A Tent That Brings Your Tesla Camping Experience to The Next Level

Dealing with a long to-do list everyday can be overwhelming. Therefore, I think it won’t be a sin to have a quick getaway just to recharge once in a while. I believe each person has their own way on how to unwind, and for me, I think one of the best stress-busting ideas is to go camping.

As much as I love camping, there are a few things that have the tendency to annoy me while I’m out in nature, and issues with the tent is definitely one of them. Being out in the middle of nowhere is already a challenge, and we really don’t want to deal with other unnecessary challenges like a broken tent due to rain and such anymore.

Having said that, I think a reliable tent is highly necessary.

Tentsla Tent
Tenstla X1 Camping Tent

In my search for a new tent that can give me a piece of mind while I am out camping, I found a cool camping tent called the Tentsla X1.

As the name suggests, the Tentsla X1 is a tent extension designed for Tesla owners, specifically the Y Model Tesla. Me and my family love to go camping with our Tesla, and being able to find this tent is like a breath of fresh air for all of us.

So, for those of you campers who love to go on a ride with your Y Model Tesla, then you might want to stay around because I will share my experience in using the Tentsla X1, including the easy set-up, overall performance, benefits, and additional components.

In short, having a Tesla camping with the X1 is an experience like no other. It was a great electric vehicle camping experience.

Tentsla Unboxing and First Impressions

Tentsla started off as a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarters. Based on what I found, the campaign received positive feedback with a lot of backers. I bought mine from Tentsla’s official website and I didn’t have to wait too long to get my order delivered to my front door.

It was a pretty big package and it includes the X1 Tent, Manual Pump, Storage Bag, Instruction Manual 6 Aluminium Poles, 22x Steel Pegs, and 15 Guy Wires.

Tentsla Tent
Tentsla Unboxing and First Impressions

It was a pretty complete package and I think it comes with everything I need to have a nice and spacious tent standing on the back of the car. The storage tote bag was pretty cool as it fits everything inside and still relatively comfortable to carry by hand.

When I set up the tent with my son, it took us around 15 minutes to have it ready, and the process was very smooth as well as very easy to do.

Tentsla Tesla Camping Unique Features

Aside from the similar names between Tentsla and Tesla, the car and the tent actually have other similarities, which include simplicity and sophisticated elements.

It seems like the tent was actually designed by Mr. Musk himself because it goes well with the car, making them a great pair for a lovely Tesla camping spree in the great outdoors.

1. Tentsla Design and Construction

As a family of four, me and my family need to have a big and spacious tent to make sure everyone is comfortable inside it while camping. With an extended 7.2 x 7.1 foot room, the X1 is conveniently spacious and perfect for the four of us inside.

In addition, the tent also includes three huge canopies that create even more space for us. I have to say that there is nothing that can compare to the enjoyment of seeing the sunset, sitting on folding chairs in front of the tent, under the huge canopy.


Tentsla Tent
Tentsla Design and Construction

The tent is claimed to be heat and water resistant, too!

The whole tent is silver coated on the inside, made of 210D Oxford Fabric. The floor material is 420 Oxford Fabric, making it an anti-slip coated floor. Also, it is claimed to be ready against 3000 to 6000 millimeters of water pressure, which will keep the tent’s interior waterproof during the wet season. It effectively retains heat as well.

The tent includes three large canopies that will provide more protection to us. Moreover, I do think that the huge canopies worked well in blocking the sun from all angles, which keep the tent cool during sunny days.

The Tentsla X1 also has windows that give us access to view the breathtaking surroundings in three directions. It comes as a great ventilation system, and each window is completed with a mosquito netting system that will keep the bugs away throughout the day.

2. Tentsla Setup Process

The set process was pretty smooth and easy, you just needed to pull out the tent from the tote bag and apply the pump assisted set up. You can then use the provided poles to open the canopies and you’re all set.

Based on my experience, it would be best to have two people set up the tent. In my case, I did it together with my son, and it was pretty smooth. But since it was our first experience, it took us around 15 minutes to set up everything. But ideally, it was said that it only takes 5 minutes to do it if you use the e-pump.

