25 Awesome Gifts for Long Distance Friends

Sometimes, some people find it hard to keep up with long-distance friendships. Maybe you are one of those people since you and your friends have grown apart due to changes in life. Especially when you and your friends are already busy with your own activities, long-distance friendships may become a lesser priority.

If you miss your long-distance friends madly and are planning to recharge your friendship by giving them gifts, then stop here first! You have come to the right place.

Let’s take the initiative to surprise them with unique and outstanding gifts! As choosing gifts is quite challenging, let’s check our recommendation of the best gifts for long-distance friends that surely will inspire you a lot.

1. Scented Candle for Long Distance Friends

Scented Candle Gifts

If your long-distance friend’s birthday is coming up, but you can’t visit them, try to give them this awesome candle as a gift. Not just an ordinary candle, the eye-catching logo “SENDING YOU A BIG HUG” on the front says it all. Moreover, a blend of perfume-grade essential oils will surely remind them of you.

2. Personalised Wine Tumblr

Personalised Wine Tumblr

Although now you have a long-distance friendship, your friend used to be the person who celebrated good times and provided support during your bad times. In case you want to show your gratitude to your long-distance friends, a personalized wine tumbler with a supportive message will be a meaningful gift to them.

3. Morse Code Bracelet

Morse Code Bracelet

This gift will be one of the best gifts for long-distance friends who love codes and secrets. You can write a secret message with morse code through this beautiful bracelet. Your friends may feel clueless at first, but once the code was cracked, they definitely will fall in love with this gift.

4. Engraved Mirror for Long Distance Friends

Engraved Compact Mirror

Get your long-distance friends a must-have item for all girls in the world: a mirror! This is a portable mirror with a beautifully engraved letter that surely will strengthen your friendship. As it is designed in travel size and easy to bring anywhere, this gift will surely be your friend’s favorite item that reminds her of you.

5. Wooden Box for Long Distance Friends

Hinged Wood Box

Maintaining friendship definitely takes effort from both you and your friends. Be the first who send them this classic and elegant wooden box with sentimental quotes to express your sincerity as a friend. This item will be practical, and it will warm their heart every time they read the message on top. 

6. Makeup Bag for Long Distance Friends

Personalised Makeup Bag

If your long-distance friend is also a makeup enthusiast, warm her heart with this beautiful personal makeup bag that has her name on it. Made from premium canvas, it will perfectly fit all of her makeup. Your long-distance friend will proudly bring this gift everywhere.

7. Friendship Jar

Friendship Jar

Maybe it is difficult to stay in touch with your long-distance friends. To maintain your relationship, you should give them this unique friendship jar! Ask your friend to open one note every day for one dose of friendship. This is definitely one of the best gifts for long-distance friends!

8. Best Friend Bottle Light

Best Friend Bottle Light

This is one of the most lovely gifts you shouldn’t miss for long-distance friends. This stunning night light will give a warm atmosphere to your friend’s room. Moreover, it features a profound friendship message which makes them feel close to you. Your long-distance friends surely can’t help but feel touched to receive this thoughtful gift.

9. Partner in Crimes Keyring

Partner in Crimes Keyring

Do you want to give simple but meaningful gifts to long-distance friends? For your best friend, this partner in crimes keyring definitely will make them smile. Moreover, each of you can keep one keyring as a friendship good luck charm.

10. Magic Photo Box

Magic Photo Box

Giving this unique box will be a fun way to express your friendship. You can customize the box design with your friend’s photo. And once the light is turned on, this magic photo will produce a beautiful shade in their room! This gift will show how much you miss your dear long-distance friends. 

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11. Fur Plush Throw Blanket

Fur Plush Throw Blanket

No one can resist this warm and stunning throw blanket. In case you want to surprise your long-distance friend with a luxurious but useful gift, this blanket will be a great idea. Made from premium material, this gift is super soft, durable, and suitable for all seasons. Your long-distance friend will definitely be happy to receive it!

12. Silver Hourglass Pendant

Silver Hourglass Pendant

If you are going to surprise your long-distance friends with something unique and sparkling, this necklace will be a great option. It features a silver hourglass-shaped pendant with sparkly dust inside, making your friend look stunning. Moreover, dust in this mini hourglass glistens beautifully, perfect for a Christmas gift

13. Tile Mate as a Gift for Long-distance Friend

Gifts for Long Distance Friends

This is a perfect gift for a forgetful person! Maybe your long-distance friend is someone who always forgets stuff. In that case, show your care with this gift to help your friend track their keys, purses, or handphone. Tile Mate is designed to be a versatile and cost-effective tracker for everyday things. 

