Wearable Keyboard-Mouse

Tap is a Wearable Keyboard-Mouse that turns any surface into a virtual input controller.

This cool gadget looks a bit like brass knuckles, only they are worn on all five of your fingers. By wearing it, you can turn any surface into an invisible keyboard and mouse.

You can input texts, set up alerts, play video games, mess around with VR, and more. Just connect it to any Bluetooth device and start tapping various characters and commands.

Tap is not based on a QWERTY type of keyboard. Instead, the developers have created their own Tap Alphabet that allows you to type with only one hand. 

Wearable Keyboard-Mouse

To learn this alphabet, you can use their native app available for iOS. It takes approximately an hour to get familiar with tapping.

Wearable Keyboard-Mouse

By removing vision and voice from the process of character and command input, Tap opens up a lot of doors.

Yes, you can now text in plain sight during boring meetings. But it also completely changes how the visually impaired get to use Bluetooth devices. 

Wearable Keyboard-Mouse

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