3. Tentsla Performance in Different Conditions

Since the tent was specifically made for the Y Model Tesla, you can definitely use the car’s CAMP MODE or the Tesla camper mode. It features a triple-layered trunk connection that helps to maintain air circulation.

It helps to retain air flow and temperature, which I believe will give you more comfort, especially for the children. It’s actually the perfect tool to have a great family Tesla camping out in the outdoors.

Tentsla Performance in Different Conditions
Tentsla Performance in Different Conditions

As I was spending some time with my six year-old daughter when camping, I found that she was a lot calmer, compared to when we had our previous camping trips. I recall that it was because of the car’s camp mode since I turned on the A/C Mode all night long.

I also think that it was because the tent was protected with mosquito nets, so it was great when I heard no complaints about the bugs, or some whining about some mosquito bites.

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4. Comfort and Convenience of Tentsla

When extra space is a feature that I need the most, this Tentsla X1 really comes as a recommended solution. As a family of four, we are very happy with the spacious features that the tent offers.

Moreover, it is also connected to the car, making it an even more spacious tent to have. But, instead of having to sleep on the car seat, we are able to sleep using our sleeping bags inside of a comfy and spacious tent instead.

The main room fits an air mattress that lets the four of us sleep in utmost comfort all night long, and since it has a height of 350 cm (138 inches) it provides comfortable headroom, too.

As for the CAMP MODE, when I turned on the mode and ran the A/C throughout the night, the car loss 33 miles (53 km) on the battery, so it was pretty significant, yet it gives us a sense of glamping experience since we were able to sleep the night away inside the tent. So, it’s better to make sure the car is fully charged before you go.

5. Portability and Packability

As I mentioned earlier, the X1 comes in the tote bag that fits every main component inside. The total weight of the tote bag after we put all components inside was still very light to carry, so I had no issues so far in terms of the weight.

While for the size, I have to say that it was not actually small, because it still takes up some space inside the car trunk. But if you have so many things to carry, then you have the option to put it inside the lower trunk instead. It’s always good to have options.

Portability and Packability
Portability and Packability

Moreover, thanks to the tent’s lightweight feature, it was easy to carry by hand, too. But in my opinion, you will never need to carry it around by hand too far, because the Tentsla  X1 is a tent that you will set up on the back of your car.

So you just need to pull it out the trunk and set it up on that very spot. Pretty convenient, right?

Tesla Tent Personal Recommendation

Based on my personal review and experience, the Tentsla X1 is an excellent tent that brings camping to a whole new level. Due to the convenience and comfort that it features, I believe all Y Model Tesla owners must own this tent.

Well, at least those who happen to be campers, just like myself.

You can have a delightful Tesla camping experience with your friends and family, and enjoy a glamping-like experience. The tent is not only spacious and easy to set-up, it also comes with a long list of features as well, which include water and heat resistance, huge canopies on three sides, and huge windows with mosquito nets being integrated across all windows.

It’s a great tent for camping during the wet season or summer.

Comparison with Other Tents

The Tentsla is a tent that combines the features of the car tent and basic camping tent. Also, it comes with more features than the other two. You might have heard about the Tesloid camping tent, which offers similar features to the X1 and offered with a relatively cheaper price compared to the X1.

Tentsla Tent Feature
Tentsla Tent Feature

Well, it may be cheaper but in terms of features, I have to say that the Tentsla wins in all categories. Not only is the size bigger and more spacious, but the fabric materials and durability are also much better, making it more durable and worth buying too.

By the way, I bought my X1 for $929 and the product, in terms of quality and performance, is totally worth the price.

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Final Thoughts

Ok, to wrap up my review, I think the Tentsla tent is a perfect Tesla camping companion that will bring your camping experience to the next level. Some campers would probably say, “That’s not camping, that’s glamping!” and that’s okay, too.

We can name it whatever we like, but whatever it is, I would still recommend the tent for the Y Model Tesla users out there.

It is a great invention that makes your camping experience more pleasant and memorable, just like having a home in the outdoors. I can assure you that if you have kids, they will be super happy to have it, too, especially if you also purchase the additional items like the Tentsla Bohemian Blankets or the Inflatable mattress.

All in all, I would give a score of 8.5/10 for Tentsla X1.

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