Wink Activation Camera Glasses

These Wink Activation Camera Glasses will let you walk through life and never miss an important moment ever again.

When you see something incredible, don’t you want to take a mental picture, that will save this memory forever?

Now you can substitute the mental one with a real picture, thanks to this camera. It is very small and easily attachable to any glasses. 

Now here is the real trick: you can take pictures without using your hands! A nice, intentional blink or wink and the picture is taken and sent to your smartphone. 

Wink Activation Camera Glasses

Wink Activation Camera Glasses

Just imagine the possibilities: taking pictures on your bike, when your hands are full, in crowded places and the list goes on and on. What’s more, you don’t have to risk dropping your phone while taking a photo.

Simply go out, and when something awesome happens – blink. Such camera is not only an essential item in every spy-kit, now every one of us can do it too!  

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