25 Cool Tokyo Revengers Cosplay To Make You Look Stunning

Tokyo Revengers is a popular and best seller anime series worldwide competing with Jujutsu Kaisen and Kimetsu no Yaiba. The story tells about a superpower that allows the protagonist to change the flow of time in order to save people who have perished in the past. It also follows a group of delinquents with many unique characters, promising exciting fight sequences that will appeal to a wide range of viewers. Therefore, Tokyo Revengers cosplay is also popular among cosplayers as they have plenty of characters to try. With colorful hair dye and unique costumes, you can resemble those cool characters in Tokyo Revengers, making you look stand out. 

In case the cosplay party is coming, then you want to appear as a cool character from Tokyo Revengers, then you come to the right place! Let’s take a look at our top Tokyo Revengers cosplay ideas that will inspire your next cosplay outfit. From the formal look with suit or costume baji in beautiful outfit meaning, to the fusion female cosplay for male characters, we guarantee that you will fall in love with at least  one of them. Let’s jump to the list!

1. Wakasa In Black and White

Wakasa In Black and White - p @naicha .
Source: pinterest (@naicha .)

If you want the cool personality of a gang leader, then Wakasa Imaushi for Tokyo Revengers cosplay is worth trying. Dye your hair gray with some of the hair covering the face. Wear a black shirt with an oversized white jacket without symbol and pants to make a strong statement of the main leader. For his typical exhausted and laid-back look, put some eye makeup with black and brown color.    

2. Sanzu Haruchiyo with Pinky Lips and Formal Vest 

Sanzu Haruchiyo with Pinky Lips and Formal Vest - p @Zenin
Source: pinterest (@Zenin)

Try to look sexy in Tokyo Revengers cosplay by resembling Snzu Haruchiyo. Style your rosy hair with a long mullet to shoulder and wear a white shirt with a blue formal vest and pants. Wear a pink purple tie that matches your hair color. Don’t forget to put pink makeup in your mouth for a downturned lips effect. For accessories, wear piercings on one of your ears.

3. White Hair Manjiro Sano with Red Coat

White Hair Manjiro Sano with Red Coat - p @mobile.twitter.com
Source: pinterest (@mobile.twitter.com)

Show your charm as the deuteragonist Toko Revengers coplay, Manjiro Sano or usually called Mikey in adult life. With short white hair, style the middle part undercut for a realistic look. Use some eye makeup for heavy bags under your eyes. For costumes, you should wear a Tenjiku uniform and a pair of Hanafuda-derived earrings. 

4. Manjiro Sano in Floral Suit 

Manjiro Sano in Floral Suit - p @💙░☾︎𝓡𝕚𝚖𝘶𝐫υ☽︎♡.
Source: pinterest (@💙░☾︎𝓡𝕚𝚖𝘶𝐫υ☽︎♡.)

Combining the original timeline’s hair of Mikey with a formal outfit like this Tokyo Revengers cosplay idea is an incredible masterpiece. Slick back the blond hair to expose your forehead. Wear a customized purple suit with a flower motif printed on it and a white belt for a stylish accent. Don’t forget to put brown eye makeup on for sluggish eye effects.

5. Cool and Mysterious Senju with Black Coat

Cool and Mysterious Senju with Black Coat - p @whitec_cos on twitter
Source: pinterest (@whitec_cos on twitter)

For unisex Tokyo Revengers cosplay, you can try to resemble Senju, the woman character who often mistaken as a boy. Style your hair in layered tousled bob with unruly waves and blunt edges. For the costume, just simply wear the black coat that represents the Second Generation Toman uniform. Put pink eye makeup with prominent eyelashes as the main face feature of this character.

6. Bloody Takemichi in Toman Uniform with Bike

Source: pinterest (@sano manjro)

Being the main protagonist of Tokyo Revengers cosplay is all cosplayers dream. Express Takemichi’s charm and pain by wearing a full set of Toman uniform and bringing your motorcycle. Put some fake blood on your face, showing that you have got into a serious fight. Cover some of the fake wound with your messy yellow bleached hair for a dramatic look. 

7. Manjiro Sano in Elementary School

Manjiro Sano in Elementary School - p @Juliette
Source: pinterest (@sano manjro)

Make casual Tokyo Revengers cosplay by resembling the little Mikey while in elementary school. Especially if you have a small face, this unique character will suit you well. Don’t forget to put a lollipop on your mouth to make you appear like an innocent kid. Wear a black jacket with some white stripes and also black school bag as if you are going to school. 

8. Sanzu with Gray Stripes Suit for Slender Look

Sanzu with Gray Stripes Suit for Slender Look - p @naicha .
Source: pinterest (@naicha .)

