25 Vintage GI Joe for Collectors and US Armies Fans

Did you know that GI stands for government issues? GI Joe was inspired by the American military force to create thrilling action figures. The vintage GI Joe is suitable for anyone, especially if they idolize or want to become an army one day. Collectors really value GI Joe, especially if the toys are very rare. Old and unusual figurines are valuable, so they are worth collecting.

There are many types of Vintage GI Joe merchandise to play with. For instance, dolls, helmets, spare parts, and of course, action figures. The military-themed toy has many unique action figures that might make someone regret not joining the army when they were young. In any case, the following list will help you pick up the coolest GI Joe figurines.

What Is A Vintage G.I. Joe Worth?

It depends on its popularity, supply and demand. The tactical base and vehicle do cost a lot since it has a great design and are hard to make. The character action figures are a bit expensive too because of their reputation.

BEST Vintage GI Joe for Extreme Fans

1. GI Joe Vintage Snow Serpent Action Figure

GI Joe Vintage Snow Serpent Action Figure

This is one of the most underrated vintage GI Joe heroes. He is the Snow Serpent! The character was first released in 1992. It is rather old but still hasn’t lost its touch. The Snow Serpent lives up to his name. He is a formidable opponent in a cold area such as the arctic.

2. Stalker Jumbo Vintage

 Stalker Jumbo Vintage

The Stalker dresses like the real army in camo. And as always, he brings his machine gun. The jumbo vintage GI Joe figure is made of durable plastic. This old-school figurine came out in 1982 and is suitable as a gift for teenagers or adults who love to collect vintage items.

3. 1966 GI Joe Patent Metal Sign

1966 GI Joe Patent Metal Sign

Unlike the Stalker that we have mentioned previously, this item is not plastic. The unique GI Joe sign utilizes sturdy aluminum with beautiful satin, non-glare finish. Furthermore, it is weatherproof. And so, this vintage merch will last for even longer. Because of the properties, you can put the retro accessory both indoor and outdoor.

4. G.I. Joe Retro Collection Snake Eyes

G.I. Joe Retro Collection Snake Eyes

The Snake Eyes lives up to his reputation. He is skillful with edged weapons and adapted to twelve fighting systems because of his hard training. Harsh environments such as jungle, desert, and arctic will not become problems for the badass character. And so, this vintage Snake Eyes action figure will be an excellent present for someone that idolizes him!

5. Vintage GI Joe 1998 Plastic Door Poster

Vintage GI Joe 1998 Plastic Door Poster

Military people still need some affection, especially from their families. And so, to show your love, you should get this vintage item now! The 1998 plastic door poster is great for decoration in their dorm, room, and birthday party. Your loved ones will cherish the retro poster.

6. G.I. Joe Retro Lady Jaye

G.I. Joe Retro Lady Jaye

Despite being an actress and mime, Lady Jaye is a linguistics expert. Therefore, she can pass easily as a native in any country in the world. When the fans buy this vintage GI Joe, they can imagine taking a trip around the world with a linguistics master.

7. GI Joe Retro Christmas Ornament

GI Joe Retro Christmas Ornament

From the expression, we can see that this vintage GI Joe toy might be disappointed because he is not invited to the Christmas party. Get this funny figurine to cheer your friends up! The old-school-looking ornament will be ready to serve you as a Christmas party decoration.

8. GI Joe Vintage Distressed Logo T-Shirt

GI Joe Vintage Distressed Logo T-Shirt

Having a GI Joe t-shirt is one of the symbols of love for the military-themed toy. It is 100 % cotton, so your friend can wear it anywhere comfortably. Furthermore, the shirt is officially licensed, which means that the value will increase over time as it gets older.

9. 1985 Vintage Gi Joe

1985 Vintage Gi Joe

The 1985 vintage Gi Joe looks like he is ready to go to war whenever he is called in the future. Despite the old age, the action figure is still in excellent condition. So, this item will make a perfect addition to your vintage collection. Your nephew, son, or male relatives might also love this army figurine.

10. Gi Joe 1992 Duke Army Doll Vintage

 Gi Joe 1992 Duke Army Doll Vintage

This vintage GI Joe doll is inspired by the 1992 era. The item is nice, clean, and in excellent condition. Even though it wears a uniform, the doll is not wearing shoes which you can add based on your taste. The vintage doll is super rare, so you should hurry to buy it.

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11. 1964 Hasbro GI Joe Clothing

1964 Hasbro GI Joe Clothing

The vintage GI Joe doll clothing is much older than the last one. The camouflage outfit will fit perfectly on various types of dolls. Stitched front pockets with a neck collar and snaps plus buttons. This old-school item will be a nice addition to your GI Joe vintage toy collection.

12. 1984 Firefly Saboteur Original GI Joe Figurine

1984 Firefly Saboteur Original Vintage

Firefly is a master of a saboteur in the Cobra organization. No one can match his sabotaging, infiltration, and stealth ability. Someone said that his skill level in that aspect is at the legendary level. He is also well known for his explosive work. From the description, it is no wonder that the vintage Firefly action figure is in huge demand and categorized as a rare item.

