25 Funny Pregnancy Gifts for the New Mother

Giving funny pregnancy gifts to expecting mothers can be a great way to keep them away from stress. Pregnancy is wonderful, especially for parents who have been waiting for a baby for quite sometime. However, we also know that for moms, being pregnant can be stressful and challenging. That’s why it’s important for us to keep moms-to-be happy and ready to welcome the newest member of the family with joy.

If you feel like giving a unique and funny pregnancy gift for a sweet mom-to-be, then you might want to skip gifts like bouquets, plush dolls, and other similar gifts. So, why don’t you look for funny pregnancy gifts that will make pregnancy becomes a special moment to enjoy this time around? Your favorite mom-to-be will be super happy to receive your gifts, for sure. To help you pick the right gift, we have listed a list of 25 funny pregnant gifts for a special mom-to-be in your life.

1. “The Preggs” Mug

“The Preggs” Mug

This Greggs bakery parody mug will be a nice choice of a funny pregnancy gift for her. Aside from being a useful gift for her to enjoy her favorite coffee or tea, this mug can also be some kind of ‘statement’ for the expecting mom-to-be. Therefore, people will around her will understand her craving for sweets like chocolates or cheese cake, or for her increasing appetite, too!

2. Pregnancy – Birthday Gift Card

Pregnancy – Birthday Gift Card

If you don’t feel like giving the usual and ‘serious‘ birthday card for a special mom-to-be in your life, then you can choose to have this funny card instead. For many people, pregnancy comes like a celebration full of joy and happiness. The happiness comes double is the mom-to-be celebrates her pregnancy along with her birthday! So, this birthday card seems like a funny pregnancy -plus birthday- card, isn’t it?

3. Funny Scented Candle 

Funny Scented Candle

If you are the crazy friend who’s into pranks or jokes then a soy candle of laughter like this will be a great choice of a funny pregnancy gift for your expecting friend. Made of soy wax and offensive words, this soy candle also comes with nice combinations between the blends of aromatic compounds. Surprisingly, even the scent names will make you laugh.

4. Funny Pregnancy Wooden Card

Funny Pregnancy Wooden Card

This wooden card will be a heartfelt and funny pregnancy gift for an expecting woman. Based on the the funny yet sweet wording, this will be the perfect gift from a husband to his wife, who is currently pregnant. Without a doubt, your wife’s mood swings will be more manageable after she received this sweet gift from you.

5. Funny Maternity Socks

Funny Maternity Socks

Pregnant women have a tendency to be clingy at all times. Therefore, these socks would make funny pregnancy gifts that will definitely put a smile on her face. Sometimes a tender touch and gentle massage would make an ease for the bumpy mama baby. Moreover, a foot massage with warm socks will help her to relieve her tension and stress before delivery.

6. Funny Pregnancy Gift Card Prayer

Funny Pregnancy Gift Card Prayer

Most moms-to-be need a great support from everyone during their pregnancy, and this gift card is definitely one of the most recommended funny pregnancy gifts. Sincere and kind support are truly needed by moms-to-be, and of course funny greeting cards can be part of the support. But first, it’s better to understand the receiver’s character before choosing this item, because they might feel offended by the joke. 

7. Prangy Mug

Prangy Mug

Pregnant women might have an eruption of emotions, so making them laugh by giving them this funny pregnancy gift mug will be a great idea. Being hungry, have lots of cravings, mood swings, back pain and many things to endure make the word “prangry” becomes the real thing for pregnant women. Therefore, a mug like this will be a memorable gift for your friend or wife during pregnancy.

8. Funny Pregnancy Turtle T-Shirt

Funny Pregnancy Turtle T-Shirt

Despite how cute this turtle looks on this t-shirt, it will definitely be a great and funny pregnancy gift for pregnant women to wear. Having a baby bump is surely a challenge for moms-to-be, and one of which is because the weight that they have to carry in their body. However, they might feel like a turtle carrying its home all the time, which is why this funny t-shirt will be the perfect funny pregnancy gift for them.

9. Funny Soy Candle

Funny Soy Candle

As we know, motherhood is a real thing, and sometimes expecting women need to have their own quality time to relax and just enjoy the day quietly. However, you can add a little bit of funny touch to their quiet time by giving this funny soy candle as a gift. With a funny saying, this candle offers various scents that include black raspberry vanilla, hazelnut coffee, and also fresh linen.

10. 9 Months Wine Glass

9 Months Wine Glass

Nine months of waiting for the little one to come to our life needs a special celebration. Therefore, you’ll need this wine glass to be part of the celebration. We know that pregnant women are not allowed to drink wine, but since the nine months are done, it won’t hurt to have a sip or two of their favorite wine, right?

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11. Pregnant Woman Mug

Pregnant Woman Mug

This mug will definitely put a smile on your pregnant friend’s face, since this is probably one of the most recommended funny pregnancy gifts for them. Unlike the usual types of mug gifts that we often find in the market, this one will definitely bring joy to your pregnant friend’s days.

12. Busy Growing Human Cup

Busy Growing Human Cup

We all know that motherhood is not easy, especially because it will be super tiring, both mentally and physically. Therefore, giving funny pregnancy gifts can help to cheer those who are about to enjoy motherhood. To keep pregnant women hydrated, which is necessary, this cup will come to rescue.

13. Drinking for Two Water Bottle

Drinking for Two Water Bottle

This funny pregnancy gift will be a great reminder for moms-to-be to stay hydrated. Aside from being easy to carry, this water bottle is also made of food-grade material so it’s completely safe to use by pregnant women. Comes in a beautiful and fun colors, this water bottle is highly recommended, plus this bottle can also be a useful yet funny pregnancy gift.

