Bonsai Seed Collection

Are you a bonsai enthusiast or happen to know one? This Bonsai Seed Collection will exceed your wildest dreams.

It comprises of 200 seeds for five popular tree species and Irish moss to create the perfect miniature garden or a fully-fledged forest.

The tree species include the Olive tree, Redwood, Australian Flame Tree, Lemon Scented Gum and Laceleaf Maple.

Each one of these has anywhere between 10 and 50 seeds, to ensure your project’s success. The set also has germination instructions or each kind of tree to ensure optimal performance.  

Bonsai Seed Collection

Bonsai as a hobby has been known to reduce feelings of stress. It also offers a great opportunity for nature lovers to create miniature forests right inside their homes. It is a remarkable illustration of beauty and shows respect for Mother Nature.

Bonsai Seed Collection

With the proper design and execution, bonsai gardening offers a sure way for your trees to stand out and garner attention. This set of seeds could be the perfect start to a lifetime hobby with a marvel from Mother Nature’s backyard. 

Bonsai Seed Collection

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