13. G.I. Joe Headquarters Command Center 1983

Vintage G.I. Joe Headquarters Command Center 1983

The vintage G.I Joe headquarters has a fortified defense and Canada’s flag in it. It consists of a machine gun, cameras, flag, spotlights, motor cover, and storage area. The big toy is in excellent condition and can be played with everyone. And so, collectors will appreciate this item, especially if they want a war-themed diorama.

14. Vintage GI Joe Halloween Mask

 Vintage GI Joe Halloween Mask

This Halloween mask will surely surprise many people that attend the costume party. Instead of ghosts, everyone will think that an army has invaded their party! But in fact, it is you who will light up the atmosphere. The old-school mask will also fit into your vintage GI Joe merchandise hoard.

15. GI JOE 1964 Action Soldier Catalog

GI JOE 1964 Action Soldier Catalog On A New Watch

The minimalist watch is in analog type. It is powered by a battery and made of plastic. The watch glass is scratch proof and shockproof. If you have an army in your family, you can consider the vintage watch as a gift for them.

16. Retro Cobra Commander Blue Flight Pod

Retro Cobra Commander Blue Flight Pod

How about an ultimate flight pod pack of the Cobra? The machine is complete with its physical parts. It also includes missiles and hose connections. The pod will feel like you have joined the futuristic yet retro military and aided them in the fierce battle.

17. 1983 GI Joe Battle Gear Access Spare Parts

1983 GI Joe Battle Gear Access Spare Parts

Just look at the multiple spare parts and weapons! Only an army or first-person shooter gamer will be excited to touch such an incredible weapon collection. The accessories are great to collect because of their vintage design. After all, the items are inspired by the 1983’s era.

18. GI Joe 1964 Action Soldier Set

GI Joe 1964 Action Soldier Set

The antique soldier figurine and the uniform set came from Hasbro G.I. Joe 40th Anniversary Edition. It consists of a soldier in camo, pants, and ammo boxes. The toy is in good condition and suitable for people aged 15 or up. Collectors will absolutely treasure the item.

19. GI Joe Action Cobra HAVOC Tank Vehicle

GI Joe Action Cobra HAVOC Tank Vehicle

The Cobra force has many vehicles in its arsenal. For example, this overpowered tank! The vintage tank will annihilate anyone who stands in its way. It is still in good condition, so if you dream of riding a tank one day, you should get with this one first.

20. Vintage GI Joe 1985 Tactical Battle Platform

Vintage GI Joe 1985 Tactical Battle Platform

The tactical battle platform looks impenetrable since many missiles are attached to it. Enemies can not go past the defense because they will shoot them on sight. Suppose you happen to be a strategic planner or tactician who loves collecting vintage toys. In that case, you should buy this tactical battle platform!

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21. Vintage GI Joe 1989 COBRA Condor

Vintage GI Joe 1989 COBRA Condor

The flying vehicle is one of the most advanced weapons besides the tank. The airplane will strike terror to anyone who happens to see it. The vintage model of the weapon will be an excellent gift for anyone that wants to join the air force in the future.

22. Cobra F.A.N.G Toy Vehicle

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GI Joe Cobra action figures include various advanced vehicle and missiles models. Now this one is the 1980s COBRA’s copter. The awesome weapon figurine features add ons such as missiles and even bombs. You can play army games with your children with this old-school toy.

23. GI Joe Action Marine Action Figure WWII

GI Joe Action Marine Action Figure WWII

The second world war ended in 1945 after America bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The freedom fighters celebrate their victory and the promise of peace. This old-school Marine action figure was built 50 years later to celebrate that. Collectors of GI Joe memorabilia should not miss out on this item.

24. Retro Destro Collectible


Destro is one of the most cunning opponents that Joe’s team has ever faced. He is the man behind the curtain of M.A.R.S., one of the largest weapon manufacturers. He sells the weapons to poor countries that wage wars against each other. Your vintage GI Joe collection will not be complete without this evil mastermind figurine!

25. GI Joe Retro A.W.E. Striker Exclusive Vehicle

GI Joe Retro A.W.E. Striker Exclusive Vehicle

After copter, there is also a land vehicle that you can collect. Your action figure characters can even ride it. It also features classic detailing and multiple points of articulation. As a result, you can get a cool pose out of the set.

Final Thoughts

Since many years ago, GI Joe already has a huge fan base not only in the US, but also in other parts of the world, too. Due to it’s popularity, so many GI Joe toys have been made, and plenty of vintage GI Joe toys have become valuable collectibles for both GI Joe fans and toy collectors.

If you are one of them, we hope you can find the best vintage GI Joe toys on our list that will be a valuable addition to your collection.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the rarest G.I. Joe?

The rarest G.I. Joe is the Firefly and the retro Cobra flying pod. It is not a surprise because they have a big reputation and the demand for the toy is huge.

Are G.I. Joe toys worth money?

It is worth money if you want to collect it or give it to kids who dream to join the army, navy, or air force one day. Consider the toy as a prayer and hope for their future.

Who buys vintage G.I. Joe dolls?

The buyers of the dolls might be the military person who has a child, parents who want their kids to become military one day, or diehard GI Joe fans.

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