This Tokyo Revengers cosplay is definitely perfect for those cosplayers who want to appear taller. As Sanzu has a thin body, then you can wear a gray stripe suit for a slender look. Wear long mullet pink hair as the highlight of your cosplay. For the makeup, you should create two scars on both sides of the corner of your lips, making you the true character in real life.

9. Messy Shinichiro Sano in Casual Outfit

Messy Shinichiro Sano in Casual Outfit - p @tebbie!
Source: pinterest (@tebbie!iette)

A simple but messy look, Shinichiro Sano is one of the easiest but attractive characters for Tokyo Revengers cosplay. Style your black hair into unkempt hair, covering your dull eyes makeup. For the costume, you only have to wear a simple white shirt without symbol and jeans. Don’t forget to wear a silver chain dangle on your neck for some sparking accents. 

10. Haruchiyo Sanzu in Floral Suit Female Cosplay

Haruchiyo Sanzu in Floral Suit Female Cosplay - i @jeakan_
Source: instagram (@jeakan_)

Suppose you are a girl who wants to cosplay as Sanzu, then the floral theme outfit will be suitable for you. Wear a pink shirt in white floral patterns and white blazer with some leaf motifs. To add more vibrant colors, wear a light green tie for the focal point. Tie your pink long hair to the back, left some of them on one side, giving a slightly different version between the male and female cosplay. 

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11. The Main Villain Kisaki Tetta Cosplay

The Main Villain Kisaki Tetta Cosplay - i @timekingcosplay
Source: instagram (@timekingcosplay)

Steal the spotlight in Tokyo Revengers cosplay by representing the main villain of this anime. Style your blond hair into an undercut for the realistic appearance. Wear the iconic square eyeglasses to radiate the ruthless and cunning vibes.  Wear the Toman uniform and draw some tattoo art on your neck, making you look powerful and influential.   

12. Kazutora Hanemiya Cosplay

Kazutora Hanemiya Cosplay - i @andante__cos
Source: instagram (@andante__cos)

If you want to show your acting skill for Tokyo Revengers cosplay, then you should dress as the broken soul Kazutora Hanemiya. Use black body paint to create the iconic tiger tattoo on your neck to chest. Show his deep childhood trauma from the sandy colored eyes makeup. Don’t forget to style your hair messy wolf cut with yellow streaks. Wear a bomber jacket to reprsent the Valhalla uniform.

13. Ken Ryuguji Cosplay for Girl

Ken Ryuguji Cosplay for Girl - i @towa_no_cosplayalbum
Source: instagram (@towa_no_cosplayalbum)

Although Ken Ryuguji is male character, he is actually a unique Tokyo Revengers cosplay character which can be played by girls. Try to shave the side of your blonde hair and put the signature dragon tattoo on it. Keep your hair in a neat braid with a few strands of hair left in the front. Wear the iconic black costume baji to radiate the strong presence. The outfit meaning with the manji symbol stands for good things and good luck.

14. Kakucho Hitto Cosplay In All Black Outfit

Kakucho Hitto Cosplay In All Black Outfit - i @sanjiro_tm
Source: instagram (@sanjiro_tm)

Show your face painting skill in this Tokyo Revengers cosplay idea. Inspired by the mysterious Kakucho, draw a prominent scar running from the back of your head to the leftmost side of his face that slightly touches the corner of your eyes. Wear an all-black outfit consisting of a knee-length trench coat, sweatpants, and a pair of sandals.

15. Kawata Souya Cosplay with Blue Turquoise Hair

Kawata Souya Cosplay with Blue Turquoise Hair - i @yuki.agero
Source: instagram (@yuki.agero)

Make you look stand out at the crowd with this Tokyo Revengers cosplay idea. Inspired by Kawata Souya’s look, use the bright blue hair dye in your voluminous curly hairstyle, making you noticeable from afar. For accessories, you can wear two silver earrings on your right earlobe. Wear the traditional costume baji to complete the final appearance. 

16. Bruised Yuzuha Shiba Cosplay

Bruised Yuzuha Shiba Cosplay -i @fuyubel.cos
Source: instagram (@fuyubel.cos)

In case you are looking for female Tokyo Avengers cosplay characters, then you should try to be Yuzuha Shiba. Beside her energetic and caring appearance, this character is suitable for all female cosplayers as you only need long blond hair and black sailor uniform. If you want a stronger look instead of cute, then you can put some make up for the bruise effect on your face.    

17. Emma Sano High School Student Cosplay

Emma Sano High School Student Cosplay - i @micotakuclub
Source: instagram (@micotakuclub)

A simple Tokyo Revengers cosplay for short girls, Emma Sano character is one of the best options. Style your shoulder-length blonde hair and sweep over one shoulder to resemble this high school character. Wear a traditional school uniform such as a white button-up shirt and black skirt, and the light blue jacket wrapped around your waist.