14. Facial Mask Maker Kit

Gifts for Long Distance Friends

Help your long-distance friends to have their own skincare routine by giving them this DIY facial mask maker. Your friend only has to put all of their favorite fruits other ingredients in the mask maker machine, pour them on the mask plate, and it will be instantly ready! 

15. DIY Pendant Craft Kit

Gifts for Long Distance Friends

Instead of giving jewellery as a gift, surprising your long-distance friend with this pendant craft kit will be an extraordinary idea. Especially if your friend is a creative person, they will definitely be happy to create art with this gift. This is also one of the best gifts for long distance friends who love crafting. 

16. Paint by Number Kit

Gifts for Long Distance Friends

If you are looking for a stay-at-home project as a gift for your long-distance friends, this painting kit is an excellent choice. Since this project will take a long time, your friend can frequently share their progress, and you get to feel more connected with them. Moreover, this gift can be a home decoration.

17. Birth Month Flower Heart Necklace

Gifts for Long Distance Friends

Get your long-distance friend this beautiful necklace for her birthday! Made from dried pressed blossoms and is formed, this adorable necklace will keep the flower in bloom. As every month has its own flower, pick the flower that represents her birth month. This gift will definitely stay in her heart forever.

18. Bracelet as a Gift for Long Distance Friend

Gifts for Long Distance Friends

When you and your best friend are miles apart, sometimes you miss them and want to check on them. In that case, try to get your best friend this secret bracelet as a gift to keep in touch. You can simply touch your bracelet, and your friend’s bracelet will light up and vibrate, interesting isn’t it?

19. Stacked States Necklace

Gifts for Long Distance Friends

People say that home is where the heart is. If your best friend happens to live in another country, then they must feel homesick sometimes. Help your best friend feel closer to their hometown by giving them this gorgeous necklace. You can customise the pendant to the map of your friend’s hometown. What a lovely gift!

20. Warming Neck Wrap

Gifts for Long Distance Friends

Suppose your long-distance friend has many responsibilities like office work, cleaning, or taking care of children. In that case, you should get items that can make them feel more relaxed.

And so, this warm neck wrap will surely be the best gift for your best friend! It will help them to relieve their pain. Moreover, this item also permeates the soothing scent of lavender.

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21. Personalised Christmas Tree Ornament

Gifts for Long Distance Friends

If you are planning to give Christmas gifts to long-distance friends, we recommend you to make it as personal as this Christmas tree ornament. This gift is creatively designed with cute and lovely penguins which represent you and your long distance friends. This definitely will be a memorable Chrismast gift to your long distance best friends.

22. Soul Sisters Mug

Gifts for Long Distance Friends

Maintaining a long-distance friendship is not an easy job. And for that reason, give your friend this perfect mug to celebrate your relationship. As you can customize the design, this gift will be unique. Moreover, you can provide an extra personal touch to this mug with messages or friendship quotes.

23. Hand Shaped-Vase

Gifts for Long Distance Friends

Still looking for an unusual gift for your long distance friends? Well, this awesome and unique hand-shaped vase will be one of the best gifts for long-distance friends who love art and home decoration. Made from ceramic, this dazzling gift will surely stand out in your friend’s living room.

24. Custom Face-Socks

Gifts for Long Distance Friends

If you are bored of romantic and touching gifts, then you can surprise your long-distance friend with these personalized funny socks. You can customize it with the print of your friend’s funny photos. Made from high-quality material, this gift is absolutely perfect for a Christmas or birthday.

25. Personalised Message in Bottle

Gifts for Long Distance Friends

Celebrate your long-distance friendship by sending them this wonderful gift. It features a personal photo and message in a bottle, a retro romantic reminder! Moreover, your friend can put this lovely gift on their desk at work or home. This bottle definitely makes a really thoughtful gift for your long-distance friends to treasure forever.

Latest Post:

What is a good gift for a long distance best friend?

This question is actually quite tricky! As you can’t meet your long-distance best friend often, you might be afraid of choosing the wrong gift. Therefore, giving them a unique and meaningful gift would be the best. Moreover, giving a thoughtful gift definitely will show your sincerity and prove that you really prepared it for your beloved best friend. Let’s check our lists above to get more insights!

How can I surprise my long distance friend?

Well, there are many ways to surprise your long-distance friends. Try to give them an extraordinary gift that they never thought existed before. If your long-distance friend is a romantic person, get them a sweet and meaningful gift. Meanwhile, if they happen to be a humorous person, surprise your long-distance friends with unusual and funny gifts. Finally, you can surprise your long-distance friends depending on their personality.

What should I get my long distance best friend for her birthday?

Although you can’t meet your long-distance friend during her birthday, try to send her a memorable gift. A gift that reminds her of her birthday, such as a birth month flower necklace or a custom gift like a pair of socks with her face absolutely be something that she’ll cherish forever. For more inspiration, go check our lists above!

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