14. Bumpin’ Ain’t Easy Tumblr

Bumpin’ Ain_t Easy Tumblr

If you’re looking for a gift for a pregnant friend who is always on the stance of balancing a healthy pregnancy, then this tumblr will be a useful and funny pregnancy gift for her. Made of high quality material, this tumblr is super handy and easy to carry everywhere. Moreover, this tumblr can be a warning sign for others, too.

15. Pregnant Body Candle

Pregnant Body Candle

Some women think that pregnancy affects their body, in terms of shape and size. On the other hand, we also need to admit that pregnancy also makes women become more beautiful. To remind your favorite mom-to-be about it, you can hand her this unique yet funny-shaped candle as a funny pregnancy gift. Aside from being a unique candle, this item will also make a nice decoration for your pregnant friend’s home. Not to mention the scent of the candle is awesome, too!

16. Cocktails Book for Pregnant Women

Cocktails Book for Pregnant Women

Aside from being a funny pregnancy gift because of its title, or also because safety comes first for pregnant women, this book can also be one of the coolest gifts for moms-to-be. Consist of recipes made of nutritious herbs, this book can definitely be a mouthwatering gift forma pregnant friend, to let you know how much you care for her.

17. Pregnant AF Shirt

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This funny shirt can be a literal emotion of every pregnant woman out there, which will also make a great and funny pregnancy gift for them. This edgy shirt is made of high quality cotton and very comfortable to wear. This might be one of the funniest pregnancy gifts in this list, plus it is also the t-shirt that no pregnant woman can resist!

18. The Big Fat Activity Book for Pregnant People

The Big Fat Activity Book for Pregnant People

A funny pregnancy gift can come in the form of a fun and hilarious book like this. With positive comments from many reviewers, this book is clearly one of the best and funniest books you must read during pregnancy. It contains funny things from quizzes to lists and journaling sheets. We highly recommend this book because moms-to-be will absolutely love this book!

19. Pregnancy Funny Adult Coloring Book

Pregnancy Adult Coloring Book: Funny Pregnancy Gag Gift For Expecting Mothers/ Pregnant Women - 25 Funny Pages for Moms

During pregnancy, moms-to-be tend to indulge their artistic side. Surprisingly this artsy yet funny pregnancy gift will help to explore their artistic side. Complete with floral designs for coloring, this book is also imbued with funny quotes about pregnancy.

20. To Pee or Not to Pee: Snarky Pregnant Book 

To Pee or Not to Pee: Snarky Pregnant Book 

This one is another book about the journey of pregnancy, which can also be considered as a funny pregnancy gift. This book was specifically made to bring out the funny side about pregnancy, which includes pages about word searches, mazes, advices. Moreover, this book also includes terrible and brutal kinds of jokes about pregnancy life., all in a funny way. This book is also one of the recommended books to make your bumpy female friend laughs.

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21. Baby Inside Button Pin

Baby Inside Button Pin

Funny pregnancy gift can surely be a nice pin for a pregnant woman and it is not always clothing and socks. This button pin can be placed on the mother’s bag or backpacks, which can also be a funny item to use as an accessory. This pin might be small, but it’s indeed a laughable gift so it’s more than just an ordinary pin.

22. Pregnant Statue

Pregnant Statue

Similar to the pregnant body candle, this statue can be also a memorable yet funny pregnancy gift for a pregnant friend of yours. You can order a status with various resin materials to choose from. The colors come in many options, too.

23. Not a Magic Lamp Shirt              

Not a Magic Lamp Shirt

Funny pregnant gifts like this will make us realize that a pregnant woman is obviously not a magic lamp! A cute baby will finally come after nine months! This shirt is highly recommended for your pregnant friend who has an eccentric personality. Furthermore, the shirt is made of comfortable materials.   

24. Funny Plant Pot Pregnant Motivation

Funny Plant Pot Pregnant Motivation

The sayings in this pot can come as a real hope or as a quite harsh yet funny pregnancy gift. Nevertheless, this pot can still become one of your considerations for a gift. We all know that the maternity world is n experience unlike no other. It’s just like something in between life and death. If you are a supportive husband, then you need to fully support your pregnant wife.

25. The Funny Survival Pregnancy Book

The Funny Survival Pregnancy Book

Every human, especially woman, needs to understand the difficulties and struggles of pregnancy, and this book can be the perfect dictionary, which can also be considered as a funny pregnancy gift. This book contains so many things about pregnancy, from the funniest way to the most heartfelt theme. This book is indeed a highly recommended book for those who are looking for some counsel, comedy, and camaraderie, and a countdown to parenthood.

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What is the best and most funny gift for a pregnant friend?

The best and the funniest pregnancy gift for a friend is the one that will make her laugh so hard and feel happy, too! The “To Pee or Not to Pee” will be one of the funniest gifts to give. Don’t forget to include the funny gift card of “The Prayers for your Vagina” too, because moms-to-be will absolutely laugh at it.   

What are the best gifts for pregnant wife from a husband?

The best funny pregnancy gifts would be the gifts that induce laughters. The book about “No One Tells You About Pregnancy” will make her laugh because it was given by a loving husband. Moreover, the heart-shaped “even if you are” wooden card will also be a nice compliment to it.

What are the best funny new mom gift baskets?

The new mom gift basket will be the best gift. But the simple ones like the Bump Tumblr, the Baby Inside button pin, The Funny Turtle Pregnant shirt, and other similar items can make the best funny gift, too. In addition, we also recommend the Pregnant Wine Glasses as funny pregnancy gifts.

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