18. Wakasa Imaushi Female Cosplay

Wakasa Imaushi Female Cosplay - i @ sunnychan_uwu
Source: instagram (@sunnychan_uwu)

Wakasa may appear to be bored most of the time, but the female version will look more attractive. Wear the oversized black hoodie with a white crew-neck shirt inside. Fashion your hairstyle in a striped pattern dyed in the colors of purple and blond. Tie your hair in a ponytail with a loose strand of each color cascading the sides of your face. Don’t forget to put the lollipop stick in your mouth for a sexy look.

19. Sexy Rindou Haitani Female Cosplay

Sexy Rindou Haitani Female Cosplay - i @kama.cosp
Source: instagram (@kama.cosp)

Be the female version of the sadistic Rindou Haitani in a sexy way. Use purple hair dye to add some highlights in your blond hair. The contact lenses with the same tones of your hair dye will make your eyes appear larger. Wear a sexy bikini to expose the iconic tattoo on the right side of your back and chest, beginning from the nape and collarbones and ending at your foot.

20. Hinata Tachibana Cosplay

Hinata Tachibana Cosplay- i @kazutora_cosplay
Source: instagram (@kazutora_cosplay)

For those who want a cheerful Tokyo Revengers cosplay, the middle schooler Hinata Tachibana character is the perfect choice. Wear the signature Hinata wig, a square coral haircut with a thin bang that falls slightly over your eyes. For the costume, you should wear the Mizo middle school uniform, which consists of a white blouse and striped tie as well as a matching skirt. 

21. Shuji Hanma Cosplay

Shuji Hanma Cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@wattpad.com)

For Tokyo Revengers fans, costume parties or Halloween have become the perfect occasions to show off their favorite Tokyo Revengers cosplays. If you happen to be one of them, then you might want to check out this Shuji Hanma cosplay that has a calm yet mysterious upbringing. Wear your black suit, add blonde highlights to your hair, and put on extra makeup on your eye area to own this look.

22. Cool and Calm Mitsuya

Cool and Calm Mitsuya
Source: Pinterest (@Dao Thran)

Another option of Tokyo Revengers cosplay that you can pick is this Mitsuya cosplay. With cool and calm upbringing, this cosplay would be perfect for those who have similar characters as Mitsuya. The look is very easy to create. Simply wear black shirt, put silver or gray highlights on your hair, put extra white and flawless makeup, and add a headset as the element of accessory.  

23. The Wild Draken Cosplay

The Wild Draken Cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@Hana)

For those of you who want to look like Draken, who is one of Tokyo Avengers’ characters, then you can definitely pick this cosplay. First, you need to add Draken’s iconic tattoo on the side of your head. It would be better for you to shave the part of the head to turn your appearance into perfection. Lastly, pull the rest of the hair to the side to show off the tattoo, and wear a black and white sweater.

24. Kawaragi Senju Cosplay

Kawaragi Senju Cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@Angell)

You can definitely steal this look by wearing an extra large black raincoat, white or gray wig, and a gray umbrella as an accessory. However, you might also want to add extra makeup to boost the look by wearing light blue contact lenses and also a pale skin makeup to make all eyes on you at the anime events or exhibitions.

25. Chifuyu in White Suit Cosplay

Chifuyu in White Suit Cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@viv♡)

This one is also one of the most recommended Tokyo Revengers cosplay that you can choose. By becoming Chifuyu, you can steal the show while all you have to wear is a white suit and light blue shirt as the inner part. In addition to the look, you will definitely make sure you have the light blonde hair and blue eyes, too. 

Latest Post:

Is Tokyo Revengers anime overrated?

No, it is not. Shonen or anime for young teen male readership is indeed a tremendously popular anime genre in which many anime programs have become extremely popular. Moreover, there aren’t many anime with a time-traveling main character and a gang of delinquents. Tokyo Revengers, on the other hand, managed to blend these components with a unique and original plot.

According to MyAnimeList, Mikey holds the first position as the most popular character in Tokyo Revengers with 9,316 votes. Matsuono and Draken follow in the second and third position with  5,148 and 4,629 votes. Mikey’s popularity is also portrayed by many cosplayers who want to resemble this character.

Why is it called Tokyo Revengers?

As the protagonist’s mission is to save his dead girlfriend by changing the past, this anime is full of “revenge”. In fact, the Japanese definition of “revenge” isn’t “payback”, but rather “trying again after you failed”. According to the definition, the manga’s title makes perfect sense with its storyline.

The popularity of Tokyo Revengers anime is caused by both its storyline and characters. This anime manages to find a careful balance between too much and too little action. That precise balance is what makes this anime so fantastic. There’s a lot to like in Tokyo Revengers, with fantastic characters and an intriguing plot.

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