ring

A faucet that works as a towel rack? Sounds like one of the unique towel rack ideas to implement. The faucet will not release water at all but helps you hang your towel there while you enjoy your bath session. This industrial design towel rack also can be used to hang scarves and jewelry.

16. Copper Pipe V SHAPED’ Towel Holder

unique towel racks

V may symbolize victory. A winner and a champion (usually athletes) should have this towel rack in their bathroom. An athlete must keep his/her self-confidence, while V stands for victory can be a good towel rack to keep their minds strong.

17. Unique Southwestern Towel Holder

Unique Southwestern Holder

This towel rack has a horse, cactus, and sun which represent wild west life which is one of the great unique towel rack ideas. The western theme for a towel rack is quite rare today. You should give this to your wild west geek friend as a gift.

18. Unique Oval Towel Rack

unique towel racks

From hexagon and triangle. How about unique towel rack with a geometrical shape with no angle at all? For instance, oval. The industrial design makes it look like a perfect gift for an engineer or laboratory person.

19. Stick-On Hand Towel Rack

Stick-On Hand Towel Rack

What is special about this towel rack? It has a self-adhesive installation that can stick to anywhere, for instance, metal, glass, and tiles. Also, you can put this near shower, bathtub, and faucet to have a towel within your reach.

20. 6-Rung Modern Chrome-Plated Metal

6-Rung Modern Chrome-Plated Metal

Have a lot of towels to put on, so you need to buy a bunch of towel racks? Don’t worry, you only need to buy this one towel rack. The functionality only makes it one of the unique towel rack ideas. With its sturdy, wide, and upright properties, it is a perfect gift for a newlywed couple who has just started their household.

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21. Rope Towel Holders

Rope Towel Holders

Easy to install, cowboy theme, fit for any room. The versatility of this towel rack is just amazing. Even though its shape is not like any other towel rack, the towel will stay fit just like an ordinary towel rack. A wild west geek should like this as a gift.

22. Design Metal Fingertip Towel Holder

Design Metal Fingertip Holder

The two-sided design is perfect to put two towels at once. The durability is good too because it is made of steel. Not to mention it has soft foams pad in the base to prevent scratches. Its ring-like shape makes it a great gift for your spouse.

23. Antique Brass 3 Arm Swing Towel Rack

Antique Brass 3 Arm Swing Towel Rack

The flexible towel rack is ready for duty. The rack can be rotated up to 180 degrees and constructed with premium brass. The unique design and golden color make it one of the unique towel rack ideas. A perfect gift for your rich friends.

24. Y&ME 2 Tier Wall Mounted Bathroom Shelf

Y&ME 2 Tier Wall Mounted Bathroom Shelf With Towel Racks

For busy people, this towel rack will help them to reduce their workload. The damp-proof and heat-resistant give the user a hand if they also need a place to place their shampoo, soap, toothbrush, etc. The rack is a good gift for an employee who does the job from 9 A.M. till 5 P.M.

25. 4-Pieces Bathroom Wall Mounted

4-Pieces Bathroom Wall Mounted Towel Rack Pack

Modern people need modern towel racks. This is one of the unique towel rack ideas that come to mind if you need a quick installation, durable, beautiful design, and versatility. If you have a friend with black as their favorite color, don’t hesitate to give this to them as a gift.

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