Motion Sickness Glasses

The Motion Sickness Glasses help passengers stop feeling sick on board a moving vehicle.

Motion sickness is caused by the difference between what you see and your sense of balance.

When your balance feels the change of your surroundings (like in a boat cabin) but doesn’t see the change, motion sickness kicks in.

These glasses are filled with blue liquid. The liquid adjusts to your motions and gives your peripheral vision an artificial horizon to focus on. 

Motion Sickness Glasses

You can put the glasses on as soon as you start feeling sick. The artificial horizon should right balance system perception in approximately 10 minutes. But you can keep them on as long as you need for your senses to calm down.

Motion Sickness Glasses

Yes, these glasses are not exactly a “looker”. But if anything can help you feel on top of your game during travel, does it really matter how the solution looks? It sure looks better than a plastic bag held in your sweating hands ready to catch your lunch.

Motion Sickness Glasses

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